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Mithai 13th July 2022 Abhishek is going from home but Abha stops him and says it’s good that Sid got arrested, now Girish will see how it’s to be insulted. Abhishek says he is our family member so how can you say that? Girish comes there and says Pramod is not picking up my call, this was never the plan. Abhishek says we will meet a lawyer first. They leave from there.

Apeksha comes to the police station to meet Sid. The inspector misbehaves with her but she says my mother is a criminal lawyer Deepti Sharma so mind your tongue. The inspector takes her to Sid’s cell.

Sid is sitting in his cell and recalls everything. Apeksha comes there and asks if he is okay? He says I am not. Apeksha says I told you to not get involved in this business. Sid says what are you talking about? My Dadu’s name got tarnished. Mithai comes there and says I have brought Dadi’s food for you.

Apeksha says I have his diet food. Sid says I want Dadi’s food. Mithai says don’t worry, we will fight for you. Sid says don’t act like a superhero, what will you do? Mithai says lies have to lose, God will show me the way.

Dadu is not well so I have to do something to bring you out of here. She leaves from there. Sid tells Apeksha that Dadu is not well, and that he can’t leave him.

Girish and Abhishek come to Parmod’s house to find Agarwal and Aditya there. Agarwal says we are in one team now so let’s talk. Girish glares at Pramod and says you did a deal with them?

Pramod says I had to do something to stop Sid. Agarwal says let’s talk about the deal. Girish says I know you well, you must have asked for something to get my son arrested. Adi says Pramod agreed that once you own everything then we will 3 shops. Girish glares at Pramod and says you did wrong.

Sid got arrested because of you. Agarwal says your problem was your son and there was an issue with sweets in his reign so he has to pay for it. Now you will own everything and your son will remain in jail. Agarwal and Adi leave. Girish tells Pramod that I won’t forget this. He leaves from there with Abhishek.

Scene 2
Mithai comes to Dadu and says you have to rest. Dadu says how? My grandson is in jail because of me, he didn’t know anything about business but I forced it on him. Mithai says you are not at fault. I feel there was some trick behind all this. I promise to prove Sid innocent and God will help me reveal the truth. She asks him to take a rest.

In the morning, Dadu and the family come to the police station. The reporters are confronting them but Mithai shouts at them to stop questioning him. Mithai turns to see Agarwal and Adi talking to a man. Mithai thinks I have seen this man before. Sid is brought there in handcuffs. He sadly looks at his family. Agarwal tells Dadu that your grandson shouldn’t have done this.

The court hearing starts, her lawyer says Sid just took over the business so someone might have played a trick to frame him, I need time to investigate. The judge asks Sid what happened? Sid says I went to the shop and suddenly I saw people falling down. I didn’t know what happened.

The opposition’s lawyer says innocent people were poisoned. Sid had no interest in this business but it was given to him forcefully. He wanted to go to Singapore but his family trapped him in business matters so Sid planned all this to destroy the business and leave for Singapore.

He calls Agarwal as a witness and asks him if Sid came to him to sell Dadu’s business? Agarwal says yes, he wanted to sell all of his Dadu’s shops but then he changed his mind, maybe because of family pressure.

The lawyer says I will call another witness against Sid. His name is Kishore. The man comes there and he is the same man who had mixed poison in the sweets. All look on. Sid recalls seeing him in the shop. Mithai also recalls seeing him in the shop.

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