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Molkki 14th September 2021 All ladies gather for the puja. They all greet Purvi nicely and bless her. Purvi wonders why they are being so nice to her. I don’t even know them.

Daksh asks Virender if Nani is fine. Virender says yes. Daksh agrees to be there as soon as he breaks Dhwani’s fast.

Doc tells Virender that Nani is fine. You can take her home. Virender asks Nani if they can go home now. She refuses. I will stay here only. I am feeling very restless. What if something happens when we reach home? I will stay here only. Doc suggests keeping her under observation overnight. She readily agrees. Virender thinks that she might be doing drama. How will I break Bawri’s fast if Nani will stay here tonight?

Chandni smiles the moment he notices Virender. I was sure you will come and break my fast at any cost. She imagines them being dressed as Salim and Anarkali. Virender asks her (in Haryanvi style) if she has kept fast for him. She says I am crazy for you. Who else can I fast for? Come and break my fast asap. He tells her to say goodbye to the mouse inside her stomach. I will break your fast now. She nods. Please do it asap. She comes back to reality. Virender turns and notices Chandni behind him and is startled. Kids come to his rescue and hug him just then. They point at haathi. Yun shabnami song plays as Purvi and Virender look at each other. They share a long eye lock. Juhi and Manas hug haathi. They complement her and she complements them too. Purvi asks Virender about Nani. Who is with her if you are here?

Flashback shows Virender asking doc why he is letting Nani stay here. Doc calls it stress due to anxiety. It happens in this age. Virender asks for a solution – medicine or injection. Doc agrees to give her sleeping pill so she can sleep peacefully. Virender thanks doc. He smiles thinking that her plan is foiled now. I don’t back out from my promise and I will break Bawri’s fast as planned.

Virender tells Purvi there is nothing to worry. Nani is sleeping after taking medicine. Purvi says it is good as we were really worried for her. Sudha asks Purvi to come for puja.

Virender watches Purvi as she makes preps for the puja. Sudha also smiles sweetly at Veer who has a blank expression on his face. Purvi notices Virender looking at her and smiles shyly. Daksh enters just then. He shows thumbs up at her. She signals that he is looking ok ok. Daksh smiles and joins Virender.

Chandni asks Virender to come with her. He excuses himself and hides behind the curtains. Purvi stands with Daksh. An old lady asks everyone to come for puja. Moon is out. All ladies go in front. Virender looks on unhappily. Daksh is standing right behind Purvi. She looks at the moon through the sieve. Juhi runs outside just when Purvi is about to open her eyes. Juhi asks Daksh to pick up his purse. He bends down to pick it. Purvi opens her eyes and looks at Virender through the sieve. He smiles as her whereas she experiences more hazy flashes from her past. Sudha looks at Veer through the sieve. Virender thinks I am your only moon and will always be. Fate can play games but we will always be together. I will fulfil all your wishes in future too.

Daksh tells Juhi it isn’t his wallet. It is full of money though. Can I keep it? She denies. It is wrong to steal. Juhi takes the purse and winks at Virender. Daksh stands up. He tells Purvi he will break her fast by feeding her water now. Manas goes there on his scooter just then and collides with Daksh and Purvi. Chandni holds Daksh while Virender takes care of Purvi and feeds her water thereby breaking her fast.

Veer breaks Sudha’s fast. Virender asks Daksh if he is fine. Daksh says my BP must have been low as I haven’t eaten anything since morning. Daksh and Purvi ask each other if they are fine. Virender says her fast has been broken now. Should I give you something to eat? Daksh says sweets have fallen on the floor. How should I break your fast now? Virender shows chocolate. I brought it for kids. Daksh says it doesn’t matter what we break the fast with. Virender gives him a piece. Daksh ends up eating it himself. Virender and Purvi look at each other. He gives her another piece and tells her to break her fast now. She accepts it. Virender thinks he managed to break has fast successfully like he had vowed to.

Priyu enters the haveli.

Sudha asks Veer for her gift. He is surprised. She asks for bangles. He asks her which bangles she is referring to. She covers up by saying that she was joking. Every husband gives gift to his wife so I thought you must have gotten something for me too. He says sorry to her. I forgot. He walks away. She wonders who he got those bangles for.

Daksh requests Purvi not to keep this fast ever again. Virender seconds him. Don’t keep any fast for him ever again. He couldn’t survive even one day like this.

Purvi tells Daksh she will keep this fast every year. Virender tells her to keep it. It is a good omen and it is good for the husbands. Let’s have dinner now. Priyu slaps Purvi just then. Virender asks her what she did. Priyu tells Purvi she will never let her enjoy anything as she has ruined her life. You snatched my husband from me and are celebrating karvachauth here? I wil ruin your life! Purvi asks her who she is. Why are you saying this? Virender calls her mad. She is saying anything. Priyu shouts that Virender is lying. I will tell her who I am. Virender asks Veer to throw her outside. Priyu shakes her head at Veer. Virender questions Veer. Why are you standing here quietly? Sudha notices the bangles in Priyu’s hands and realises that Veer gave those bangles to Priyu. Virender asks Veer to throw her out. Veer nods and walks towards Priyu. He holds her hand. She tells him to let go of her hand. Let me tell her that! He takes her out forcibly while she screams. Daksh asks Virender about her. Virender calls her a mad woman.

Virender questions everyone as to how Priyu managed to come inside. I told everyone to make sure she is not able to set foot anywhere close to haveli when she became Aarav’s Molkki. What were you all doing when she got inside? Bhuri goes to call the guards upon his askance. He questions the guards and servants. They stand there quietly. Virender tells them that he will fire them if they will work like this. Veer covers up for the guard at the main door. Priyu might have come inside when he wasn’t at the gate. It might have been an emergency. Virender warns them again and dismisses them. Veer looks tensed.

Priyu paces in the room worriedly. Who was that girl? Does she know me? She notices Virender at the door. He apologizes for what had happened earlier. She tells him not to apologize. It dint happen because of you. He reasons that she is still in his village. It shouldn’t have happened? Are you fine? She nods. Can you tell me honestly that that girl is mad? Virender nods. She misbehaves with everyone. Purvi says the anger on her face showed as if she had enmity with her. it feels as if she is related to my past life.


Molkki 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Purvi asks Daksh to take her to village to meet the girl who had slapped her yesterday. We might be connected in some way. Daksh takes her to Priyu’s place. A lady opens the door. Nani tells Virender he cannot. Everyone is taken aback. Virender shares that haldi is celebrated as Holi in Rewari. Virender and Purvi come close during the haldi ritual. Nani and Daksh notice them thus.

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Telecast Date:14th September 2021
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