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Molkki 11th January 2021 Purvi is looking for Priyu. She finally hears her calling out to her and runs in the direction of the voice.

Jyoti wonders if Vaibhav is with Priyu.

Purvi notices Priyu checking her feet. Are you fine?

Vaibhav complements Jyoti. You look hot! I never focused on you before today. She complains that he had his eyes on Priyu. You were after that illiterate all the time. Vaibhav says she is nothing in front of you and flirts with her.

Priyu shares that she is wearing new pair of jutti’s. They are biting me. Purvi gives her her sandals. I will wear them. Let’s go downstairs now. Priyu apologizes to her. I said so many harsh things to you today. I know that you care for me and that’s why you said such things. Purvi says it is okay. Come downstairs now and don’t go anywhere alone. Priyu wears her sandals.

Vaibhav says she sat in the car forcibly. He holds his ears as he apologizes to her. She asks him to insult Priyu in the same manner as Priyu. Vaibhav agrees. Just bring her to my room. I will hide in the bathroom. She accepts his request blindly.

Virender and Purvi are the captains of the new game. They have to pick a team using the chit system. Virender’s mother decides to be the referee. Purvi asks Virender to pick a chit as he is elder (like her Tau ji). She stops mid sentence. You are elder and smarter. He nods. You are right in this matter. He picks up the chit with Manas’s name. She gets Juhi’s name but she takes Mama ji’s name instead. Mama ji says I am in her team already but then changes his words as he notices Virender’s expression. Virender says I know how much you like being on her side. Purvi mixes the chit with Juhi’s name back in the bowl. Virender gets it this time. The kids are happy. Priyu and Yogi end up being a part of Purvi’s team while Anjali goes in Virender’s team. Purvi is glad to see Virender teaming up with the kids. Purvi smiles. I planned to get you three together. Thanks to Kanha ji, this is working out in my favour. They both walk past each other while looking at each other (and even copying their style). She changes it the second he looks at her hands pointedly and walks away. Virender calls her Banwari.

Jyoti lies to Priyu that she needs help in fixing her dress. Priyu agrees to help her.

Basketball game begins. Virender scores the first point.

Jyoti brings Priyu to Vaibhav’s room, closes one gate from inside and goes to bathroom.

Virender lifts Manas in his arms as he helps him score a point. Opposition calls it cheating but Virender reasons that Manas is too small. He cannot do it himself. Virender’s mother gives decision in Purvi’s favour. Virender says the match is fixed. She denies. This is the right decision. Virender tells everyone to focus on the game.

Jyoti goes to washroom where Vaibhav is already waiting for her. She holds his hand and says we can punish her together but he asks her to let him handle it. He convinces her to go out of the bathroom window. I will punish Priyu in the meantime. She does as told.

Virender and Purvi have scored equal points. It is time for the last point.

Priyu keeps calling out to Jyoti. Vaibhav steps out of the bathroom. Priyu is surprised to see him there.

Virender lifts Manas in his arms again but Purvi sweetly asks for the ball. Manas lets go of the ball. She gets the ball but Virender manages to get it from her during the game.

Anjali sits to drink juice when Jyoti tells her about Vaibhav’s plan (only the part that she is aware of).

Priyu asks Vaibhav what he is doing here. I came here with Jyoti. He says I wanted to give you a surprise so I asked Jyoti to call you here. She repeats her words. I don’t want to be with you before the wedding. Why did you call me here stealthily?

Purvi nudges Virender’s shoulder just when he is about to goal. She gets the ball and is about to score a goal. He follows her and holds her by her waist just then she jumps to throw the ball. They share a long eye lock. Virender realises she is distracted, gets the ball and scores the goal. Virender wins the match. He hugs his kids happily. Virender’s mother tells Purvi that Virender’s team might have won but she hasn’t lost either. They are spending quality time with each other after so long. We were yearning to see this since Sakshi left us but you made it possible today. You haven’t lost. You have actually won. Purvi thanks her. Virender hugs Juhi and Manas again.

Priyu tries to leave but Vaibhav proposes her for marriage with a ring. Priyu accepts his proposal. He makes her wear the ring. That’s why I called you here. I asked Jyoti to call you here as I knew you wont come upon my askance. Priyu wants to tell Purvi but Vaibhav agrees to do it himself. Spend some happy moments with me. He gives her flowers and juice (mixed with wine). She drinks it in one gulp. Vaibhav is sure he will succeed in his plan now.

Purvi gives juice to everyone. Where are Priyu and Vaibhav? I must find her! She begins to go when Virender tells Purvi she lost one match. Play once again if you want to lose again! She says you know I don’t play with cheaters. You can play alone. I will go. He calls her a cry baby. Even I don’t play with those who cry when they lose. Banwari! She walks away.

Priyu wants to share the news with Purvi. She gets up but feels dizzy. Vaibhav sends a text to his friends – come to the window and see how he has won the bet! They all go there eagerly. Jyoti and Anjali overhear them. Jyoti feels bad for herself. Anjali scolds her. You are stupid and foolish. You are good for nothing! Jyoti starts crying but Anjali decides to do something about Priyu.

Purvi is looking for Purvi.

Priyu asks Vaibhav what was in the juice. I am feeling dizzy. He says it was just juice. She says I feel inebriated. He calls it the effect of his love and kisses her on her cheek. She pushes him aside and tries going to the door when Vaibhav pushes her on the bed. She shouts Didi. Purvi hears her voice and stops in her tracks in shock.

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