Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Meri Hanikarak Biwi Written Update on

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th November 2019 Episode Start With Akhilesh steps out of the bathroom and walks up to the nurse stealthily. He pats her on her bum, holds her by her waist and kisses her on her cheeks. Nurse pushes him away in shock.

Ira wonders how Akhilesh will react. What will I tell him? She hears the nurse shouting happily outside and goes to check on her. Nurse tells her that her dream came true today. A handsome guy flirted with me and kissed me on my cheek! Ira says this isn’t something to be proud of. Other nurses also complain about that guy (Akhilesh). The other nurse feels bad. I thought only I was special. Ira decides to teach a lesson to that patient. This has never happened before.

A nurse warns Akhilesh not to come close to her. She calls for security and runs outside. Akhilesh is lying in a corner.

Devina is speaking to someone on the phone. I am the chief guest after all. I have to look good. Pushpa tells her that Ira has asked them to come to the house. Devina does not react so Mishri shouts her in her ears. Devina says I would have gotten a heart attack because of you. Pushpa jokes that she needs to have a heart for that. Ira has called us to the hospital for some surprise. Devina insists upon going to the charity function. Pushpa asks her from where she got money for charity. Devina tells her to go to hospital. Chief guest must not reach the venue late!

Nurse complains to Ira about the patient. Ira offers to check on him.

Mishri says Bapu got gifts for everyone including Devina. We can keep her gift. Devina lies that the charity event got cancelled at the last minute. I was thinking to join you guys. Pushpa offers to find an alternate function for her to attend but Devina cooks a story. They were chasing me relentlessly so I said yes. Get ready quickly. Pushpa and Mishri smirk. They go to get ready. Devina wonders what could be the matter.

Ira comes to the ward. Who is here? Come out of your hiding place! She picks something and switches on the torchlight of her phone. Come out. I am not afraid of you. Akhilesh kisses her on her back. She is shocked to see him. He tries to caress her when she pushes him away. Lights come on. He flirts with her. She asks him if he was the one who teased the nurses. Tell me it’s a lie! He says no one came close. Please be with me. He sings Aao na gale lagao no. She pushes him. Did you have that paan again? She hits him in his back with stick. He pulls her close as he snatches the stick from her hand. Now both the stick and this girl are mine! She asks him what has happened to him. He says I want to love you. The bed is right there. She pushes him near the bed and ties his hand with a towel. He says you are way ahead than me. You turned out to be a wild cat! She tries to remind him of their relation but he kisses on her head. Don’t make me angry, Akhilesh! He tells her to open his hands. Don’t make me hold back myself. Dr. Bajrangi peeks at them from the glass in the door. I think my fear has come true! He knocks at the door. Ira tells the person to go away but Dr. Bajrangi says it’s me. She goes to speak to him. Akhilesh rues that he couldn’t get close to her.

Ira asks Dr. Bajrangi what’s happening to Akhilesh. He asks her if she has done the operation already. The operation will reverse the effects on Akhilesh but his attraction towards women will increase by 50%! He will be out of control! Ira is speechless. Dr. Bajrangi nods. This is the reason behind the change in his behaviour! Ira says what I did. I was trying to fix everything! Dr. Bajrangi tells her to control herself but she sits down on the chair worriedly.

Akhilesh looks at Ira. Why did she tie me like that? Does she enjoy making love as shown in English movies? Ward boy is surprised to see him awake. Akhilesh asks him about the nurses. He shares that they are making rangoli in the hospital puja room. Akhilesh says we will play holi with this rangoli today.

Dr. Bajrangi warns Ira that they will be in trouble if Akhilesh does something wrong to the nurses. Let’s find him, give him anaesthesia and take him home. They go to the ward but Akhilesh is not in the room. Dr. Bajrangi tells her to find Akhilesh before something goes wrong. Pushpa, Mishri and Devina reach hospital just then. Ira is reminded of the slap she had received when she had performed Akhilesh’s vasectomy operation. Pushpa asks Ira what surprise she was speaking about. You only called us here. why do you seem so surprised? Devina asks about Akhilesh. He was about to get me a gift. Pushpa admits that they tricked her to come with them. Let’s start the puja. Where is Akhilesh? Mishri and Devina say the same thing. Ward boy shares that Akhilesh is meeting the nurses. Maybe it is about Diwali bonus. Ira signals him to go. Dr. Bajrani murmurs that it will be a problem if Akhilesh gives bonus (kisses) to the nurses. Pushpa and Devina start arguing again. Mishri calms them. Let’s meet Bapu. Pushpa and Devina second her. Ira thinks it will be her last day today if they will go inside. Moti Ba wont spare me if she notices Akhilesh thus!

Akhilesh is chasing the nurses. He flirts with the south Indian nurse. Pushpa, Devina and Mishri are shocked to witness it.


Meri Hanikarak Biwi 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Ira questions Dr. Bajrangi. What did you do to my husband? Akhilesh is with the nurses in a room. He removes his t-shirt. The nurses run out of the room feeling embarrassed. Pandey family is shocked to see it.


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