Meri Hanikarak Biwi 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Meri Hanikarak Biwi 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Meri Hanikarak Biwi Written Update on

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 5th November 2019 Episode Start With Arachana telling Ira that she has come to meet her. I have heard that you can do vasectomy surgery. Ira reasons that she needs his consent but Arachana stays put. You must do it today itself!

Hampesh complains about the sandwich. Akhilesh finds him weird. Hampesh says I cannot stay without my Babu for so long but Akhilesh stops him. He offers to get him cappuccino. Hampesh touches his cup by mistake because of which coffee spills on his shirt. Hampesh decides to ruin Archana’s saree too. We always wear matching clothes! She will feel bad. Its 7 minutes already. Let me be with her. Akhilesh stops him. Let two friends spend some time together. He wears his shirt. Hampesh decides to buy a dress for Archana in same colour and leaves. Akhilesh heaves a sigh of relief. Does he work in a circus? I hope he finds matching clothes for his Babu! It is enough. I should take Ira home.

Ira tells Archana she cannot do it but Archana requests her. I will sign the consent form. You wont be in any trouble. Please do it for the sake of our friendship. Ira gives in. Archana goes to bring Hampesh.

Akhilesh is looking for Ira. She is not in her cabin. He goes to a cabin where she does case studies. Archana follows him at a distance. She mistakes him to be Hampesh and hits him with a tiffin box on his head from behind. Sorry for ruining your family planning! Akhilesh passes out on the floor. Lights go off. Archana doesn’t really get to see his face. She calls Ira inside. Give him anaesthesia before he wakes up! Ira summons a stretcher. Akhilesh is on the OT table. Ira is shocked to see him the moment the light comes. Who brought him here? she reprimands her staff. How is he unconscious? Archana’s husband should have been here instead of him! She goes to look for Hampesh and meets Dr. Bajrangi. He tells her that Akhilesh’s reversal is possible. She thanks him and does not really let him talk. It is God’s sign. He is already on OT table. I will tell the nurses to operate upon him first. She heads back to the OT. Dr. Bajrangi follows hr but slips on his way and gets hurt. He speaks of a side effect which might occur once Akhilesh’s reversal surgery happens.

Ira comes to OT. I wont be dangerous for Akhilesh anymore. Everything will be back to normal now. She performs his surgery. The operation was successful. Nurses congratulate her. She kisses Akhilesh on his forehead before stepping out of OT. She tells ward boy to shift Akhilesh in a ward. He congratulates her and goes to shift Akhilesh. Ira is excited. Now we will make our cricket team like you said! She looks at Akhilesh sweetly as ward boy wheels him outside.

Ira is holding a happy family picture. She sits next to Akhilesh. Now we will have lots of kids as well. It is okay if there are just a few but I want you to recover asap. I want to tell you about your operation. What will I tell you though? Why hesitate though? I should be direct. She says I will keep this poster here so you will understand on your own. I am super happy! I had lost all hopes but this became successful because of Dr. Bajrangi’s reports and ideas. I forgot to thank him! She decides to find him.

Nurse is crying in a corner. Ira asks her about Dr. Bajrangi. Nurse starts crying harder. Ira asks her what happened. Nurse says no one looks at me. Am I that bad? Ira says I will pray that all the young patients here should flirt with you. Now tell me about Dr. Bajrangi. Nurse takes her.

Ira is shocked to see Dr. Bajrangi on one of the beds in the hospital. What happened to him? Is there any internal injury? Nurse says he slipped and got hurt. There is no internal injury. All the tests are done. Ira heaves a sigh of relief after checking his reports. Nurse gets lost for a minute. Ira tells her to send his bill to her. He got me out of my life’s biggest problem. I can do this much for him. Nurse asks her if she can help her too but Ira denies. Inform me as soon as he wakes up. Nurse nods. Ira thinks to inform her family about Akhilesh’s operation.

Pushpa and Mishri are making rangoli. Pushpa receives Ira’s call. Ira informs her that they are still in hospital. Can you all come to hospital? I have a surprise for you. Be all decked up. Pushpa is confused. What about the puja at home? Ira says we will do it at hospital in my office. A new chapter is beginning today. Pushpa agrees. Mishri asks her about Ira. Is she coming home? Pushpa repeats Ira’s words. They go to get ready.

Ira thinks Moti Ba will be overjoyed with this news. Akhilesh will gain conscious in some time. I should buy a new saree for myself before that.

Ira has changed into a purple saree. Akhilesh will be thrilled to see me in wearing the saree of his favourite colour. I wonder how he will react!


Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Akhilesh pulls the nurse closer. Nurse tells Ira that a patient misbehaved with her. Ira goes to check on the patient and is shocked to realise that it is Akhilesh. Dr. Bajrani says that operation will reverse the effects on Akhilesh but his attraction towards women will increase by 50%!


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