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Mithai 30th May 2022 Abhishek tells Rohan that this is about our reputation and I know you will take care of of the families. Abha asks Rohan to focus on his wedding with Karishma and don’t be angry that they were direct with him. She ends the call.

Girish asks Kirti why was your name brought up in this issue? Tell me the truth, did Rohan do anything which you made you feel anything? Kirti says I never talked to Rohan and I never met him alone. Girish says what are you hiding from me?

Kirti stutters and says I like Rohan because I have similar taste as him, we just admire each other but that’s it. Girish shouts and is about to slap her but Sid comes there and stops him. He says what did she say wrong?

They have same choices so they like each other but that doesn’t mean anything is going on between them. Girish says if that’s the case then let’s go. He calls everyone to the living room. Dadu comes there too. Girish says Kirti has nothing to do with this matter. Abha says then why was her name taken with Rohan?

Abhishek says this is not a small allegation, I don’t want to take any risk for my daughter’s future. Girish says I have an idea which will solve this issue. Girish tells Dadu that I don’t want to stress you, I am your son so I don’t want you to worry. I will take the responsibility of solving family matters so you can take rest.

Abhishek says he is right, he can take care of everything. Sid says what’s the solution? Girish says this all matter started because of Mithai so I think it’s better that Mithai and Indu stay somewhere else till her marriage with Shubham. All are shocked.

Abha says I agree, once Karishma’s marriage is done then I will welcome Mithai in this house myself. Sid thinks Indu’s treatment will become an issue if they leave. Mithai tells Dadu that Girish is right. Bhura is in jail so there is nothing to worry. She tells Indu that we should start packing.

Mithai comes to her room and says I try to fix things but don’t know what God wants. Indu silently cries. Mithai says don’t cry, we are going back home. Indu says Dadu trusted you to keep this family together and today you have to leave.

Mithai says I will pray that everything becomes fine. I just want Kirti and Karishma to be happy. Indu says I pray that you get married and settle down, I worry what will happen to you after I die. Mithai says don’t say that, God is with us. She says all these family members are nice but there is something wrong here. Indu starts coughing.

Sid tells Dadu that we can’t let Indu go but we can’t tell the truth to Mithai. Dadu says all family members took Girish’s side today, this never happens in this family so maybe this is the right thing. Sid says at least listen to me. Dadu says why? you are already leaving me. Sid says yes because this family is not happy. Dadu says don’t worry, just focus on leaving to Singapore, he leaves. Sid thinks Dadu is hurt.

Indu is coughing, Sid comes rushing there and calls the doctor. He says she is hurting again. Mithai is confused and asks what happened Maa? Sid makes Indu lie down. Mithai asks Sid was Maa hurting before also?

Sid looks at Indu who shakes her head. Mithai asks what’s going on? Sid says Indu was ill before too. Mithai says don’t lie, tell me the truth for Dadu’s sake at least. Sid says sorry to Indu and says I can’t hide it anymore. Sid tells Mithai to not panic, you talked about Dadu having cancer but the truth is that your mother has lung cancer. Mithai is shocked.

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