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Molkki 19th January 2021 Purvi says I wont do anything now. Mukhiya ji will do everything. Priyu asks her how it will happen. What if the blackmailer finds out that we have told him everything? Purvi says it wont happen. He will do things without us telling him anything. Priyu gets confused. Purvi tells them a plan (in mute). She returns the phone to Priyu. You will help me, right? Sudha assures her that they will do like she said.

Everyone is at the dining table. Jyoti sits next to Vaibhav. Anjali signals Vaibhav to speak to his mother now. Vaibhav tells his mother that he wants to marry Jyoti. Everyone is taken aback. Virender’s mother asks Vaibhav when it happened. Vaibhav says you told me to settle down soon. Virender’s mother nods. How did this come in your mind suddenly? Virender says marriage is for lifetime. You must think through before making this decision. Anjali says that’s why he chose Jyoti. He knows her already as she is from our family only. He wont regret it later. It is his marriageable age now. You cannot find a girl later or you might end up bringing another Molkki home. Virender drops his spoon. Anjali says we have seen how that worked out. Virender gives in. Anjali suggests keeping the engagement tomorrow as it is Jyoti’s birthday. Virender’s mother reprimands her on the idea but Vaibhav seconds the suggestion. Birthday is a very special day. Why not make it memorable for Jyoti? Why punish others for what Bhabhi has done? Let’s do it for us. Virender’s mother and Virender give in. Vaibhav goes to inform his friends.

Virender is signing some papers when Sudha walks up to him. Someone has been sending me cheap messages since past few days. Only you can help me. I stay alone here. What if something goes wrong? He assures her that this will stay between them. It is my duty to look after the women of this city as I am the Mukhiya here. this person will be nabbed by tomorrow. She thanks him and leaves. Virender calls Inspector and tells him to track this number. Purvi hears Inspector’s convo. It means Sudha has spoken to Mukhiya ji already. Please help him track the kidnapper asap!

Anjali and Jyoti are selecting a trousseau for Jyoti’s engagement. Sudha hears it and is shocked. She also overhears Anjali speaking to dancers. Bring the troupe at 12 sharp. Jyoti makes a face as it is going to be a local troupe but Anjali assures her that she will call a great troupe at the wedding. Jyoti smiles.

Constable hands over the details of the phone number to Inspector. His eyes widen in shock as he checks the details. Purvi wonders why Inspector is reacting like that. Inspector calls Virender and is sweating. Virender asks for the name and location. Inspector shares that that person is in his haveli only. Plus the sim is registered in your name. Virender tells him to start his investigation. My brother’s engagement is tomorrow. Search the house before that and nab the culprit! Inspector agrees. Virender and Purvi wonder who it could be. They rule out the possibility of it being a servant. Purvi decides to reach haveli before 2 and delete the video at the earliest. That person should not be able to blackmail us ever again!

Purvi complains of bleeding and pain. Inspector and constables rush in. Purvi vomits blood. They decide to take her to hospital. Purvi hides her smile.

Mama ji and his sister discuss why Vaibhav made that decision.

Inspector calls Virender and informs him about Purvi’s condition. Virender tells him to admit her in hospital asap. Nothing should happen to her. Kids, Mama ji and Virender’s mother overhear him. The elders try to question Virender but he leaves for hospital. Manas wonders if haathi will die like their mother too. Juhi assures him that she will be fine. She wont leave us ever! She hugs him.

Purvi is in the jeep. Hope Sudha follows the plan. we don’t have much time left.

Sudha is keeping a cart and sacks in the way. Police stops the jeep because of that. Sudha signals Purvi who escapes from the jeep.

Virender tells his driver to drive fast.

Inspector and his team head in different direction to find Purvi.

Purvi thanks Sudha for her help. Flashback shows Sudha giving some medicine to Purvi. Purvi takes it intentionally because of which she started bleeding back in the cell. Flashback ends. Purvi thanks Sudha. They begin to go when they see Virender’s car approaching. Driver stops the car. Virender is surprised to see Sudha there. what are you doing here? She says I got to know that that person is in your haveli only. Virender assures her he will find that person soon. He receives Inspector’s call just then who informs him that Purvi has escaped. Virender says she was vomiting blood. How did it happen? Inspector says she fooled us and managed to escape. Virender tells him to find her asap. Find that culprit asap too. He tells the driver to take him home. Sudha requests him to let her come along. He agrees. Purvi wants to reach haveli before 2 or the video will be uploaded online.

Mama and Virender’s mother are worried for Purvi. They see Anjali and Jyoti clicking pictures. It looks as if they got some lottery since Purvi left. Anjali and Jyoti pull Vaibhav for pictures too. Anjali excuses herself in a few minutes. You two can click photos till then. I wonder why the dancers haven’t come yet.

Priyu and Purvi come to haveli dressed as dancers with the troupe. Priyu tells her sister to hurry up. Purvi assures her that she will manage everything. Priyu thinks of what had happened with her as soon as she notices Vaibhav. Purvi goes to her. Priyu says I am scared. What if the video is leaked? Purvi assures her that they will find the phone soon. We have an hour.

Virender returns home. His mother and Mama ask him about Purvi. Virender says she lied and absconded. She wont be able to run far though. Sudha gets down from the car. The girls must be inside by now. I will check.

Sudha goes inside. She finds Purvi and speaks to her. We must hurry up. The girl (Vaibhav’s friend) is seen holding the phone. She looks at Vaibhav and her phone pointedly.

Anjali welcomes the dancers on the stage. They perform a traditional dance. Constables reach there as well. Virender goes to speak to him. Anjali gets tensed. Virender sends them upstairs to search the rooms. Anjali asks him why police is here now. Virender says I have called them here. Anjali offers to help them but he tells her to focus on her sister’s engagement. They know their work.

Purvi decides to go upstairs to find the phone. Priyu asks her how she will do it in 45 minutes. Purvi assures her that she will.

Vaibhav looks at her friend. She is standing right behind Virender. Virender goes aside to attend a call. Vaibhav’s friend follows Virender while Vaibhav follows her worriedly.

Purvi manages to go upstairs. She starts checking each room.

Police is also searching all the rooms. Anjali is keeping an eye on them. Servant informs Virender that only 4 rooms are left. Purvi collides with Virender while going to another room. His phone falls. They both bend to pick it up and their hands touch. Purvi walks away but Virender tells her to stop. Why did you go in that room? Sudha says she was looking for bathroom and might have ended up there. She sends Purvi to the bathroom. I came to see if police has found the phone or not.

Anjali decides to be in her room before someone sees her.

Purvi continues checking every room.

Vaibhav and his friend continue to argue. She tells him to stop the engagement or she will show this phone to Virender. Vaibhav gets worried.

Purvi looks at time. I have only 30 minutes. Where will I find the phone now? Please help me Kanha ji.

Purvi and Sudha have not been able to find the phone till now. Purvi says we only have half an hour. Sudha says I worry about that as well but I don’t know how to stop the blackmailer. Purvi says we only have one solution now. Sudha asks her what.

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