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Molkki 15th February 2021 Purvi says one mistake is forgiven for everyone and requests Virender to forgive Karan. If he does anything like that again, then he can get him rusticated. Virender agrees. He tells the principal to let him go this time. He leaves with Purvi.

Outside, Virender tells Purvi that she should have gone to the principal and inform him about the ragging. She agrees with that and then asks why he called her ‘mukhyani’ in front of everyone. He says what’s wrong in that? A man passes by. Virender glares at him. It turns out to be Karan’s father. Karan hugs him and says he thought his father must be upset with him. He says this time, he did a good work. He went to jail because of Virender and now Karan will take revenge by making Purvi’s life hell in college. Virender tells Purvi to see that and she asked him to forgive Karan. He warns her to stay away from Karan.

Priyu is screaming for help. Virender and Purvi are going back home on a bi-cycle. He says he now understood why she drew a line outside college. She didn’t want to reveal that she is ‘mukhyani’. She tells him not to think about all that and focus on riding the bi-cycle, otherwise he will fall down giving example of Tauji. He stops cycle right away and asks where her Tauji is. She says Tauji is not going to be scared and she will take to him, but for now, can they go? He tells her not to take Tauji’s name and continues. Vaibhav’s car passes by. Priyu screams Purvi and Virender’s name. Purvi feels it was Priyu’s voice, but Virender says that’s not possible, she is at home and Vaibhav is locked in jail.

Vaibhav drives ruthlessly. He is determined to kill Priyu. He brings her to a cliff. He opens her hands and slaps her. He says she loves listening to music, right? Now watch how he makes her dance. He brings her on the edge. She begs to let her go and she will never take any revenge. He says she will have to die. He would have let her go, but not after all that she did with him. She cries and begs him not to leave her hand. She will go away from his life. He says that is what he’s doing. A car comes running whose brakes are not working. Seeing that, Vaibhav and Priyu’s hands separate. She falls off the cliff. The car hits Vaibhav and he falls unconscious. After he wakes up, he realizes what he did in anger. He regrets it and is angry with himself. He calms himself down and thinks to rush back to home and get back into the jail before Virender and other family members return home. The car doesn’t start. He calls his friend. He’s nervous thinking everyone must have returned home by now.

Virender and Purvi come home. Purvi searches for kids. Virender says Maa went to a temple, maybe they went with her. Purvi thinks Vaibhav must be hungry and goes to check on him. She gets shocked not seeing him there and the door open.

Vaibhav is with his friend. He has a plan and tells his friend to drive on his directions.

Maa and everyone return home. Purvi comes running and informs everyone that Vaibhav is not in the jail. Maa says Priyu was home. Purvi starts getting worried. She calls Priyu. Her phone is in home only. Bhuri brings it and says it was outside jail. Purvi recalls seeing the car when they were coming back from college. She tells Virender that she told him she heard Priyu. It must be her in that car. Virender calls Vaibhav. He starts worrying. His friend advises him to talk, otherwise their doubt will turn into confirmation. Vaibhav picks up the call. Virender asks what he is doing outside. Vaibhav says, Priyu forgave him saying he will have to be her slave. Her first condition was to take her to her parents. So he is taking her to her village. Purvi says she doesn’t trust him and asks to give phone to Priyu. He says only Priyu had keys and she’s not well right now, she vomited 3 times already and is sleeping right now. He will tell her to call when they reach home. Maa tells Purvi not to worry, she can call in the morning. Virender agrees and tells Purvi that he will take her to her home if she can’t talk to Priyu until morning.

Purvi is studying and falling asleep. Virender comes silently and slaps her on head. She says he scared her and asks who he brought tea for. He says it’s for him, but it seems like she needs it more than him. She says she doesn’t want it and her Tauji says never to take away elders’ food. He says she will become energetic after drinking his tea. She asks that special tea? He says it’s not tea, it’s his cup that’s special. She says she will drink. It’s first time after marriage, he brought anything to her. She says tea is okay, but its’ taste is better by drinking it from his cup. She tells him to drink now. They share the cup and take a sip one after another. Both smile looking at each other.

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