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Molkki 20th September 2021 Episode starts with Virender saying you know me, you tell me, what kind of friend am I. Daksh says you are a dear friend, you won’t cheat me. Virender smiles. Daksh says I feel your eyes are preparing to stab me. Virender says don’t know why you are feeling so. Daksh laughs and says you are a very good man. Purvi recalls Virender and cries. She thinks why do I see Virender when I close eyes, I should have seen Daksh. Nani comes and asks what happened, why are you so worried. Daksh says I will get married to my Dhwani, such a beautiful girl will be mine, none can stop this, what will you do. Virender says we will think of it tomorrow.

Daksh says its a great coincidence, that your Purvi and my Dhwani look the same, it looks like they are one, I have one complain with you. Virender asks what. Daksh drinks and says when you had seen my Dhwani for the first time, you knew Purvi and Dhwani look the same, why didn’t you tell me, is there any thief in your heart, there is not a single pic of your Purvi, you don’t love her or you don’t miss her. Virender says I love my Purvi, I don’t need to prove it, love is from heart, but from wall pics,

I didn’t forget her to miss her. He thinks what happened to Daksh, he never spoke to me like this, I shouldn’t stay here now. Purvi asks am I making a mistake by marrying Daksh, do I love him, or is anyone waiting for me, I m confused. Nani says this fear happens to every girl before marriage, if anyone had to come, then he would have come by now, Daksh is the best for you, you are so lucky, remove confusions from mind. Virender says I will go now. Daksh says no, I m enjoying, why are you going, did you feel bad of my words. Virender says I don’t drink more than two pegs, you enjoy in the party, good night. He leaves. Daksh thinks sleep well, your sleep will be ruined tomorrow. Its morning, Virender sees the bags. He asks whose bags are these. Nani says its ours, we are going back to Delhi. Virender gets shocked.

Daksh comes. Virender asks how did you plan to go to Delhi, your marriage was happening here. Daksh says our relatives have come from London, they can’t come here, they are in Delhi right now, so we decided to keep the marriage there. Virender says call them here, they will get the best service than the five star hotel. Daksh says I don’t think they will be comfortable here, you have already surprised us a lot,

we will keep the marriage in Delhi, we will meet some day later after our marriage. Purvi comes. Daksh says there are many preparations, I would have invited you in the marriage, but I know you would be busy in the village and panchayat, right, I don’t want to mess up your schedules, lets plan to meet somewhere in future. Nani says come to bless them. Virender sees Purvi. He thinks how did you agree to leave me and go. Purvi recalls Daksh coming to meet her.

Daksh says I have to give you a news, we are going to Delhi, our marriage will happen there. She asks why suddenly. Daksh says I m the eldest in my cousins, they are very excited for my marriage, they are coming, I can’t call them here and disappoint them. She asks what will Virender think if we suddenly leave. He asks why are you bothered about him, its my marriage, I have to handle my relatives.

Nani comes and asks him to go, she will talk to Purvi. He goes. Nani asks don’t you know why this decision was taken, everyone can see what’s going on between Virender and you, even Daksh can see. Purvi says no. Nani says he is always around you, he doesn’t think of his age, you don’t think of us, how can Daksh see this, won’t he get angry, do you want Daksh to commit suicide in frustration. Purvi says no. Nani says then this decision is final, your marriage will happen in Delhi. FB ends. Purvi cries. Daksh asks Nani to come. Purvi meets everyone and cries. She hugs the kids. Virender recalls their moments. The kids ask him to stop her. Purvi recalls Virender. She cries. Daksh takes her to the car. They leave.

Virender cries and thinks of Purvi. Veer comes to meet Priyu. He says Purvi left with Daksh, she will be marrying Daksh, her relation with us will officially end. She thinks Daksh loves her a lot, else why would he marry her knowing the truth. He says lets celebrate her leaving. She thinks I will celebrate when I make Purvi’s life hell, I won’t let her marry Daksh, see how I ruin her. The kids are crying.

Virender comes to the room. He asks why are you crying. Juhi says I hate you, she left us, you said she will stay here. Manas says she won’t come back, get her back. He says listen to me, stop crying first, tell me, do you trust me or not. They nod. He says I won’t let Purvi marry Daksh, its my promise. She asks how will we stop the marriage. He says its a secret, just pack the bags, we have to go and stop the marriage. They hug him. Anjali looks on.


Molkki 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anjali says Virender left with the kids to stop Purvi’s marriage. Priyu hides in the car dickey. Nani welcomes the guests. Virender gets caught by the guards. He argues with Nani. Purvi gets shocked seeing her marriage video on the screen.

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Telecast Date:20th September 2021
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