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Molkki 12th February 2021 The girl is Sudha. She asks Purvi to leave the guy’s hand and takes her on a side. Purvi asks how did she come there? Sudha says she wanted to study, so NGO got her admission. Purvi says she also took admission and asks who was the guy. Sudha says he is Karan, their senior. Purvi asks why he was pushing her like that? She forcefully takes Sudha to Karan and questions him about his behavior. He says seniors have rights to rag juniors and calls them both on terrace during lunch break.

Maa goes out for some work. Priyu thinks no one is in home, she can make fun of Vaibhav. Virender stays around the college and goes to drink lassi. Sudha asks Purvi why she had to fight with Karan. She suggests to reveal Purvi is chief’s wife, but Purvi is against that. She tells Sudha not to tell anyone about it. A girl comes and tells Purvi that she made a mistake by messing with Karan.

Priyu comes to Vaibhav and teases him. He says he didn’t sleep whole night because of her false accusation and now he wants to sleep. He asks her to leave from there. He tries to sleep. She plays music loudly. He asks her to shut the music. She says she won’t, what will he do? He tries to grab her, but she moves back and says he can’t do anything to her. He says let him come out, then he will kill her. She says he can’t do anything and leaves saying she will sleep now. She leaves her phone there, so he can’t sleep peacefully.

Purvi and Sudha come to terrace. Karan says Purvi looks like a lion, but her voice is like a cat. He says she will do catwalk. She’s confused. He asks she doesn’t know how to do catwalk? She nods no. He asks another girl to show her how to do catwalk and then tells Purvi to do it now. But she will have to do it on the terrace edge. If she doesn’t do it, then they will make Sudha do it. Sudha tries to stop, but seniors pull her back. Purvi looks down and is terrified. She takes God’s name and climbs up.

Some servants see Virender eating in a café and asks what he is doing there. He says he felt like eating there. They say they saw him on cycle with Purvi. He says, yes, he came to drop her and suggests they should do the same with their wife’s and daughters.

Purvi starts walking slowly. Seniors are enjoying. Sudha tells her to be careful. Servants see Purvi and asks Virender what she’s doing up there. He sees and wonders she came to study or to show stunts. Purvi loses balance and almost falls down. Virender runs, but stops at the border that Purvi drew. He thinks what he can do. Karan tells Purvi to say sorry if she wants to stop doing all this and before every class, she will have to take out chicken’s voice. She thinks to continue walking, but never say sorry to him. She loses her balance again and falls down. Seniors rush to save her. She screams for help. She falls in Virender’s arms. She opens her eyes and is relieved.

Priyu comes to take her phone. She sees Vaibhav is not inside. He comes from behind and grabs her. She asks him to leave her and how did he come outside? In flashback, Vaibhav took Bhuri’s help and in return, he gave her money. Priyu was sleeping and Bhuri managed to get the keys without her waking up.

Back to present, Vaibhav doesn’t tell how he came out and asks what she thought that he will stay inside whole life? He drags her outside and throws in his car.

Virender asks Purvi whether she is fine. She is not in condition to speak, but still says thank you. He scolds her asking what if anything had happened to her and says if she wants to do all this, then she doesn’t need to come to college from tomorrow. She is a chief’s wife and she can stay at home. Karan is shocked. Sudha tells Virender that Karan did all this. Virender slaps him and asks why he did this. He says he didn’t know she is his wife, otherwise he wouldn’t have done that. He was just ragging. Virender asks that means he would do with someone else? He would put someone else’s life in danger? Ragging is a crime and he takes him to principal’s office. On the other hand, Priyu is screaming for help as Vaibhav takes her somewhere in a car.

Karan gets down on his knees and begs for forgiveness as principal rusticates him. Purvi tells Virender not to get him rusticated; otherwise his whole year will go waste. For students, every single day matters. If he makes mistake next time, then he can get him rusticated.

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