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Mithai 10th August 2022 Sid comes to Mithai’s house and tells everyone that Agarwal has sent Aditya’s marriage proposal for Karishma and they all accepted. I tried to stop them but they didn’t listen. I am sure Pramod and Abha are plotting something with Agarwal. I have an idea. Mithai says I knew he would bring solutions,

I know your brain is smart. Sid thanks her and says we should divide and rule. Mithai says what? We want to reunite them. Sid says if we divide Pramod and Abha then we will be able to break them down. Mithai and Sid argue over their ideas. Dadu takes everyone from there. Sid grabs Mithai and asks her to listen to him, he says you have too much confidence, he says I am sorry for not understanding your abilities before.

Mithai says if you didn’t challenge me then I wouldn’t be able to do it. Sid says let’s be a team this time and work together. Mithai dances around and is about to fall but Sid catches her. They both share an eye lock. Mithai moves away and asks if he trusts her? Sid says yes. Mithai says we will solve everything together.

Apeksha comes there and hides. Sid tells Mithai that we have to work on a divide and rule strategy on Pramod and Abha, we have to separate them. Mithai says can you let me try this strategy first? He nods. Apeksha comes inside and says you are cheating your family with this girl? Mithai says you are talking about cheating?

Apeksha asks Sid why is he with this small-town girl? What does she have that I don’t? She asks Indu are you lying about your illness also? Apeksha asks Mithai how did you trap Sid? Did you take him to the hotel? Sid shouts enough. I trusted you but you recorded me and used it against me. This girl works hard unlike you. You keep insulting her by calling her a small-town girl but she knows me better than you.

Her dream is to get a shop on her father’s name and your dream is to marry me only. Apeksha says you are comparing me with this cheap girl? I love you. Sid says no, you never loved me, you just wanted to marry a rich guy. Apeksha says it’s not like that. Sid says if my father doesn’t give me property then will you live in a small house with me? Apeksha says Girish wouldn’t do that.

Sid says if I open a small shop then will you marry me? Apeksha is silent and says I love you. Sid says I know you that’s why I trust Mithai more, I know she will be with me in any situation. Don’t ever insult Mithai in front of me again. All family members hear that and smile. Apeksha tells Sid I loved you and you have hurt me so I will answer you back now, she leaves.

Shubham asks Sid to stop Apeksha, she is a time-bomb. Sid says should I kidnap her? Mithai gets an idea and runs from there. She hits Apeksha and she faints. Sid comes there and grabs her. Mithai says we don’t have a choice. Sid brings Apeksha to the room and she falls down. They put her down on the bed and Mithai ties her. All look on. Dadu says aren’t we going overboard?

Mithai says we don’t have a choice, we just have 24 hours to work on our plan. She gives an idea to everyone. Sid says I am with you, Mithai shakes hands with him. Dadu smiles at them. Mithai asks the family to keep an eye on her. She asks Sid to message from her phone to Girish that she is going out of town for some time because she fought with Sid.

Girish gets a message from Apeksha’s phone and goes to sleep.

In the morning, Mithai meets Abha in the market. Abha tries to ignore her. Mithai stops her and says I earned 55K rs in a day, I am telling you so you can tell the family.

Sid is jogging with Pramod in the park. He says we can come to jogging every day. Pramod says no. Sid shows Abha talking to Mithai in the market and says why are they talking? Mithai pulls Abha and hugs her. Sid asks Pramod why are they hugging? Didn’t Abha hate her? What’s going on? Pramod is confused.

Mithai holds Abha’s hand. Pramod tries to go to them but Sid stops him and says they must be plotting something. Mithai runs from there. Pramod comes to Abha and asks why was she meeting Mithai? Abha says she was telling me about her business, she leaves from there. Sid says I think something is fishy, what if Mithai is Agarwal’s spy? why would Mithai meet Abha? She must be plotting something. I don’t trust anyone anymore. Pramod looks on.

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