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Molkki 21st June 2021 Virender is pacing in his room. He is thinking about the dining table incident when Purvi comes there. She says staying upset and hungry is not good for health. He says I don’t want to eat. I am not hungry. I will sleep. She asks him how she will sleep if he will sleep on an empty stomach. Eat for your Bawri atleast. I made this Sarso ka Saag and Makai ki Roti for you again. Dint you hear how much Vipul was praising this? He pulls her closer. Only I have the right to praise you, no one else. She asks him how he will praise her if he wont eat in the first place. He says I will eat only when you will feed me with your hands. I will sleep on a hungry stomach otherwise. Purvi is about to feed him when he holds her hand. Why did you cook Vipul’s favourite food? She tells him the truth. He realises that this was Sakshi’s plan. You made this for me right? She nods. He tells her to feed him then. You will feel better then. He eats from her hands. Flashback of their past moments flash in the background. Purvi smiles. She is leaving when she notices Sakshi coming with food for Virender. Sakshi ji will feel bad if Mukhi ji will tell him that he ate already. I must stop him. She runs inside and requests Virender to eat the food that Sakshi is bringing. He reasons that he is too full. She requests him to eat it. I will give you medicine if you will not feel well. She hides in the balcony.

Sakshi brings dinner for Virender. He tries to make an excuse but Purvi requests him through gestures. He tells Sakshi to leave the plate behind. I will eat. She refuses. You are diabetic. You must eat in front of me. Purvi smiles. Virender finishes a roti somehow. Sakshi asks him to eat rice as well. Virender glares at Purvi who signals him to eat it. Virender gives in.

Next morning, Purvi is getting ready when Sakshi asks her to help Vipul find some papers. Purvi says I told you that day where they are kept. Please help him. You will get used to it then. Sakshi says your list was so long. I have forgotten about the files. I will go and wake up the kids. Please help Vipul. She leaves. Purvi gives a few files to Vipul but they aren’t the ones that he wants. She stands on a stool to take them from above when she loses her balance. Vipul holds her. Virender walks in just then. He glares at them. Purvi tells him everything honestly. Virender tells Vipul to come to him if he needs any papers. They are my papers. No one else would know where they are kept better than me. Don’t ask Bawri or anyone else in future. Don’t forget this. Vipul nods. I wont bother anyone once I figure out how to handle everything. I was coming to you only when Sakshi ji brought me here. Virender realises this was Sakshi’s doing. Purvi leaves. Virender thinks Sakshi is behind all this. She first made Bawri cook Vipul’s favourite meal and now this. Don’t know why she is so keen to get Bawri married. I will have to speak to her now!

Sakshi is in the garden. Virender asks her why she is doing all this. She asks him what she has done. He says I can see all the drama that you are doing to bring Bawri and Vipul close. It is too childish. Sakshi says I am just trying to settle her down. Even you wanted her to have a nice future. Why are you getting upset with me when I am making efforts? He says I am trying to tell you that this wont help you. I had a word with Bawri. She has admitted that she has no attachment for Vipul in future. Stop this now. Sakshi refuses. I was your past and I am your future. This can prove out to be true for them too. Vipul loves her even today. He was willing to risk his life for her. fate is trying to unite them again. God wants them to get married. Virender calls it impossible. Bawri has no attachment for Vipul. Don’t waste your time. Sakshi says let’s keep a bet. Purvi will say yes to Vipul for marriage in the coming week. Virender is sure Bawri will never say yes. I am in. She asks him to promise her that he wont try to stop the wedding if Purvi says yes. He agrees.

Kids ask Purvi to come with them. We have to show something special. She asks them what it is but they take her outside. Vipul has brought a puppy for the kids. They introduce him as their new friend. Purvi thanks him for making them so happy. He says you know how much I love kids. We used to do so much for the kids. Do you remember? She nods. Sakshi and Virender come there and see the kids playing with the dog and Vipul. Sakshi praises Vipul. Purvi says he used to look after animals and kids equally well. He used to gel very well with my brother. Sakshi says it seems that he will turn out to be a good husband and good father too. What do you think? Purvi nods. He is a very good guy. Whoever marries him will be very lucky. Sakshi thinks I am trying to make you that lucky girl. I am sure I will succeed. Purvi shares how they had brought a stray at home once. Baba had scolded us a lot. We have done a lot of crazy stuff. Sakshi says there must be a lot of such stories from your childhood. Purvi nods. You will go crazy when I will tell you. Sakshi says let’s hear it tonight. We will sit together and hear them. No one will sleep at night. Virender asks her why they have to waste the night for this. Sakshi reasons that that’s what they used to do earlier too. It will be fun. Entire family will be together. Kids will enjoy it. I will ask Vipul to join as well. Virender fumes. Sakshi takes Purvi to play with kids and dog. Virender thinks I know what you are trying to do, Sakshi. I am Mukhi. I have every counter move. I will defeat you in this game.

