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Molkki 12th April 2021 Anjali praises Prakashi on her smartness. I will breathe in peace now! Virender comes there with his family. Now you wont be able to do anything peacefully till the time I am here. Anjali and Prakashi look back in surprise. Virender keeps the black clothes in her hands. You were trying to steal in your own house? You threatened my kids in their house? How dare you try to scare them? How dare you treat them like this? Prakashi asks Anjali what Virender is saying. She is the DIL of this house. Did you do it? Anjali’s silence gives her the answer. Virender asks Anjali if she will admit the truth herself now or should he tell Ma. I saw you and Jyoti dressed in disguise. You and Jyoti were trying to steal Purvi’s jewellery. I have the video too! You both wore those black clothes but you couldn’t hide your rings. Come clean now or you will see the worst of me. Anjali starts crying. Prakashi tells her to answer Virender now.

Anjali falls in Virender’s feet. Please forgive me. I made a mistake. I became greedy and committed that sin! I am a culprit but please don’t throw me out of the house. Where will I go? I wont commit any mistake now. Virender says I have forgiven you many times. I have given you many chances but this time I will punish you. Anjali requests Prakashi to convince Virender. He wont say no to you. Please do something. You can punish me. She slaps herself holding Prakashi’s hands. Virender tells Anjali to stop her drama. You have escaped in the past but not this time. You have done wrong to Mukhiyayini and the kids. You are their culprit so they will decide your punishment now. He asks the kids to decide Anjali’s punishment. Anjali requests Purvi to forgive her. Please speak to Jeth Ji. He will forgive you. Purvi says I will forgive you. She asks the kids what punishment they will give to Chachi. Anjali kisses Juhi and Manas’s hands. I love you very much. I am your Chachi. Juhi suggests putting her in the same cell where they were kept. Manas seconds his sister. Juhi says it is your punishment. Tit for tat! Anjali requests them not to do this to her but Purvi takes her to that room. Anjali shouts at Prakashi but in vain. Prakashi stands there helplessly.

Anjali requests Purvi to forgive her but Purvi drags her to that room. She locks Anjali in that cell. Anjali keeps begging her not to do this. You are very kind. Please open it. Purvi steps back. Manas and Juhi come there. Purvi tells Anjali that kids have exposed her for being mean to them. You dint let them eat or drink anything. You will rot here for the next 7 days. Forget about food, you wont even get water! I warned you that anyone who would dare to hurt my kids will not be spared. Now you too must go through the same ordeal. They are my life. I wont spare you if you do anything to them! Do not forget it. She holds the kids close. Anjali asks for forgiveness. Virender comes and holds Purvi form one side and his kids from the other. Prakashi looks on. Inspector calls Virender. Those goons have committed suicide. Virender asks him how it can be possible. They were in jail after all. Inspector says we will know the truth after autopsy only. Froth was coming out of their mouths. Maybe they got afraid and committed suicide. Virender ends the call unhappily.

Prakashi thinks of how she called a constable earlier and told him to kill those goons. I will pay you for this job. Keep your mouth shut. The constable agrees. Flashback ends.

Purvi is looking for Virender. Don’t know where he keeps disappearing. She finds a gift on the bed for herself and smiles. She reads Virender’s note. Come to terrace. She heads upstairs and finds another note and gift there. She smiles as she reads it. Virender comes there. She asks him about the gifts. He says one needs to open them to find out what’s inside. Open them. Purvi opens the first gift. It is a snow globe. Purvi is all smiles. It is very beautiful. Thank you, Mukhiya ji. He tells her to open the second gift. She finds a blank canvas in the second box. What’s this for? He says I haven’t made your photo till date so I thought to make one now. Purvi is surprised. You stopped sketching after Sakshi ji’s death. Why do you want to make my photo now? Virender shares that Mukhi has changed a little since she has come in his life. Change is the rule of life. One must change with time so I thought to fill my life with new colours too. I thought to start afresh by drawing your sketch. She thanks him.

Purvi and Virender go to kids’ room. We have a big surprise for you two. They get excited. What is it? Virender shares that they wont go to school. Juhi asks him what they will do today. Manas wants to go out. Purvi suggests going to the village fair. Kids like the idea and start planning what all they should do. Virender tells them to get ready in 5 minutes. I am outside. Purvi speaks to someone (maybe Priyu) on her way out. Now I will meet you and Sudha in the fair only.

Jyoti tells Anjali to eat quickly. We will be in trouble if a servant sees us. Anjali keeps eating quickly. Only you care about me. No one else even cares if I am alive. Did anyone see you coming here? Jyoti shares that no one is at home. Virender and Purvi took the kids to the fair. Anjali throws the glass angrily. They are enjoying while I am being locked up here! I used to go to fair every year. Jyoti says you will be stuck here this time. Anjali insists that she will go out even this time too. Jyoti says we will be in trouble if anyone spots you. Anjali says that will happen only when someone will see me. Jyoti asks her what she is planning now.

Virender, Purvi and the kids reach the fair. Kids run to look around. Purvi tells them to take care of each other. They nod. Purvi looks at an aiming school. Virender tells her to pick up the gun and shoot. She says I don’t know how to. He says you can shoot great aims using your tongue. You are the Mukhiyayini so you should know how to shoot. He starts explaining it to her but they end up sharing an eye lock. He signals her to focus. She jumps excitedly as she shoots a balloon. Virender smiles. Purvi wins an elephant. Kids join them just then. They both argue as to what they should do first. Juhi asks haathi what they should do first. Virender says we will do both the things. He tells Manas that Juhi is elder to him so they will fulfil her wish first and then his. Kids agree.

Jyoti and Anjali come to the fair dressed as bears. Jyoti praises her sister on the idea. Anjali spots Virender with Purvi and the kids. Virender helps Purvi eat golgappa. Anjali fumes. They locked me in the cell and are enjoying here! I will teach them a lesson now.

Manas spots the bears. Kids wave at the bears. Manas tells his Baba they are done with golgappa’s like Juhi wanted. Let’s sit in the Ferris wheel now. Anjali overhears them. Virender helps the kids sit in one of the carts. Virender tells the driver to take care of the kids. He agrees. You can look around with Mukhiyayin till then. Virender asks Purvi to come. She is hesitant but he says the driver will take care of the kids.

Anjali tells Jyoti that this little Manas wants to sit in the big ride. I will make sure he will hang in the air today!

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