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Mithai 14th September 2022 Mithai is singing bhajan in the mandir, Dadu comes there and prays with her. Dadu asks why is Sid behaving like this? Mithai says he is losing hope of getting a job, how to make him get his confidence back?

If he gets a job then his confidence will be back. What if I talk to Sharma and ask him to meet Sid? He trusts me a lot so he will be ready to meet Sid. Dadu says but you know about Sid’s ego. Mithai says what if Sid doesn’t know that I used my reference, I trust Sid’s capabilities and I just want to help him.

Mithai meets Sharma’s boss, he eats her sweets and says they are so tasty. He says Sharma called me and said you need some help? Mithai says my husband matters to me a lot, he is a software Engineer so I just want you to give him a chance, he is losing hope after losing his job. The boss says I believe in giving chances to everyone so I will meet him. Mithai thanks him and leaves.

Sid comes back home and tells everyone that he got a job at a big company. All are happy to hear that. Abha says we knew he is capable. Dadu recalls Mithai using her reference. Sid tells sorry to Dadu and says I didn’t tell anyone about the interview because I was not sure but I got the job.

Dadu says money can come and go but don’t let your ego break you. Sid says I am sorry for misbehaving. Abha asks him to go and say sorry to Mithai. He nods and leaves. Pramod thinks how did he get the job suddenly?

Sid comes to the room and hugs Mithai, he says I got the job. Mithai says I knew it, I trusted you. Sid says I am sorry for being angry with you. Mithai says it’s okay. Sid hugs her and says I love you.

Shubham calls the company and gets to know that Mithai used her reference to make Sid get the job. Pramod says let’s break their relationship now. Shubham says no, they haven’t done anything bad with me, I can’t do this with them. Pramod says then forget about running this business and earning Girish’s trust. Shubham stops him and says I will do as you say.

Mithai is packing lunch for Sid, she writes a letter for him. Sid is leaving for his first day, Dadi does his aarti. Mithai brings sweet yogurt for him and makes him eat it. He takes the lunch and starts leaving. Sid gets a call,

it’s Shubham but he has muffled his voice. He says congrats on your job but your wife had to give a reference for you to get a job. He ends the call. Sid glares at Mithai, she asks if he forgot anything? Sid asks Mithai how much does she love him? Mithai blushes and says I can’t answer in front of everyone.

Sid says love is about respect right? Mithai says yes, I respect you a lot and I care about your self-respect. Sid shouts don’t lie, he asks her to tell him if he got the job with her reference? Mithai says yes, I talked to Sharma but.. Sid says thank you for making me realize I am not capable.

He calls his employer and says I can’t join as my wife used her reference to get me hired, he ends the call. He tells Mithai that I don’t need your pity. Mithai says you are taking it wrongly. Dadu says she just used her reference. Girish says she just tried to help you.

Pramod calls his man and asks him to destroy Mithai’s godown. He tells Shubham to just wait and see how things fall in your lap.

Sid tells the family that I never begged anyone to help me, her self-respect is important but my self-respect is ego? Girish says it’s okay to take help sometime. Sid says it’s a slap for me and I will never forget it. Mithai looks on.

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