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Molkki 13th January 2021 Purvi brings Priyu to her room. She goes to bring milk for her. Priyu notices the ring and throws it away angrily. She cries. Purvi feels bad for Priyu. Now Mukhiya ji must believe it that Vaibhav is a very cheap man. He must be punished for his misdeeds. She comforts her sister. Priyu is all shaken up. He called me there stealthily. Purvi assures her that he will be punished. Don’t cry. A servant gives her water. Purvi asks about everyone. She shares that Manas fell down while playing. They are in hospital. Purvi decides to go and meet him. She tells the maid to look after Priyu. I will meet Manas and come back.

Vaibhav’s friends are praising Vaibhav for what he did. He boasts that he lived up to his word. He stops in his tracks upon noticing Purvi. Vaibhav asks her what she is doing here. I thought you will be in hospital with Manas. Purvi slaps him shocking everyone. Vaibhav says you did the same mistake that your sister did. She slapped me in front of my friends and so did you! I took my revenge from her already. Now I will take such revenge from you that you will remember my name forever! Purvi reminds him who she is. Virender Pratap Singh is not just your brother but the Mukhiya of this town and is my husband as well. No one will be able to save you from the sin you have committed. You will be in a much worse position than Priyu. I will tell Virender everything right away. You raped Priyu! Vaibhav says Bhaiya knows everything about Priyu already. Go and complain to him. I can take you to him if you want. You complained to him earlier as well. What happened? Walls have ears and the walls of this haveli are very sharp. I can exaggerate the matter and prove you wrong in no time. I am the son of this house and you are a Molkki bride. Mukhiya ji will believe his brother more than a Molkki. You know it well. Purvi recalls her convo with Virender the other days. She goes quiet. Vaibhav says I am sure you must be thinking how to prove your sister’s innocence in front of Bhaiya. He knows it that your sister is trying to woo me in order to become the bride of this house. He knows her too well. How will he accept any of this without proof? Neither Bhaiya nor law can prove anything against me. Forget it. She tells him that he is forgetting that truth does not need proof. Sinner gets punished for their misdeeds one day or another. No one from this house might support me but my Kanha ji is with me. He could punish Duryodhana for what he did to Draupadi then you are nothing! Start counting your days. I will make sure you pay for your sins! She leaves.

Vaibhav thinks that was Kanha ji but this is Mukhiya ji. He threw you in front of hungry dogs without proof earlier. Think what he will do now!

Virender’s mother sends Juhi with a maid to eat something. Virender asks doc about Manas. Doc says he is critical and has lost of blood. Who is elephant? Virender recalls Purvi’s reply earlier. It is no one! He might be thinking of some toy in his sleep. Doc says I thought he is referring to a person like that. He excuses himself. Anjali says I would have been with Manas if I was his Haathi. Real Haathi turned out to be a cheater! What will happen to my Manas? Virender feels bad.

Purvi reaches hospital. She asks about Manas and is shocked to see him in the ICU. Virender blocks her way. Purvi asks him why he isn’t letting her meet Manas. Virender tells her that she has lost that right. You called me an irresponsible father the other day but you turned out to be an irresponsible mother today! You were right that day but I am right today. I only overlooked their love but you ignored them! Look at Manas! He is taking your name even in this state but you were busy looking for your sister. Purvi says something happened with Priyu that! He asks her to tell him what happened to Priyu that she had to ignore Manas. Vaibhav’s words echo in Purvi’s mind. She decides against telling the truth to him in front of so many people. Virender asks Purvi what happened to Priyu. Is she also in hospital like Manas? Is she also battling for her life as well? He forces her to look at Manas. He is calling your name even this state as you won him over with love. You promised to stand with him through thick and thin. You even took his mother’s place but you left him alone when he needed you the most. You chose your sister over him. why did you do that? Why did you cheat my innocent kids? Why did you pretend to love us? For a second even I had begun to think that whatever be the circumstances around our marriage, atleast kids got a good mother. Truth is that they got a step-mother. A step-mother always treats kids badly. You did that today. You chose to be with your sister. You dint care about my son! Purvi requests him to let her meet Manas once. I will answer all your questions. He tells her that he heard her answer on phone already. I wont let you, your fake tears fool my kids anymore. Keep them to yourself. She requests him to let her meet Manas once but Virender stays put. Don’t force me to raise my voice in hospital and leave. Purvi says I love them with all my heart. Please don’t doubt my love for them. I was with Priyu but what happened to Priyu was very scary and bad. Virender asks her to tell him the truth again but Purvi refuses to tell him anything in front of everyone. I can tell you everything in private. Virender agrees to take her aside to hear her side of the story. Anjali and Jyoti smirk.

Virender brings Purvi to a room. What happened to your sister that you dint care about my Manas’s life? Tell me your side of the story. Nurse asks Virender to come to reception to sign some documents. Virender tells Purvi to stay put. I will be back soon. Purvi looks at Kanha ji’s idol. Why have you put me in crossroad? Manas is on one side while Priyu is on the other. I love them both dearly. How can I choose one and leave the other alone? Why did you play this game with me? Please do something. Ward boy hands her an envelope just then. She gets curious. Who has sent it here? She peeks inside and looks shocked.

Virender walks up to Purvi. Tell me why you chose to be with your sister when Manas was battling with his life? Purvi says I cannot tell you that right now. Please let me be with Priyu right now. He tells her to go before he loses his cool. You turned out to be selfish! Your sister is more important to you than my kids! I am disgusted by you. I regret choosing a woman like you for my kids. Go away and don’t look at me or my kids ever again or you will see the worst of me! Virender walks away in a huff. Purvi cries.

Doc shares that Manas is out of danger now. He will be discharged tomorrow. Everyone goes inside to be with Manas. Manas is only looking for Purvi. He asks Virender and Juhi about her. Why dint she come to meet us? Virender tells him to forget Haathi. I can bring anything else for you. Manas asks for Haathi again. Virender says Haathi wont come. Babbar Sher is here though. I can do anything. Tell me what you want to eat. He manages to bring a smile on Manas’s face.

Priyu is resting but what happened a while ago keeps flashing in her mind. Purvi touches her. Priyu starts screaming. Let go of me! Purvi assures her that it’s only her. She feeds water to Priyu. Are you fine? Priyu cries. Purvi says we must leave from here right away. Priyu asks her why. Where are we going? Purvi says I cannot tell you right now. Just trust me. She packs a bag and takes Priyu with her.

Virender asks everyone to go home. Manas is fine now. He will be happy if he will spend some time with Juhi. I will send her home later. Mama asks him who will stay with Manas tonight. Virender says I will. We will be home in the morning anyways. His mother tells him to call them if they need anything. Virender nods. Everyone heads home.

Purvi is in the hospital. She hides as she notices her family coming out of Manas’s room. I must meet Manas and shouldn’t be caught by anyone or I wont be able to do what I have come here for.

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