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Molkki 1st April 2021 Prakashi notices police coming towards the room and gets tensed. Prakashi signals Anjali and they both hide. Anjali says they must have found out that we are not in haveli. Prakashi denies. They must have heard something about Molkki and came here to look. We must not get caught. We will be finished otherwise!

Priyu thanks Inspector for coming. We cannot find Didi anywhere. Maybe she has been shifted from here. Inspector says we traced that phone to here only. Let’s look around.

Goons argue with each other about the kind of work they have gotten themselves into. Kids throw hay on them. They panic. Manas and Juhi throw glasses on the ground, cover that area with hay and tie ropes to make the goons fall. One goon is reluctant to do anything but the other one tells him to keep going. They step on glass pieces and scream in pain. The other goon notices Purvi’s feet ouside the duvet and points to the other. She is hiding there! Manas and Juhi point a knife at them. Don’t you dare hurt our haathi!

Prakashi and Anjali leave from the backdoor. Inspector comes in just then and finds the room empty. Anjali suggests going back to the godown on foot. Let’s ask the goon about Molkki. Prakashi likes the idea.

Goons ask the kids to leave but Juhi threatens them to stay away. Prakashi and Anjali hide as soon as they notice the kids there. Anjali decides to intervene but Prakashi stops her. they will doubt us if we go there now. We will be sent to jail then. Let things roll on their own. You can go if you want to go to jail.

Goons try to scare the kids but Manas tells them that he wont let them reach haathi. They point the gun at the kids. Priyu and Sudha request them to spare the kids but in vain. One goon snatches the knife from Juhi’s hands. The other goon asks the kids to step aside again. The kids stay put. Goons decide to shoot the kids instead. Priyu throws a box at their hands, take the kids and run to a corner. Police chases the goons. Prakashi calls the rest of the goons. Police is here. Purvi is lying unconscious near the window. Take her with you before police can find her. They come and pick Purvi while police fights with the other lot of goons. They manage to catch those 2 goons successfully.

Sudha, Priyu and the kids go to where Purvi was but she isn’t there anymore. Sudha informs Inspector that Purvi isn’t there anymore. Inspector questions / slaps the goon but he feigns innocence. They are taken away by police. Other Inspector assures Priyu and Sudha that they will find info about Purvi soon. They notice Prakashi and Anjali leaving stealthily and call out to Prakashi. Sudha asks Prakashi how she found out that Purvi is here. She asks Inspector if he told her anything. He denies. We told them not to step out of haveli. Anjali says we had no idea. We came here for an important work. Inspector repeats his words. We told you not to step out of the haveli till we find Purvi. Anjali says some machines of the mills aren’t working so manager had called us. Inspector buys it but Sudha does not. She is sure Anjali is hiding something. Prakashi says it is good that the goons have been caught and you two (Manas and Juhi) are safe. What are you two doing here? Sudha shares that they hid in the car trunk and came along. Prakashi and Anjali are stunned.

Once at home, Prakashi scolds the kids for risking their lives. What if you had died? Manas and Juhi tell her that they went there to save haathi. Haathi called Baba on her phone. She was asking for help so we went there. Anjali says you really thought you could save your haathi in that jungle. They have been spoiled way too much! What if something had happened to you two? How would we have faced Virender? He would have killed us! You two should be punished. No food will be given to you now. Anjali and Prakashi sit down to eat. Manas and Juhi eye food sadly. Anjali sternly tells them to leave. You will neither get food nor will you be forgiven! Kids look on sadly and miss haathi and Baba. Manas says our haathi has never done something like this to us. She is so good to us.

Sudha says I feel Bhabhi was lying. I couldn’t see any important work there. how did she end up at godown suddenly? She is responsible for Purvi’s disappearance. Priyu asks her what she is saying. Sudha reasons that Anjali does not like Purvi. She disappeared once Virender left town for a few days. I am sure it was a well planned move. Priyu says it is important to find Didi right now. Don’t know in what condition she will be. Sudha assures her that they will succeed soon.

The kids are unable to sleep because of hunger. They head to the kitchen stealthily. Anjali and Jyoti are watching something. Anjali heads to the kitchen for something. She closes the refrigerator’s door on their faces. Now you two have started stealing too? That Molkki must have taught you how to steal! Manas tells her not to say anything against their haathi. She is very good and you are evil. Anjali decides to show them what evil is. She drags them to their room. I very well know how to fix kids like you. Write I am sorry Anjali Chachi 100 times. You wont be able to sleep till the time you complete your punishment! Kids take out their notebooks and starts writing. Anjali tells them to keep writing. Their hands begin to hurt but she is relentless. They give their notebooks to Anjali. She smiles evilly. Very good! You can sleep now. You wont get lunch in school for what you did to your Chachi. I will make you apologize again and again! She leaves. Juhi comforts Manas as he cries. When will you come, haathi? We cannot live without you.

Next morning, Prakashi speaks to Virender. Everything is fine here. I will manage things here. She ends the call. Anjali asks her what they will tell Virender when he will be back. Prakashi says solution will come with the problem. I will handle everything. We should decide what to do next. How should we end that Molkki’s chapter before Virender returns?

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