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Molkki 22nd September 2021 A lady informs Nani that the bride has passed out. Don’t know what has happened to her. Virender hits the guards and tries going inside but Nani blocks his way. He warns her to move aside as he has lost his mind right now. She refuses to budge. He pushes her aside and goes inside.

Daksh is trying to wake her up. Chandni comes there as well. Virender and kids run to her side. They keep asking her to wake up. Virender asks Bawri to wake up. Your Kroor Singh is here. Kids also urge haathi to wake up. Daksh walks away to a corner. Priyu looks on. Purvi opens her eyes and is overwhelmed to see them. She hugs the kids. They are thrilled to realise that she has regained her memory. Virender smiles. Daksh looks on sadly. All the past memories flash in the background. Priyu shakes her head unhappily.

Virender shouts to call a doc but she assures him that she is fine. I remember everything. She tells the kids she remembers everything and hugs them again. Virender pats at her head lovingly. Chandni tells Purvi she is very happy for her. You got your past life and family back. I don’t know about Daksh and Nani but I am very happy for you. It is a different thing that my Chand turned out to be yours. Don’t worry though. I will find a new Chand for myself. Nani and Daksh knew everything. They knew your past, your marriage, everything but they still hid it from you as Daksh wanted to marry you at any cost! Nani makes a face.

Purvi confronts Daksh. Why did you do this? I trusted you blindly. Why did you cheat me then? I thought of you as my best friend. Why did you do this to me? She questions Nani as well. You called me daughter. Who does this to their daughter? You are an elder. Elders give good upbringing to their kids. Did you teach Daksh to lie and cheat? Daksh is taken aback. Purvi looks at Virender who extends his arms towards her. Let’s go home, Bawri. She starts walking towards them with a smile. Virender asks her why she stopped. You don’t know how difficult it was for me to live without you. Kids were in a worse condition than me. My house, my life was empty without you. He holds her hand and asks her to come to her home. She recalls why she had left the house in the first place and looks at him sadly.

Daksh tells Purvi not to do this to him. Please don’t leave me. Try and remember that the man who is holding your hand today is the same guy who had left you alone to die. He is a selfish man who never supported you. He only punished you. He is the reason why you met with an accident. She recalls her accident. Daksh says you lost everyone because of him only. He asks Virender why he dint come in the past 6 months. You are a selfish man who made you his Molkki and forgot you. He holds her hand. I am your bestfriend who cared for you, who gave you a new life and a new family.

I gave you everything that a girl deserves. I lied to you as I wanted to give you a new life. I am sorry but that’s the only reason why I lied. I don’t want you to fall in this mud again. Virender tells Daksh he forgives him. I wont say anything to you today as you have looked after my Bawri when she lost her memory. You know in your heart who the real cheater is. It is cheating to marry a married woman! You were going to marry my Bawri after knowing that she is married. I forgive you though. Both Virender and Daksh are holding Purvi’s hand.

Purvi recalls Virender’s hurtful words and how Daksh lied to her. She frees her hands shocking both Virender and Daksh. She tells Daksh he wouldn’t have cheated her if he really loved her. I am not your deal or trophy which you can try to win at any extent. I am human being with emotions and feelings. Daksh Singh Shekhawat could not understand it. He begins to reason using her medical condition but she stops him.

Purvi turns to Virender next. You are the person who has given me so much happiness in such a small span of time but I don’t want it anymore. He tries to hold her but she does not let him. She asks him how he can forget his duty as a husband. You do justice to everyone but how can you be so unjust to your own wife? You have been unjust with me whenever you wanted to. I ended up only as your Molkki who you can rule. You want the same thing to happen today too. He tells her it isn’t so but she insists that it is how it is. She stops him from touching her. You aren’t in tears because you love me.

It is because your family is incomplete without me. I am not your servant who wont say anything to you, who would look after you or your family! You don’t care about my likes, dislikes or what hurts me. My dignity does not matter to you. You dint come here today as you love me. You are showing off your right as your husband today hence, I wont go with you! Virender requests her not to say so. I love you a lot. This is between us. Let’s go home and discuss it calmly. I don’t want to discuss who was right or wrong. She shakes her head. I don’t want to go with you. It does not mean that I will go with Daksh either.

I am human being and not a prize for which Daksh Singh Shekhawat will lie or fight. I have decided not to go with either of you. You both have done wrong to me. I gave you two a place in my life that I forgot myself while thinking about you two. I left myself behind in the process but neither of you could do it. I will make you two do penitence for it. I wont go with either of you. I am not your (Daksh’s) property or your (Virender’s) servant! I am Purvi. I am a human being, a woman and a mother!

I don’t want to be a bad example for my kids. I don’t want them to think that it is a sin to be a woman or that anyone can treat them the way they want to. I want to teach them and men and women are alike and are equally important. I choose myself today! For the first time, I will keep myself above you two. I have decided not to go with either of you! Purvi will live her life on her own terms now. She cries. Virender and Daksh look on helplessly.

Juhi asks haathi if she will leave them too. Purvi hugs them. Your haathi wont go anywhere. It will stay with you forever. You two have loved me selflessly. Will you come with me? Kids say yes and hug her. Virender holds their hands and leaves with them. Virender and Daksh look on helplessly.

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