Meri Hanikarak Biwi 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Meri Hanikarak Biwi Written Update

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Meri Hanikarak Biwi Written Update on

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 26th November 2019 Episode Start With Akhilesh is taken aback. Ira feigns innocence. Champa says I recognised you or else you would have been in deep trouble by now. Akhilesh looks at Ira. Champa warns her not to think of harming Akhilesh ever again. I came here only because you helped me. I wont spare you if you ever try to harm him again! She bids adieu to Akhilesh and looks threateningly at Ira as she leaves. Akhilesh questions Ira about what Champa had said. Mishri greets them just then. I have to go on picnic today. Ira says let’s make food for your trip. Mishri says they give snacks in picnic. Ira lies that her friends called her earlier. Let’s go now. Akhilesh sends Mishri outside and holds Ira’s hand. I can see that you are avoiding looking at me. Answer me why Champa had come here to hit me? She walks out saying we will discuss this later. I have to cook food right now. He decides to find out the truth.

Akhilesh chases Ira around the house as she is doing household chores but she continues to ignore him. Akhilesh shouts that he will find answers of his questions. Pushpa comes there. She turns to go but he asks her what happened last night. She murmurs as to how to tell him about the spirit inside him. He overhears the word spirit. Where is it? She asks for Devina instead. I have to go to temple right now. Devina joins them. Pushpa asks her to come to temple with her. Devina laughs. When did I accompany you to temple? I have a life! Akhilesh asks the same question to Devina. She turns pale. Someone just called me! I must go to temple. Lord is beckoning me to come. Mishri and Ira come there. Pushpa and Devina decide to drop her off to school and the head to temple. Ira decides to join them. Mishri is puzzled. Why is everyone so curious to drop me to school? Pushpa suggests discussing this in the car. Mishri says Mapu can stay at home. Let her feed Bapu dhokla. Devina and Pushpa leave with Mishri.

Ira tries to leave as well but he holds her hand. Why isn’t anyone answering me? Who was that woman? Why did she say that you brought her here to hit me? Answer my question. She tells him to turn away. I cannot say this on your face. He complies. She says you have become a pervert. FIL atleast had some class but you go crazy the moment you saw just any random woman! I curse the day I did the reversal surgery. The surgery had side effects. The male s*x hormones have increased 50 times. I am going crazy because of it. She hears Akhilesh praising a girl. Ira fumes. Sometimes it is Akhilesh while sometimes it is this Rangeen Langoor. I will go crazy. He shows her the app. They charge money so one can speak to beautiful women. He dials her number but Ira snatches the phone out of his hand. Aren’t you ashamed to do this? You are married! I am your wife! He insists he was, is and will remain a bachelor. She points at their wedding photo. He looks at it. Don’t trap me with a photo shop. She tries to take his phone but he takes it from her. I am going to get ready after which I will call Lily. He leaves. Ira prays to Bajrang Bali to save his devotee. I will go crazy otherwise. Bajrangi says I have a solution for your problem. She lets him in from the window and then takes him to corner. Akhilesh notices them holding hands from upstairs. Plot twist! Even she is having an affair! I must check what they are up to.

Ira asks Brajrangi why he has come here. Bajrangi replies that he has found a perfect solution Akhilesh’s problem. He shows a kadha to her which he has made himself. The hormones will be in check then. She asks him if he has tried it on someone. He shares that he tried it on one of his mouse. He calls his assistant and finds out that things have become worse. She starts hitting him. Do you realise what could have happened to Akhilesh if I had given it to him? Who gave you a degree? He panics upon noticing a roach on the floor. Akhilesh confronts them. You pretended to be a loyal wife but you are having an affair behind everyone’s back. She denies but he asks her why he was hiding behind her pallu. Bajrangi calls it a misunderstanding but Akhilesh tells him not to lie or he will slap him. It is a very bad choice though. Ira says I will slap you instead. He is like my brother. Akhilesh does not buy it. Continue with your game! Now even I feel like having an affair by seeing you two together! Ira tells him he wont do it. She receives Archana’s call. Archana asks her to do her friend’s husband’s vasectomy surgery too. Ira tells them to leave but Archana insists upon meeting her. Akhilesh tells her to let them come inside. They tie him on a chair. Bajrangi stays with Akhilesh while Ira goes out.

Archana and her friend requests Ira to do their husbands’ surgery. We aren’t some machine. Please do it asap. Ira agrees.

Akhilesh fools Bajrangi and frees himself. I will have an affair now! Bajrangi wakes up only to realise that Akhilesh has run away. He calls out to Ira for help. Archana asks Ira who is shouting. Ira worries that they will be in trouble if Akhilesh will come in front of them. She takes them to her room. What if Akhilesh comes here too? She gives them Akhilesh’s clothes. Change quickly. Archana asks her what’s going on but she sends them to change quickly.

Akhilesh smells ladies perfume. They are inside!

Archana and her friend ask Ira what’s going on but she tells them to do as she says. I will do the surgery of your husbands then. Akhilesh enters just then. He steps back in shock upon noticing Ira’s friends. Ira decides to send him outside somehow to save her friends.


Meri Hanikarak Biwi 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Ira introduces her friends as distant relatives to Pushpa and Devina. Archana’s friend receives a call and speaks in her style. Akhilesh looks at her curiously. She is making a call outside when he removes her cap. He holds her hand as she tries to slap him for misbehaving with her. Bajrangi tells Ira to find a solution to Akhilesh’s problem asap. You have left him lose after his operation. Pushpa asks Ira why she hid this from them. You have done Akhilesh’s reversal surgery already?


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