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Mithai 15th July 2022 The inspector tells Shubham that Mithai wants to take the blame too. Shubham says we were getting married so she is trying to save me but I did the crime. Mithai takes him away and says don’t take the blame on yourself, let me handle this.

Apeksha asks Shubham to stay silent and let Mithai confess as I am sure she’s behind all this. Sid says you both should stop. The inspector asks Sid if he gave money to Mithai to take the blame? I am not a fool. He asks them to leave otherwise he will arrest them all. He tells Apeksha to stop pressurizing him. Mithai leaves from there.

Apeksha tells Mithai I am sure you were behind all this, I will get you jailed. Mithai says I am happy to be jailed but what did you do? You didn’t help Sid at all. Apeksha angrily leaves. Mithai tells Shubham that he shouldn’t have come.

Shubham says I had to, I have to pay Dadu back for always taking his side. I have hurt everyone, including you so I am sorry. Mithai says I know you did all that to earn your father’s love. I understand what the love of a father is like so I don’t blame you. Shubham says my respect for you has grown more.

Mithai says we have to find that witness Kishore. Shubham says there is no man in our employees’ sheet with that name. We can’t meet him directly as he has police protection. Mithai says I wish I had his address.

Shubham says I did find his address but I can’t go and meet him as that would be considered as influencing the witness. Mithai says but I can meet him? I am not related to Dadu’s family so I can right? Shubham says yes and gives her the address. He says do what you have to. Mithai thanks him and leaves.

Scene 2
Mithai comes to Kishore’s house after wetting her face. He asks who are you? Mithai says I am a girl, I got wet in the rain so I need a place to stay for some time. Kishore leers at her and asks her to come inside. Mithai enters the house and sees him drinking alcohol. He offers her too but she says I can’t drink but I can make a drink for you.

She starts making his drink while he tries to come near her. Mithai moves away and gives him the drink. Mithai starts singing for him and looks around his stuff while he is drunk. He falls down so Mithai checks his pockets. She takes his mobile and hears a voice recording of Agarwal on his phone. She thinks so Agarwal is behind all this?

Mithai comes to Agarwal’s office. Girish is meeting him there. Agarwal tells Girish that you will get his business now. Girish says you had a deal with Pramod but my son got jailed. You shouldn’t have done that.

Adi says Agarwal promised to get the business from Sid and give it to you so he did. Agarwal says your son insulted us so we had to take our revenge also. Adi says it’s your problem now. He leaves with Agarwal. Girish scolds Pramod that Sid got jailed because of your deal. Mithai hides and thinks I was trying to reunite this family but they are behind Sid’s destruction. How would I tell this Dadu?

Mithai comes back home and prays to the Lord. She says I have to hide this from Dadu. I have to take some actions which will hurt people but I don’t have a choice. Dadu comes there and asks what actions? Mithai says I couldn’t find proof but I know Sid was trapped. Someone has to take the blame and I will do it.

Dadu says no, I won’t let you. Mithai says I don’t have a choice. Someone played a game and we have to play it back. This is the only way. She tells her plan to him. Mithai says I am your daughter so let me do this for you. Dadu says what about you? Mithai says I will handle everything. Just promise to not appear in court tomorrow as I can’t lie when you are there. This is the wrong way but this is the only way. I promise to bring Sid back home tomorrow.

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