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Mithai 25th April 2022 Mithai comes to the family and says I have big plans so I can’t marry right now, she asks them to come and have dinner, she leaves. Geetu tells the family that she must be shy that’s why she said so. Sid thinks I hope that girl says no to the marriage.

Dadu comes to Mithai and asks her to trust him. Mithai says I do but I don’t want to get married right now. Dadu says what? Mithai says my biggest dream is to open a shop, I have to pay off my loan too. Dadu says you can fulfill your dreams after marriage too, you can join our business.

Mithai says that would be my honor but my dream is different, I want to pay off my loan first and then fulfill my dreams on my own. Dadu says I don’t want you to go from here. Dadi comes there and says she can keep coming here to meet us, she asks Mithai to go and think about everything. Mithai leaves.

Mithai is going to her room. Sid comes to her and says I heard everything. Mithai says you must know that I don’t want to marry. Sid says then who is stopping you? If you want to go back to your village then go back and marry that Bhura.

Mithai says you shouldn’t worry about who I will marry. She says thank you to him for reminding her about Bhura and leaves. Sid thinks she can go anywhere she wants but Indu will stay here for her treatment.

Indu asks Mithai why did you say no to the marriage, things aren’t like you see them. I will have peace once you get married. Mithai says my dream is to open a shop and show you proudly that I have built a business, I won’t let anyone come between me and my business idea, she goes to sleep. Indu thinks about how to tell her that I will die in peace once she is married.

Scene 2
In the morning, Mithai thinks I can’t go back to the village because of Bhura but I have to leave from here soon. Phupa comes there and says your mother would need a place to stay after your marriage, I can find a small house on rent for her nearby. Mithai is confused and nods. He leaves. Mithai says that’s a good idea, we will find a place on rent for some days here.

Kirti, Karishma and Kavita are excited about the wedding. Karishma comes to Mithai and says let’s go for the wedding shopping. Mithai thinks why is no one understanding that I don’t want to marry.

Mithai comes to her room and thinks I have to do plan something. She gets an idea and jumps out the window so she doesn’t have to go on shopping. Sid is standing in the balcony and sees Mithai jumping from the window and leaving on her cycle. Karishma and Kirti come there. They ask Sid if he saw Mithai? Sid says she jumped from the window and ran away. Karishma says what?

Mithai comes and meets a broker Mishra, he says I will show you the house. Bhura’s man hides and follows her. He calls Bhura and says she is looking for a house on rent. Bhura says to keep an eye on her, I am coming there. Mithai looks around the house and asks for the rent. He says 6K per month. Mithai says this is a very small house. The broker says I will show you another house.

Dadi tells Dadu that if Mithai doesn’t want to then why are you pressurizing her for marriage? Dadu says Mithai keeps this family bonded with her sweetness, it’s not about Aarti’s wish but God’s wish too as he sent her to this house.

The broker shows another house to Mithai, she likes it and says I will start my small business from here. She says I will bring my mother here.

Dadi prays to Lord and says I have nothing against Mithai but since she has come here, there are more fights between Girish and Dadu, I don’t know what’s right or wrong but just show us the path.

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