Everyone is making preps for Ratjaga. Sakshi asks Purvi if she is ready to share all the childhood incidents. Where is Vipul? Virender meets Vipul inside. He asks Vipul to prepare the file for past 10 years. Gupta ji called me to inform me that there will be an audit tomorrow. Vipul reasons that it will take the entire night. Virender nods. Audit will start tomorrow though so I cannot help it. Vipul nods. Virender joins everyone outside. He sits next to Virender. Everyone is playing Antakshri. Sakshi asks about Vipul. Virender says he wont be joining us. He has to finish a task by morning. Continue Ratjaga. You were right about it. It is really fun. Sakshi and Virender smile at each other. Sakshi is in no mood to accept defeat. I can unite Purvi and Vipul if I can gain you after 7 years. Just wait and watch.

Sakshi goes to bring sherbet for everyone. She tells Virender to continue his game. Vipul is working inside. Virender keeps looking at Purvi as she dances with the kids. Prakashi and Anjali are watching them. Vipul thinks I will try to get the accounts ready by morning. You (Virender) have given me a task for the first time so I wont disappoint you. Sakshi goes inside and switches off the lights. She removes the fuse. Vipul wonders what will he do about work now.

Prakashi wonders how did this happen. Is the fuse fine? Anjali says we called someone few days ago to fix the connection. Sakshi comes outside holding candles. Vipul is right behind her. Everyone is happy to see him except Virender and Purvi. Sakshi says he couldn’t work inside without electricity so I asked him to join us too. Manas asks Vipul to sing a song. Vipul tries to decline but Sakshi asks him to sing a song of Purvi’s choice. Vipul sings a song. Virender sits between Purvi and Vipul. Sakshi smirks. Let’s end the Antakshri and play some other game. Juhi suggests a game. Vipul and Virender are the first contenders of the game. Everyone is cheering for Vipul while Purvi cheers for Virender. Virender is distracted though and keeps looking at Purvi. Vipul wins. Sakshi and Anjali are next. Virender tells Purvi he lost because of her. I would have shown him what I am if you hadn’t been looking at me. She says I dint do anything. He says I cannot control my mind and heart when it comes to you. I lost to him because of you only. She smiles.

Next morning, Sakshi brings tea for Virender. Purvi asks Sakshi if she needs anything. I have to get my earrings fixed. Do you need anything? Sakshi denies. Vipul had to get his phone fixed though. Vipul nods. Sakshi asks Purvi to take Vipul to a nearby beach though. He has come here for the first time after all. Virender tells Vipul to roam at beaches on his off. He has to go to Goa’s Mukhi’s house for work. I will go with Bawri. They leave. Sakshi offers to introduce Vipul to Goa’s Mukhi.

Purvi tells Virender that he reminded her of her Tau ji after so many days today. He smiles. What did I do to remind you of your Tau? She says there is a car yet we are walking. My Tau ji used to do strange things too sometimes. He says your Tau must be a fool. I am smart so I am taking this shortcut. We would have come in no time if we had car. Let’s go now. He holds her hand and takes her on a different route altogether. She asks him where they are off to but he asks her to come with him.

Sakshi and Vipul reach Goa’s Mukhi’s house but he isn’t at home. A servant informs them that they wont be back for a week. It’s been 4 days already. Everyone is aware of it. Sakshi thinks it was a good move but wait and watch what I will do now, Mukhi ji.

Purvi gets excited as she notices the exquisite setup. What’s this? He calls it a surprise plan. I wont let you miss this and go to market. She calsl it beautiful and looks around. Virender smiles contently. She becomes silent suddenly.

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