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Mithai 26th May 2022 Pramod asks Shubham how does Sid always know that Mithai is in trouble and he runs to save her? Shubham says their phones are here so they must be in trouble. I am sure Sid had to go behind Mithai because she was in trouble.

All family members are worried for Sid and Mithai. Shubham is calling people but there is no clue. Sid and Mithai arrive back home. All are happy to see them back. Apeksha hugs Sid and says I was so worried. He says I am fine. Mithai murmurs he should worry about her first as she is his childhood friend.

Shubham asks Mithai what happened? Are you fine? He asks Sid also. Girish asks Sid to tell them what happened? Mithai tells them all about Bhura kidnapping and Sid saving her. Indu says you said that Bhura won’t do anything. Sid says she shouldn’t have trusted goons like that.

Mithai says I understand what you are saying. Abha says we can’t get Karishma married like this. Shubham says I won’t spare that Bhura. He leaves. Sid tries to talk to Dadu but Mithai hints at him to not say anything. He shakes his head at her. Apeksha notices it and asks Sid to take rest.

Bhura tells his men that I won’t spare that Mithai. Shubham arrives there and grabs him. He says I am Mithai’s would-be husband, how dare you try to hurt her? The police arrest him. Bhura shouts that Mithai is mine, I won’t spare you, people, when I am out of jail.

Kavita arrives home and asks Mithai if she is fine? Mithai says Sid saved me, where is he? Karishma says I don’t know. Rohan arrives there and gives a book to Kirti that she likes. Kirti mistakenly touches his hand and smiles.

Sid is going to talk to Dadu but Mithai pulls him away, she drags him from there. Sid says what are you doing? Mithai brings him to her room and says I need to talk to you. I know you love Dadu a lot but don’t talk about to him about his cancer. Sid says I will talk to him. Mithai says I will tell him everything, how you didn’t stop Bhura when he was forcing her to marry me.

Sid says I will also tell him that you love Bhura and lied to everyone. Mithai says how can you lie? Sid says just leave my room. Mithai says I am sorry for coming to your room, I know you don’t let anyone here but I can break any rule for Dadu. I love him a lot. Sid says really? Tell me what you have done for Dadu?

Mithai says I said yes to marry his grandson. I didn’t have time for marriage but I said yes only for Dadu. She says you love Dadu but what have you done for him till now? Think about it. Just don’t tell him anything about his cancer.

Shubham comes back home and says I should inform Mithai that Bhura is not her worry from anymore. He says I can’t go to her room like this. I should inform Sid first. Shubham comes outside Sid’s room but Mithai is there. She says I had to talk to him, she leaves from there.

Shubham tells Sid that I got Bhura arrested so don’t worry anymore. Sid asks Shubham if he wants to marry Mithai for sure? Shubham says I don’t know her but if Dadu wants then I will marry her. This family has done a lot for me, Dadu has given his name to me so I can do anything for Dadu.

Sid says don’t get married if you are not happy with it. I saw my father never making my mother happy because they were not happy with their marriage. Shubham says I don’t have a choice, I will do as Dadu wants and maybe my story will be different.


Mithai 27th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mithai hears Rohan and Rajeev talking that Rohan wants to get married with Kirti.Sid says to Dadu, you should close this shop, there is always some new drama, I can’t tolerate this that’s why I want to go Singapore and earn lot of money. Dadu gets heart attack.Mithai says to Kirti, I saw Rohan and Rajeev while coming and they were talking that he wants to marry you, not Karishma. Karishma hears everything standing outside room.

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Telecast Date:26th May 2022
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