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Molkki 21st September 2021 Episode starts with Anjali calling Nani. She says Virender went with kids to stop Daksh and Purvi’s marriage, do something. Daksh asks whose call is it. Nani says nothing, take us to the hotel. Daksh asks why, we will go home first. She says no, we have to make marriage arrangements at the hotel. Priyu asks Veer why are you worried. Veer says Anjali was saying… I was happy that Purvi is going, I forgot that Virender won’t lose so easily, he is going to Delhi to stop her marriage. She gets shocked. She says I have some work, I will come.

She leaves. She goes to Virender’s car and hides in the dickey. Virender asks the servant to put the bags in the dickey. Kids say we have toys and chocolates in the bags. Virender says give the bags to them. Virender and kids leave in the car. Prakashi gets Anjali’s call. She asks did you lose your mind, why are you calling me. Anjali says Virender took the kids and left for Delhi to stop Purvi’s marriage.

Prakashi says he may create a problem again. Virender is on the way. The kids pray. Virender comes to Daksh’s house. Guard says they went to Riwadi, they didn’t come. Virender says they left from there, where did they go. He thinks if they aren’t here, where are they, I will call Purvi and ask her.

He calls Purvi. He thinks she isn’t answering, if I don’t reach her before marriage, then the life will be ruined. The kids pray. Nani compliments Daksh. Daksh thanks her. He says this is happening because of you, I would have lost my Dhwani forever if Virender made her regain her memory. Chandni hears this and asks is Dhwani really Purvi, it means she is Virender’s wife, are you mad to know this and marry her.

She asks Nani why is she supporting Daksh, why is she getting him married by cheat. Nani says listen to me. Chandni says this is illegal, I love Virender, but I won’t marry him by cheat, its wrong, I will go and tell him the truth. Daksh says don’t do this, I really love Dhwani, this marriage will happen. She says this is not fair. He says everything is fair in love and war, Dhwani is my love, this marriage is a war for me, I will win it some how. She says let me go. He asks Nani to explain her.

Daksh locks Chandni in the room. Nani says Daksh and Dhwani’s marriage will happen today, I will not leave anyone who tries to stop the marriage, don’t come out till the marriage happens. They leave. Chandni shouts. She tries to get help. She takes a vase and breaks the window. She leaves. Virender calls Chandni. He thinks even she isn’t answering, whom shall I ask now.

Chandni runs outside. She gets a phone there. She checks Virender’s missed calls. She calls him and says I got to know about you and Purvi, Nani and Daksh also know it. He asks what, it means they are cheating us. She asks him to reach the hotel fast, they had locked her as well, come fast and stop the marriage.

He leaves in the car. Purvi thinks why am I seeing Virender again and again, am I doing wrong by marrying Daksh, I have to tell Daksh my feelings before it gets late, I have to stop this marriage. She goes. Virender reaches the hotel. Nani welcomes the guests. Virender and kids come there. Priyu is away. Nani thinks how did he reach here, who told him, I won’t let him come in. Guards stop Virender. Nani asks the security to not permit Virender.

Purvi sees the mandap. She looks for Daksh. Virender says Daksh is my friend, he invited me in the marriage. Guard says you can’t go, sorry. Virender threatens him. Guard pushes him. Nani smiles. Virender asks the kids to stand aside. He beats the guards. Guards catch him. Virender sees Nani and says I know you and Daksh are cheating Purvi, knowing she is already married, I will not leave you Nani,

Chandni told me everything. Nani thinks so Chandni spoiled the game. She says I will not let you go inside, you can’t stop Dhwani and Daksh’s marriage today. Priyu comes there. She hides her face and passes inside. She sees Daksh with the guests. Purvi comes downstairs. Daksh says you are looking so beautiful, we will be marrying today. Purvi says I want to tell you something.

Priyu goes to the cameraman and gives some pendrive. She thinks I will see how Purvi’s marriage happens now. Daksh asks Purvi to say. Purvi says this marriage… The man plays the video. Purvi gets shocked seeing her marriage video with Virender. She recalls the past. She gets dizzy regaining her memory. She faints down. Priyu smiles. Daksh gets shocked.

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Telecast Date:21st September 2021
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