Meri Hanikarak Biwi 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Meri Hanikarak Biwi 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Meri Hanikarak Biwi Written Update on

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 7th November 2019 Episode Start With Pushpa, Devina and Mishri are shocked to see Akhilesh flirting with the nurses. Pushpa questions him on his upbringing. He tells her not to ask him. Your DIL did this to me. Pushpa asks him what she did. He says I don’t know that but I am out of control now. Pushpa questions Ira. I wont spare you. She slaps Ira. Ira shouts. Everyone looks at her in shock. She looks around and realises that she was dreaming. Mishri says Mapu seems tensed about something. Let’s meet Bapu. Devina gets excited thinking about her gift. Dr. Bajrangi asks Ira if she saw a bad dream. Ira nods. I saw Moti Ba slapping me after knowing Akhilesh’s truth. He congratulates her. Your dream is about to come true. Ira stops Pushpa. I will call Akhilesh here. Pushpa says I can go. Ira still asks her to wait. I will call Akhilesh. Pushpa agrees. Ira wonders what Akhilesh must be doing inside.

Akhilesh comes inside the room where the nurses are making rangoli. He flirts with them. Make rangoli on my body if you want to. He is about to remove his t-shirt but 3 of them shout. Only the South India nurse is interested. Akhilesh smiles.

Ira leans closer to the door. Akhilesh and the South Indian nurse come close when other nurses pull her. She is shocked to know that Akhilesh is Ira’s husband. They start shouting. Akhilesh tells them not to shout. It is Diwali. One must play with crackers. He removes his t-shirt. One of them wonders why Akhilesh has become like this even after marriage. Akhilesh says I am not married. Who is spreading those rumours?

Pushpa, Devina and Mishri ask Ira who is shouting inside.

One of the nurses manages to run out of the room. Devina and Pushpa question her. Nurse shares that Akhilesh has removed his t-shirt in front of everyone. They are in disbelief.

The South Indian nurse is about to walk up to Akhilesh when other nurses take her out with her. Pushpa, Devina and Mishri head inside. They see Akhilesh praying to Bajrang Bali. Pushpa says my son did remove his t-shirt but only to do puja. Everyone smiles. Ira wonders how he turned into this mode suddenly. Pushpa calls out to Akhilesh. He asks them to sit for the puja. Mishri asks him where he was. I have been looking for you since I came here. He says I was right here. I was with Ira and then I found myself here in the puja room. I think I was looking for you. I cannot actually recall what happened in between. Ira murmurs that she remembers everything but she will be beaten if she says anything. They say what in unison. She suggests doing puja together.

Ira looks at Akhilesh intently. He seems normal again. How did he change so suddenly?

I am sure you will be equally puzzled at the chane in A Akhilesh’s behaviour. Let me reveal the truth to you.

Flashback shows Akhilesh chasing the last nurse around the room. He is flirting with her but she hides behind Bajrang Bali’s photo. Akhilesh gets distracted and folds his hands in reverence. What am I wearing and why am I here? He notices a fresh pair of clothes there. I should change. Ira might be coming for the puja.

Akhilesh can get out of that mode whenever he will hear my aarti or see my photo. He turn normal again. Let’s hope Ira finds out this soon.

Ira questions Dr. Bajrangi. What did you do to my simple husband? You have turned him into a monster! He says you dint even listen to me completely. You are like Rajdhani train. He has calmed down though. We have to find out and observe how that happens. You must keep an eye on him all the time to find out about it. Akhilesh asks them why they need to keep a tab on him. Ira says all the nurses are fixated with you. I told Dr. Bajrangi that I trust you complete. Akhilesh smiles. You know that I have never looked at any other girl apart from you. Dr. Bajrangi and Ira are reminded of the situation few minutes ago. Ira introduces Akhilesh to Dr. Bajrangi. Akhilesh gives Prasad to them and goes out. Dr. Bajrangi teases Ira. Your husband is actually very innocent! She holds him by his collar. He was but your operation has changed him! Go to your hospital to find a cure for my husband. Dr. Bajrangi prays to Bajrang Bali to save him.

The nurses are still boggled at Akhilesh’s behaviour. Pushpa says my son is innocent. He did remove his t-shirt but that was to pray. Remove these shawls. Akhilesh greets his mother again. The nurses shout at once. Everyone looks at them in confusion. He wishes them Happy Diwali. You look all the patients who come here. Thank you. The nurses aren’t convinced. Pushpa points out that he just addressed them as sisters. He is so well bred. Ira sends the nurses home. She hopes Akhilesh wont mess up in front of Moti Ba. Pushpa says let’s go home. Ira says you all go ahead while Akhilesh and I will come together. Pushpa smiles shyly. They leave. Akhilesh tells Ira to keep a tab on her emotions. It is a very auspicious day today. He walks ahead. Ira wonders if he would be able to control his emotions today. My Akhilesh is so simple whereas this Akhilesh is so different!


Meri Hanikarak Biwi 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Akhilesh flirts with all the ladies that he comes across. He kisses Ira on her hand as she tries to stop him. She meets the same Baba yet again who tells her that no one can save him now. Now he will explode!


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