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Molkki 16th April 2021 Prakashi comes to meet the Panch. She tells them about the case that will come in Panchayat tomorrow. She stole from her own house. It is not an ordinary theft. It is very serious. How can a family member do something like this? I feel very bad. Don’t give her an ordinary punishment. The punishment should be hard. I can suggest one punishment if you will allow me. They nod.

Purvi and the kids are looking for the keys. Purvi looks at the clock. I forgot about her while looking for the keys. I can look for them later. She takes food in a thaali and heads to the cell.

Sakshi is looking at her bangles fondly. She tucks her hands behind her back upon noticing Purvi. Purvi apologizes to her for coming late. She notices Sakshi smiling. You look very nice when you smile. Please keep smiling. Sakshi nods.

Everyone is having lunch. Virender asks about Purvi. Kids share that she is still looking for keys. Seems like she wont eat till the time she finds them. Virender goes to check on Purvi.

Purvi asks Sakshi to try and eat on her own. Sakshi is hiding the keys behind her back. Purvi asks her if everything is fine. Hold the plate. Sakshi stays put. Purvi asks her what she is holding. Show me. Sakshi refuses. Purvi says I am like your younger sister. Please show me. She reaches out for it but Sakshi denies. Purvi manages to bring her hands forward. She is shocked to see the keys and bangles in Sakshi’s hands.

Virender is looking for Purvi. Where is she? He checks all the rooms one by one.

Purvi requests Sakshi to return them to her. Sakshi gives the keys to Purvi who asks for the bangle next. I promise I will bring a nice and beautiful bangle for you. Sakshi shakes her head.

Prakashi asks Anjali to bring kheer for kids. Anjali rues that she forgot to add saffron. I kept it in my room. I will add it just now.

Purvi requests Sakshi to return the bangle to her. I have been blamed for theft because of it. Do you want people to call me a thief? Sakshi gives the bangles to Purvi reluctantly.

Virender does not find Purvi anywhere. She gets stuck in something or the other all the time. She cannot sit peacefully. Don’t know where she has misplaced the keys and bangle now.

Purvi heads to Sakshi’s room stealthily. Virender notices that the doors of Sakshi’s room are open and goes to check. Anjali follows him as well. Purvi keeps the bangles back in their place and is taken aback to see Virender watching her. He notices the keys in her hand and walks inside. Tell me who should I trust now? Should I trust your words or what I saw just now? You say something and do something else every time. How should I trust you? I trust you before everyone else but if you will get caught red handed every time like this then how will I trust you? Do you still have to say something? Purvi says I agree they are in my hands but it does not prove me a thief. Anjali says amazing. You were caught red handed with the things that were stolen yet you are not a thief. Why were you keeping them back stealthily when you are not the thief? Did you take the bangles to the jeweler to find out about its value like your sister? Do you think Jeth ji will only believe your word. Purvi requests Kanha ji to help her. I cannot tell anything in front of Anjali till the time I find out who that woman is. Should I accept this blame? She tells Virender that sometimes what one sees from their eyes is not true. I request you to trust me blindly once. Things aren’t what they appear to be. It’s a lie. Please trust me once. I promise you; you wont regret it. I will prove the truth to you soon. Anjali says you don’t know our Mukhiya well. He only believes in facts and truth. He dint spare his brother so why will he spare you? Do you know what you have done? Jeth ji gave you the keys with so much faith yet you back stabbed him. This matter should be taken to Panchayat!

Virender tells Purvi he trusts her. I accept that you dint steal anything but as a Mukhiya, this matter will be taken to Panchayat too. You don’t have to give any explanation though. I will present your point. Villagers need not be called as this is a personal matter. I will try to make sure that the punishment is light and simple. I know that there must be a reason even if you have done this. Don’t worry. You can tell your reason whenever you feel it is right. I am here. Anjali asks Virender why he is being so lenient. Virender ends up scolding her. This isn’t a matter to theft but of lost and found. Don’t try to teach me my job. Things disappeared in the house and were found again. Panchayat will decide tomorrow. He walks out followed by Virender and Anjali. Purvi thinks Mukhiya ji says a lot and hides a lot too. I wonder whether he really trusts me or not.

Two servants tell Mama ji something and they go to inform Virender next. Virender tells the servants to get the car out. We should leave asap. He thinks of the Panchayat which will be held tomorrow. I must leave for this important work now. I will send a letter to Panch to keep her punishment simple. This is a simple lost and found incident. He writes a letter for Panch and gives it to Bhuri to give to Panch tomorrow.

Bhuri gives the letter to Prakashi who tears it.

Virender leaves with Mama ji.

Purvi wakes up. She does not see Virender in the room and thinks that he must be downstairs.

Virender and Mama reach Sakshi Mill. Manager is surprised to see them. You could have called me if you needed anything. Virender says we heard that a fire broke at the Mill but it is fine here. Manager says it is a false news. Virender asks Mama about the fire who points at the servants. They share that the guard, Jagan, informed them about it. Manager shares that he got fired many days ago.

Purvi is looking for Virender. She asks Prakashi who tells her that he has gone to Sakshi Mill for some work. Purvi wonders how he can go today. He said he will represent me in front of Panchayat today. I have understood that he left me alone to face the Panchayat as he does not care about me.

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