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Mithai 5th July 2022 Mithai tells Dadu that there will be a lot happening at the shop so let’s go. Girish comes there and says I want to talk to you. Dadu says I don’t have time and goes away with Mithai.

Dadu, Dadi, and Mithai pray for the family before leaving for the shop. Mithai prays to make her trick work this time.

Dadu, Dadi, and Mitha come to the shop in the market. Mithai makes Dadu do the inauguration. Mithai smiles and recalls her father’s words. Dadu says I am sure that you will fulfill your dream but will you be able to fulfill my dream?

Mithai prays to God. Dadu does pooja for the shop. The helpers bring sweets there. Mithai says I can’t believe that I will sell my sweets from the shop now. Dadu says I am happy to see you here. Mithai starts singing for her sweets.

People start gathering around to buy from her. People praise her sweets and say it tastes like old Hari Mohan sweets. Dadu smiles and tells Dadi that I wish I could make her part of the family. Dadi says you are right, she would have been a great addition to the family. Mithai is busy in selling her sweets and thinks to make her a trick for Dadu.

Dadu says I am still feeling sad so I should leave. Mithai says just wait for a moment. She takes a selfie with them and asks Dadu to take her pictures. Mithai tells Dadu to just leave things on her.

Scene 2
In the house, Girish is arguing with the family over the division of the property. They all get a message from Mithai which shows her sitting in the shop. Girish says it’s my shop and she is showing off like this.

Mithai takes out the money that she earned and offers it to Dadu, she says this is my first earning and I want to give it to you. Dadu blesses her. Mithai is waiting for others to arrive. She finds Girish coming there and asks Dadu to call Sid. Sid is talking to the consultant when Dadu calls him and asks him to come to the shop.

He says fine and tells Apeksha that I have to leave. She asks her to give him papers for Dadu and Dadi for the visa, and he leaves. Apeksha asks the consultant to just work on her and Sid’s visas, and create some issues with Dadu and Dadi’s visas. She gives him a bribe.

Girish and others come to the shop. He shouts at Mithai to stop this drama, this is my shop so you can’t hog it. He shouts at all the buyers to leave. Mithai tells Dadu to just let this happen. She turns to see Sid coming there.

People are taunting that seems like father and son are fighting over property. Girish’s father must be hurt seeing all this. Sid hears all that and leaves. Dadu tells Mithai why did you do all this? Girish made a scene in front of everyone. Mithai says I had to do it, he had to see what happens when we start talking about division. Girish locks the shop and says I will keep the key till the division is done.

Girish and others come to the house. Girish shouts at Sid to come and decide on the property. He tells Dadu that I won’t give the shop key to Mithai. Abhishek says Girish wants 2/3 share of the property, I will go to the court if I need to. Girish asks Sid to come downstairs. Sid is in the house and hears all that. Mithai thinks I hope Sid will do the right thing.

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