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Molkki 10th May 2021 Purvi tells Virender he should be in his room right now. She will misunderstand you if she wont find you there. He keeps his finger on her lips. It is my turn to speak now. I want to apologize for the way Sakshi is behaving with you unintentionally. I am very embarrassed yet helpless. It is enough though. I wont be able to bear it anymore. I want to tell her the truth. Purvi advises him against it. We are doing this to help her recover. She is not wrong in behaving that way towards me. She thinks I am a maid. Promise me you wont tell her anything till the time she is fine. H says you can bear anything easily but not me. I cannot see you in pain like this. Purvi says we must face this situation bravely. I can face anything happily till the time you are with me. He hugs her. Sakshi knocks on the door just then. Virender opens the door and is taken aback to see Sakshi. She asks him what he is doing here at this hour. Purvi lies that Manas called him here. He insisted that Baba should apply balm to him so I called him here. Sakshi points out that Manas is sleeping. Manas sits up just then. I was fooling everyone. He complains to his Baba that he did not apply balm on his feet. Virender agrees to apply but Sakshi offers to do it. Virender smiles at his son. Virender glances at Purvi as he leaves.

Sakshi has applied balm on Manas’ feet. They tell her that they cannot sleep. They ask haathi to tell them a story. We sleep easily. Purvi is about to start but then looks at Sakshi. Let’s listen to a new thing today. Mukhiyayini ji sings a beautiful lullaby. Juhi tells her brother that she remembers it well. It is a beautiful lullaby. Kids ask Sakshi to sing it. Sakshi smiles at Purvi. She starts singing the lullaby. Kids smile. Purvi becomes emotional. Sakshi starts crying in between. Purvi gives her water and resumes singing in her place. Juhi asks her if she knows Ma’s lullaby too. Manas says you have never sung it before. Purvi says she taught me this few days ago. Manas asks her if she knows Ma from before. When did she teach you this? Purvi lies that it was a day or two ago. Let’s complete it. Sakshi and Purvi start singing together this time. Virender watches both of them from outside for a few seconds and then leaves. The kids have fallen asleep.

Next morning, Sakshi wakes up Virender. Have you come here to sleep? He asks her why she is ready so early. She says we went there last time too. Let’s go again. He denies but she wants to thank God for giving her old life back to her. He gets up. Purvi ask Sakshi if they are going out somewhere. Is it ok if I don’t come along? There is a temple nearby where I want to go. Sakshi says we were getting ready to go there only. Help the kids get ready. Mukhi ji will also take bath till then. Sakshi tells Virender to get ready. I will take out your white kurta and turban. Virender and Purvi recall the incident at college. He tells Sakshi to take out the black kurta. She says you liked the white one. He says a lot changes with time. My preferences have changed too.

Everyone reaches temple. Kids go to play in a corner. Virender is in a fix as to how he should get out of this problem. Purvi wonders what is going on in her life. I had everything yet everything has been snatched from me again. Mukhi ji belonged to Sakshi ji and is hers again. This thought hurts me always though. Sakshi is feeling guilty for hiding the truth from her husband. I got everything back yet everything has changed. It seems as if Mukhi ji is hiding something from me and even the kids have become distant. I will fight though. Help me make this family mine again! Pundit ji gives her Prasad and she feeds it to Virender. Purvi feels bad. Sakshi gives Prasad to her as well and then goes to give Prasad to the kids. Virender feeds Prasad to Purvi when Sakshi is not looking at them. He walks away then.

Virender tells the kids to play nearby if they want to as the bus will come in 15-20 minutes. They take Purvi and run to the park. Sakshi and Virender sit down. Virender asks her what she is thinking. She says everything has changed a lot. You have changed too. You used to get angry so easily earlier. He asks her if she cannot see him angry now. She says it isn’t like before. There is no anger, no pain, no secrets that you share with me now. I can read something in your eyes though. You are hiding something from me. What is it? He tells her that she is over thinking. Why will I hide anything from you? Bus comes there. Sakshi goes to call the kids.

Manas asks for candyfloss. Virender offers to buy it from the next destination. The kids insist. They request Sakshi who offers to take them. Purvi offers to go but Sakshi goes with the kids. Virender and Purvi look at each other. Conductor tells the driver to start the bus. Virender tells him that his wife and kids have gone to bring candyfloss. Conductor does not care and they drive away. Sakshi and kids start chasing the bus. Purvi and Virender request the conductor to stop the bus but they refuse. Another bus will come there in 15-20 minutes. Don’t worry. Virender looks on helplessly. Purvi sits next to Virender. She tells him not to worry. We will get down at the next stop and go back there. He agrees. She hurts herself because of a bump. He tells the driver to be careful. He ties his kerchief on her wound so as to stop the blood. They stop at the next point. Virender asks conductor when the next bus will come.

Prakashi finds out that Sakshi has missed her bus. She later tells Anjali what happened. I thought Sakshi and Virender will come closer after spending some time together but she is good for nothing! Sakshi got left behind with the kids while that Molkki is with Virender in the bus.

Virender tells Purvi they will sit for sometime till the time the next bus comes.

Sakshi hugs her kids. Mukhi ji left with Purvi while we are stuck here. What should I do now?


Molkki 11th May 2021 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Virender decides to tell the truth to Sakshi. He walks inside his room holding Purvi’s hand but let’s go of it upon noticing something stranger. Later, Anjali says even Sakshi can keep fast on karvachauth. Sakshi agrees. Juhi asks Purvi if she will also keep fast for Babbar Sher. She nods. Manas asks her how Baba will break her fast as he will be with Ma. Sakshi asks Purvi why she is lying to her. You filled your and my hairline with vermilion. You were also wearing a mangalsutra that day. I realise that it was the same one that I found in Mukhi ji’s room the other day.

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