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Molkki 22nd April 2021 Virender is confused. Does it mean that I have fallen for Bawari? I have forgotten Sakshi? Has Bawari replaced Sakshi? It means Virender does not belong to Sakshi anymore. He is Bawari’s now. He smiles as he looks at Purvi. She walks up to Purvi. She looks at him grimly. He holds her hand and takes her from there. She asks him to let go but in vain. They stop near the thandai stall. Virender says you said you will leave me tomorrow. She nods. I can leave right away if it was up to me. He smiles. This was expected from you as you are a coward. She looks at him pointedly. I am not a coward. He asks her to drink thandai if she is not a coward. She makes a disgusting face. I haven’t drunk it till date. He calls her coward her. She insists she isn’t. He says every coward says the same. They flee when it‘s time to fight. You wanted a chance to run away from me and you got that chance. You wont be able to face me. You are a coward! She says I am way cooler than you. He tells her to drink more thandai than him then. I will believe you then. I know you cannot as you are a coward who likes to run away! She says you know I can do anything when I set my mind to it. I will drink a glass more than you. She drinks one glass. Virender says I had 15 already. I can have another. He finishes a glass in one gulp. She drinks another. He keeps challenging her by drinking more. She drinks a glass more than him. He gives up intentionally. She calls him coward next. He calls her tigress. You are an animal after all. She slips when she tries to walk away but Virender holds her. Careful, tigress! Juhi asks them to come for dance. Virender and Purvi stand normally. They dance with the family. Virender’s eyes are fixed on Purvi. Purvi stops dancing and looks at him pointedly. He feels dizzy so he takes her from there. Anjali looks on.

Sudha is taking Sakshi back to the cell. Bhuri comes from the other side so Sudha hides with Sakshi in a room. Sudha is worried that Bhuri might see her. She will tell Anjali Bhabhi everything then. I should take her (Sakshi) to NGO. Purvi said that we will be shifting her anyways. Why not do it today instead of tomorrow? She heads outside with Sakshi.

Both Purvi and Virender are inebriated. Virender makes her sit on the sofa. She refuses. I have to go. Why did you break me here? tell me where the door is. She ends up opening the cupboard instead. Did someone steal our door? Virender laughs. She calls him Kroor Singh ji. Call police and register a complaint right away. Show me a window otherwise from where I can go. She notices a window. I will go from there. Virender laughs. She asks him why he is laughing. He asks her if she is high. Can you not understand the difference between door and window? Purvi says it cannot happen. She whispers the reason in his answer – I have never been drunk before. How will I be inebriated then? Virender continues laughing. Purvi points in the opposite direction. That’s the full door. I will go now. Bye Bye Kroor Singh ji. He holds her hands and shakes his head. She asks him to let go of her. You are high. Let go of me! He pins her to the door. I don’t know if I am high on thandai or you but I am not in my senses after whatever has happened! Purvi pushes him away. Let me go and open the door. He holds her close. It wont open now and I wont let you go anywhere. She asks him how he wont let her go. Who am I to you after all? He calls her his everything. You are Mukhiyayini, Bawari, the mother of my kids, my wife. You are my everything. I don’t know how you became my everything. You are my morning and evening. You are my pain and my relief too. She says this is the effect of thandai. There is no bigger Kroor Singh, Sadu Singh and Akdu Singh than you! You insult me whenever you please. You say anything to me and decide any punishment for me. You care about your self-respect but not mine. You are saying all this in an inebriated state right now. I will become Molkki again when you will be normal. Things will go back to how they were! I have decided today. I don’t want to stay here anymore. I will leave this haveli. Please leave me. He refuses. I wont let you go. Forget about leaving this house, try to get away from my arms first! Purvi looks at his arms around her.

Anjali tells Prakashi that Virender took Purvi to their room. He looked miffed. Maybe she will learn her lesson today. Prakashi says she must remember it from time to time. I will go to kitchen to check what Bhuri and Preeti are doing. everyone is waiting for kachori’s.

Prakashi calls out to Sudha just when she is about to step out of the haveli. Prakashi asks her what they are doing here. Everyone is playing Holi outside. Sudha shares that Didi is feeling unwell after drinking thandai. I took her upstairs for fresh air. I thought to take her to NGO as she is fine now. Prakashi nods. Have lunch first. Sudha nods. Prakashi calls out to Bhuri as she walks away. Sakshi turns around. Sudha decides to take Sakshi from there asap. She leaves with Sakshi.

Purvi tells Virender to let go of her. He shakes his head. You are right. Kroor Singh, Sadu Singh and Akdu Singh suit me well. I have hurt you a lot but I feel a lot of pain when I see you thus. She calls it a lie. I don’t trust you at all. You sometimes doubt my truth or character. I don’t trust you at all. Virender says what to do. I feel jealous when I see you with another man. I sulk inside and I cannot sleep at night. I feel that only I should take your name, no one else. You must be thinking that I have gone crazy. This is what the entire village is also saying. I keep looking for you when I am home. I want to talk to you all the day and hear you talk. I keep dreaming about you when I am outside. You have loved my kids like a real mother. I cannot bear this distance and anger anymore. Please put and end to this. Forgive me. She denies. Tau ji has taught me that one must not forgive husband’s mistake. I have decided to leave. He fumes hearing her say Tau ji again. I wont spare him. How can he fill my wife’s ears all the time? I told you I wont let go of you. I swear on my Tau too. She says I will see how you wont. She pulls away and tries to open the door. He pulls her hands away. They get into a scuffle. He gets hurt by her bangle. She feels bad. I told you to let me go quietly. You got hurt. He smiles as she makes him sit. She nurses his wound. Virender keeps looking at Purvi.

Sudha hides Sakshi upon noticing Anjali outside. Bhuri is on the other side. Sakshi can see Anjali in the mirror. A lady tells Anjali that Prakashi is calling her so Anjali goes inside. Sudha heaves a sigh of relief but Sakshi has disappeared by now.

Virender says you are so concerned over such a small wound. What will happen when you will leave me? She says it would be just how I have lived. Do you know how much you have hurt me? He says that’s why I am requesting you to forgive Kroor Singh. She recalls how Virender refused to support her in front of Panch yesterday. I wont forgive you ever. Forget about forgiveness, I will not even talk to you ever. Virender holds her hand. Will you still not forgive me when I will say that I loved Sakshi very much but you have taken her place in my heart now? Epi ends on Purvi’s shocked face.

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