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Molkki 12th January 2021 Priyu asks Vaibhav to leave her but he pushes her on the bed. Purvi is still looking for Priyu. Priyu notices Vaibhav opening his shirt. Don’t do this to me. He forces himself on her. Purvi checks every room. Priyu tries to run but he pushes her. Vaibhav’s friends are watching them from the window. Priyu slaps Vaibhav in the process. He tears the sleeve of her kurta and slaps her. Vaibhav’s friends are shocked to see him thus. He pushes her on the floor. She begs him to spare her but he removes her lehenga. His friends look on helplessly. What is he doing! we have to stop him! Priyu shouts in pain but he covers her mouth. His friends are in disbelief. We never knew he will stoop so low just to win a bet! Vaibhav tells Priyu she was very much interested in slapping him. see what I will do to you now! Purvi notices Vaibhav’s friends at the window and ask them what they are looking at. Jyoti brings Anjali near Vaibhav’s room.

Virender is looking for Purvi. She got me busy here and disappeared herself! She must be roaming inside the house.

Vaibhav’s friends lie to Purvi. We were looking at a video. They show her a video of a girl and boy in a compromising position. She reprimands them and walks away. Vaibhav’s friends are not at all happy with what Vaibhav is doing.

Purvi hears Priyu’s voice and stops in her tracks.

Manas is taking a run. He hits his foot on a steel step and then hurts his head on a pole. He shouts Haathi (for Purvi) as he falls. Everyone rushes to his side.

Anjali asks Purvi what she is doing inside. Purvi asks them if she has seen Priyu. I have been looking for her everywhere. Anjali sends Purvi in the opposite direction.

Virender’s mother feeds water to Manas. Yogi had a word with doctor already. Manas refuses to leave without Purvi. Virender tells everyone to find Purvi asap. His condition will worsen this way.

Anjali is about to knock at the door when she hears Priyu screaming for help. Jyoti wonders if Vaibhav is molesting Priyu instead. We must stop her. Anjali stops her from interrupting them. Vaibhav is intelligent. He wont do any such thing. She takes Jyoti from there.

Purvi is unable to find Priyu. Why do I feel that something wrong is happening to her? I told her not to go anywhere alone! Where is she?

Servant is looking for Purvi. Anjali asks him what happened. Servant tells her that Manas got hurt. Virender is looking for her. She sends him to the opposite direction. Jyoti wants to inform Purvi but Anjali tells her another plan.

Everyone is puzzled at Purvi’s disappearance. Anjali tells them just then that Purvi wont come. I told her about Manas’s wound but! Virender tells her to say what happened.

Someone records Priyu and Vaibhav in action from outside.

Anjali tells Virender that Purvi said that she wont come without Priyu. She is unable to find her and wont come without Priyu. Mama asks her if she is lying. Anjali denies. How can I lie in this condition (while pointing at Manas)?

Jyoti asks Purvi to come outside. Everyone, especially Manas is calling you outside. Purvi thinks Manas would want to play with her.

Anjali says I knew you wont believe me. I left Jyoti with her. You can hear it yourself. She calls Jyoti. Jyoti tells Purvi to attend the call. Purvi walks away hurriedly. She speaks to Anjali who tells her to let Virender speak to Purvi. Atleast we wont be blamed this way. Jyoti follows Purvi and makes her speak to Virender. Purvi immediately tells Virender that she cannot come outside without Priyu. Manas asks for Purvi. Virender tells Purvi he does not need her. My son is asking for you. I wouldn’t have even called you if it wasn’t for him. She tells him to act matured. Manas is a kid. He is calling me outside for that reason. it is very important to find Priyu and not play games with you. She ends the call. Anjali asks everyone if they believe her now. Purvi resumes her search for Priyu.

Manas asks for Purvi again. Anjali says he is asking for her and she does not care about him at all. He keeps following her all the time in the house. Can she not come and see him once? They love her like their mother yet she is acting like a step mother. Mama says Purvi cannot do anything like this. There is a misunderstanding. Virender tells him to stop believing in her blindly. We heard everything ourselves. We don’t need her. I will handle my kids myself.

Priyu is lying like a dead body while Vaibhav molests her.

Virender asks Manas to come but Manas asks for Purvi. Virender insists that they don’t need her. We must leave without her. He lifts Manas in his arms and heads to hospital. Anjali smirks.

Purvi realises that only one room is locked. It makes her curious.

Manas has passed out in the car. Mama ji speaks to doctor.

The door is locked from inside. Who is inside?

The mystery lady picks her phone and leaves. Vaibhav tells Priyu that girls like her are worth his slippers. You are someone who should be used and thrown away! You slapped me! Now you will regret it your entire life!

Purvi knocks at the door. Open the door! Who is inside? Vaibhav picks up his stuff and switches off the lights. Purvi breaks the door using an artefact. Vaibhav jumps out of the window just in time. Purvi switches on the lights and is stunned to see Priyu on the bed in that condition. She closes the door from inside. She cries as she helps her sister sit. She hugs her and cries harder. Are you fine?

Virender tells Manas he wont let anything happen to him. Virender’s mother and mama ji speak at the reception. Virender thinks he cannot forget Banwari for what she did today.

Purvi asks Priyu who did this to her. Priyu takes Vaibhav’s name. Purvi cries. I knew he is not the right guy. That’s why I kept telling you to maintain distance from him. Priyu says I understood it today. He forced himself on me. Purvi agrees to speak to Virender. He will surely punish Vaibhav. Don’t cry. He wont be let off easily. She wipes Priyu’s tears. Everything will be fine.

Virender watches Manas from outside as doc wipes the blood from his head. He feels bad because of Purvi. You have been very unjust to my kids today! Why did you take their responsibility if they don’t matter to you? Why did you take their mother’s place? Why did you cheat my Juhi and Manas?

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