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Molkki 10th September 2021 Bhuri smirks as Purvi touches the painting. Her head starts hurting and she passes out on the floor. Bhuri smiles. Prakashi and Anjali walk in. Prakashi smirks at Bhuri. All 3 of them smile. Anjali says seems like she is no more. Prakashi nods. They leave. Manas and Juhi reach the store room just then and panic. What happened to haathi? Bhuri pretends to be concerned as well. Kids call out to Virender for help. He heads upstairs and is shocked to see Purvi unconscious. What happened here? Bhuri shares she saw the old painting and fainted. He asks Veer to call doc. Veer obliges. Kids are berserk.

Daksh finds out from Anjali that Dhwani has fainted. Daksh and Chandni rush to check on her.

Doc tells Virender that she seems to be under a lot of stress. She will be fine in some time. I will give you a prescription. Someone should come with me. Daksh goes with him so that he can also brief him about Dhwani’s medical history. Virender asks his family member to follow him.

Virender questions everyone as to how Bawri found that painting when he had warned everyone beforehand. Anjali feigns innocence. You can ask Bhuri. Bhuri tells him that the suitcases were kept in the storeroom. Dhwani ji went to take something from her bag when the cover from one of the painting shifted due to wind. Virender reprimands her for being careless. This mistake should not be repeated again or I wont let you stay in Rewari at all! I don’t care whoever that would be but I will make sure it comes true!

Purvi is reading a magazine when Virender knocks. She asks him to come in. He asks about her health. She says I am better now. He apologizes on behalf of the servants. You had to go through this much because of their carelessness. She asks him about the painting. It was just like me. Who made it? Virender says I made it. She asks him why. Virender lies that he thought to gift them her and Daksh’s photo as a wedding gift. It got ruined because of my servants. She denies. It is a great thought. Don’t worry. I wont tell Daksh about it. It wont get spoiled. He thanks her. I promise you that you wont face any problem in future. Consider me as your own and tell me if you need anything in future. He leaves.

Virender is positive that he will succeed in reminding her of her past life in 10 days. I will start from tomorrow. I will show you around town tomorrow. I will take you to the same places to rekindle past memories. The journey from Dhwani becoming Purvi again will start tomorrow.

Next morning, Virender offers to show Chandni around town. Chandni is super excited and readily agrees. Kids request haathi to come as well. She agrees and asks Nani to join them. Nani denies. I wont be able to do it in this age. Chandni taunts her for being old.

Juhi convinces Chandni to sit in the back with her. Daksh asks Purvi to sit in the back. Manas asks him to sit with him so he can show him everything. Daksh makes him sit in his lap. He asks Purvi to sit but she suggests sitting in the front. It is full already. Virender and Purvi look at each other as she sits in front.

Purvi experiences more hazy flashes. She tells Virender his town looks familiar somehow. Virender thinks that she will remember everything soon. You will also remember that you are the Mukhiyayini of this town. Manas asks Virender what they will do today. Virender says the same things that we used to do before. Purvi is curious. Virender tells her to wait and watch. We will show you everything.

Virender meet Virender and his guests. Yaadein song plays in the background as they start with kite flying. Virender notices Purvi looking at him and asks her through gestures if she wants to try. She nods. He lets her fly the kite. They share an eye lock as he holds the thread. He blows on her finger as it gets cut in the process. All past memories keep flashing in the background throughout the day.

They all eat candy floss later. Manas takes Daksh aside with him on some pretext. Virender and Purvi exchange cute glances again as he gives her candy floss. Some of it gets stuck on her lips. He signals her about it but she is unable to touch it. He offers to clean up for her. she closes her eyes as he does that.

Daksh tries a turban. Virender wears one and asks Purvi how he looks through eye gestures. She shakes his head. She laughs when he tries a different one. She ends up pointing at one turban. He clicks a selfie later. Purvi experiences hazy flashes while eating golgappa’s. Virender looks at her hopefully but it was for a fleeting moment. Purvi and Virender exchange more glances at one another when the ladies try bangles or when they eat chuski. They try cycling in the end. Juhi goes with Daksh. Chandni sits behind Virender but Manas punctures it. Chandni asks Manas what they should do now. He asks her to sit on his cycle. She agrees. Manas and Virender wink at each other. Manas waves at haathi as they leave. Purvi goes to drink water. Virender asks the guy to fix it. Purvi tries to drink water and pump some at the same time. Virender does it for her. She splashes some water on her face. Virender splashes more water on her like they did in the past.

Cycle has been fixed. Virender tells Purvi she has no option but to sit with him. Everyone else has left already. She keeps her hands on his shoulders initially but holds him tight when they drive over the stone. Virender smiles. Priyu is glaring at them from a distance.

Prakashi says I thought we wont have to try a lot this time. I thought the past mementos will kill her but I think I will end up dying. Anjali tells her not to say so. Prakashi tells her to think of something to throw this Molkki out of their life for forever. Nani offers to help them. They are startled. I realised that you want to get rid of Dhwani the moment I saw you two. I want the same thing. I know that Dhwani is Mukhi’s wife but I want to make her my Daksh’s wife now. Prakashi smirks.


Molkki 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nani joins hands with Prakashi and Anjali. Nani tells everyone that karvachauth is tomorrow. I want you to keep fast for Daksh. Virender overhears Purvi telling Daksh to keep fast for her too. We can break each other’s fast. Virender thinks that she kept the fast last year for him. I broke your fast then and I will break your fast tomorrow as well. Priyu slaps Purvi shocking everyone.

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Telecast Date:10th September 2021
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