Meri Hanikarak Biwi 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Meri Hanikarak Biwi 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Meri Hanikarak Biwi Written Update on

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 27th November 2019 Episode Start With Akhilesh steps back in shock upon noticing Ira’s friends. Since when did men smell so good? Ira replies that they are her distant relatives who are not interested in speaking to him at all. She takes her friends outside. Akhilesh follows them. I can smell ladies perfume. Ira says Mama gave it to me. I was trying it and sprayed it a little on them too. That’s why they smell like that. Archana seconds her. Akhilesh gets suspicious. Her voice is very feminine. Ira says this is in my family. He tries to hug Archana by showing sympathy but Ira calls it inauspicious. Akhilesh shakes hands with Archana upon Ira’s askance. He even finds her hand very soft. Ira is looking for an excuse when Pushpa and Devina enter.

Ira introduces her friends as her Mama’s to them in front of Akhilesh. Pushpa speaks to them in incorrect Gujarati. Devina tries to correct her but Pushpa ignores her as always. They all sit down to talk. Akhilesh finds them fishy. Ira tells fake names to everyone. Archana’s friend receives a call and speaks in her style (South Indian). Akhilesh looks at her curiously. She ends up disconnecting the call and holds her head. Pushpa and Devina look pointedly at Ira. Ira explains that he has stayed with Nani his entire life. She is a South Indian. That’s how he knows it too. Pushpa falls for it. She questions them as to why they never came to meet Ira in the past years. Ira says they live in South Africa. They have restaurants there. Archana and her friend nod in agreement.

Pushpa suggests them to open a restaurant here itself. Ira keeps cooking stories to cover her lies. Devina gets intrigued hearing that they have a chain of restaurants. You seem so down to earth. I have been always dreamt of having a business abroad. Ira tells her against it but Devina says they have enough money. They would need someone to take care of their business. Please talk to them about my business idea. I have so many ideas. Akhilesh decides to expose the ladies.

Everyone is busy talking amongst each other. Akhilesh brings juice for the guests. He drops it on Archana intentionally. Give me the shirt. I will clean it for you. Archana panics. Akhilesh offers to remove it on his own. Ira shouts at him to stop. Mama ji is getting late. He must leave asap. She cooks another story. She asks them to come. Devina finds fault with Ira’s stories. Ira tells her friends not to return to Pandey House. I will operate on your husbands as promised. Pushpa tells Ira to tell her relatives to stay a little longer next time. Devina too excuses herself for a manicure. Do talk to your relatives about my business idea. They leave. Akhilesh asks Ira if she was trying to fool him. They were ladies right? He says I will add their name in my contact list. She points out that she has hidden his phone already. He refuses to lose easily.

Akhilesh removes Archana’s cap and misbehaves with her. He holds her hand as she tries to slap him.

Ira says I cannot bear to see Akhilesh like this anymore. Pushpa assures her they will find a way to get the spirit out of Akhilesh’s body!

Archana tells Akhilesh to leave her hand. I will tell Ira what you are up to. He isn’t bothered. I will fulfil my desires today. She warns him to stay in his limits.

Pushpa tells Ira that Akhilesh will be fine once the spirit will be out of Akhilesh’s body. You know how much he loves you. Landline rings. Pushpa speaks to her pundit ji about a puja. She agrees to come over with everyone. She tells Ira and Devina that this year they will be able to perform this puja through Akhilesh. Everything will be fine. Ira hears her friend shouting her name. Seems like FIL’s spirit has caught hold of my friend. Pushpa requests God to find a solution to this problem. Bajrangi tells Ira to find a solution to Akhilesh’s problem asap. How to control his hormones after the reversal surgery? Devina and Pushpa are stunned to hear it. Pushpa asks Ira why she hid this from them. You have done Akhilesh’s reversal surgery already? It means there is no spirit inside him. It was a lie? Ira apologizes to her. I was scared. I couldn’t gather courage to tell you everything. I wanted to give you a surprise but I found out about the side effect quite late. I thought you will be pleased but! Devina says we got surprised today. Wasn’t it enough when you hurt Akhilesh last time? Why do you play with Pushpa’s emotions all the time? Don’t you know how much she was waiting for this? You could have atleast informed her! You cooked stories in front of us instead of telling us the truth! Do you realise what all Akhilesh has been through? This time Pushpa will punish you for your misdeed. Ira must be punished. She does not let Ira say anything and hands a stick to Pushpa to hit Ira. Throw her out of this house for forever! Pushpa takes the stick from Devina. Ira requests her to understand. I dint want to hurt you or Akhilesh. I only wanted to help him. I had no idea about the side effect. Pushpa tells her this wont work this time. She fills Pushpa’s ears against Ira. She fooled us both by using BP’s name! Throw her out of the house. Pushpa walks towards Ira. Bajrangi covers his face. Ira explains that she only wanted to see them happy. I dint want to harm him at all.


Meri Hanikarak Biwi 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Pushpa holds Akhilesh’s hand and brings him to the house temple. Vermilion falls over him as he hits his head during the impact. He returns to normal self. Archana badmouths him. Devina challenges Ira. If Akhilesh turns into that avatar once again then you will put the entire property in my name.


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