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Molkki 10th June 2021 Sakshi is giving tea to Virender when the kids ask them to play hide and seek with them. Virender is reluctant but Sakshi requests him. He gives in. Manas tells him to count till 10. Manas, Juhi and Sakshi hide. Virender starts looking for them once he is done counting. Sakshi changes her hiding place when Virender steps out of the room. Purvi comes to the old spot to finish some work. Virender notices a shadow and reaches for her hand. Virender and Purvi become conscious. Sakshi looks on. Virender continues looking for the kids.

Later, Manas pulls Purvi to play with them. He makes her sit with him and Virender but Purvi sits next to Juhi. On all the other days, Purvi and Virender try their best to avoid each other. Purvi makes kheer for Virender but then realises that she cannot give it to him. She tells the maid to give it to Virender instead. Sakshi is noticing everything.

Purvi cries while looking at the divorce papers. Virender and Sakshi look at her from opposite doors. Virender is in pain. Sakshi can see them thus and wonders if she is the real reason why Mukhi ji has to part from his Bawri. Maybe I am their culprit. I should do something because of which Purvi wont have to live alone. Mukhi ji wont be worried for her then and even I wont regret spoiling Purvi’s life then. I must do something for her.

Prakashi has just finished yoga. She notices a lady coming towards them and asks Anjali if she knows her. Anjali shrugs. The lady asks for Sakshi. Servant goes and informs Sakshi. Prakashi and Anjali try to strike convo with the lady (Anamika) but Sakshi takes her inside. Anjali asks Prakashi about Anamika. Sakshi took her to her room and closed the door from inside. Something is going on in her mind. Prakashi seconds her. we must find out what they are up to! It’s been an hour. Both the ladies are still curious. Anamika and Sakshi come out of the room just then. Anamika tells Sakshi not to worry. You will get whatever you want. We are best in this! Tell me once you make up your mind. Her visiting card falls down. Anamika takes her leave. Prakashi asks Sakshi about Anamika. Sakshi advises them to wait for some time. You will get to know. Do you know where Mukhi ji is? Prakashi says no one tells anyone anything these days. I don’t know. Sakshi goes to look for him. Prakashi and Anjali find Anamika’s card. Anjali wonders who is getting married here.

Sakshi is smiling to herself while folding clothes. Virender is surprised to see her happy. What happened? Sakshi shares that she has thought of something for Purvi. I am sure you will agree with me too. I know neither of us would want her to go back to her old life again. We must do something for her. Virender asks her what she wants to say. Sakshi says Purvi has done a lot for you, me and for our kids. It is payback time. I cannot leave her alone. I have decided to get her married again. The guy should respect her and love her. I will organize her remarriage. Virender is stunned. Sakshi says Purvi wont go alone and sad when she will leave the haveli. She will be a married woman again. She has returned my husband and family to me. I want to give her a happy life and a happy family in return. She deserves it. Virender says it can never happen and walks away a little. Sakshi asks him why. What’s wrong in this? Don’t you want her to be free from this relation and live a happy life? Virender says even I want her to be happy but it does not mean that we should force her into marriage just to get her out of this Molkki. I am sure Bawri wont agree for it. Sakshi tells him to leave it on her. I will convince Purvi. You should say yes first. I understand that this isn’t easy for you but sacrifice is another word for love. Purvi is making such a big sacrifice for our family too. She can sacrifice her love for us. Can you not do so in return? One has to be compelled to be strong sometimes! Purvi will never be happy if you wont let her go. You can prove your love for Purvi by accepting this idea. What will happen to Purvi after the divorce? What about her future if she will go back to her parents’ house? They married her to you stealthily. Her future will be safeguarded after her remarriage. You too were worried about her future. Don’t you want her to be safe? I understand how helpless and pained you are right now. One should close their eyes and think when they experience difficulty in thinking clearly. Think once. You said that Purvi has been through a lot in this house. She has a right to live a happy and safe life. She goes.

Virender closes his eyes and thinks of Purvi. He also thinks of the video where Purvi’s face was morphed. He opens his eyes with a start. You are right, Sakshi. Bawri has been through a lot in this house. It is our turn to save her future now. We cannot back out from doing something good for her now. I agree with your idea. Sakshi goes to talk to Purvi. Virender thinks I arrived at this decision after a lot of difficulty. Now it is your turn, Bawri. I have to see how you will agree to marry someone else.

Purvi tells Sakshi she cannot marry anyone else. Sakshi tells her to understand. Would you be able to spend your life on your own? No! Everyone needs a partner in life. Purvi tells her to believe her. I will be happy alone. I will go back to my village and teach the kids but I can never think of marrying someone else. Sakshi reasons that she wont be able to live alone after some time. I wont be able to live at peace otherwise. I will continue to blame myself for ruining your life, for separating you two. I think I came between you two. You two had made a family of your own. I agree that all 3 of us cannot stay under the same roof. You are going away to make me and Mukhi ji happy but I cannot ignore the fact that you will end up alone afterwards. I don’t want it. Please say yes for me. Purvi tells her not to blame herself for the current situation. It was destined to happen. I am glad thinking that you and Mukhi ji will live together once I leave. I wont be able to marry someone else though. Even Mukhi ji will never say yes to it. Sakshi shocks her by saying that Virender has said yes already. Purvi is stunned. Mukhi ji agreed for my remarriage? Sakshi says this isn’t easy for him either. I told him that you wont be able to live as a divorcee. It isn’t easy for a woman to stay single forever. He said yes after considering those factors. He wont be able to get you out of his heart till the time you wont. Purvi realises that Sakshi is right. If this is the only way to make space for Sakshi ji in Mukhi ji’s heart then I must marry someone else. Mukhi ji will accept Sakshi ji again then. Maybe sacrifice is indeed another word for love. She says yes to Sakshi. If you and Mukhi ji can come closer this way then I am ready for my remarriage. Sakshi looks at her gratefully. Title track plays. They share a hug.

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