Meri Hanikarak Biwi 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Meri Hanikarak Biwi 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Meri Hanikarak Biwi Written Update on

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 25th November 2019 Episode Start With The fat lady tells Ira that one must bathe the goat before slitting its throat. Bajrangi tries to stop her but she is relentless. She hits him instead. He complains. Ira ends up covering that lady’s face with the big pot she was holding. She next pushes her other cellmate towards Champa. Champa manages to free her head. Ira hits her with a mug / pot. Champa’s tooth breaks. She suddenly stops stammering.

Your slap could do what 27 doctors couldn’t! I am your servant from now on. Tell me whatever you want. Ira is pleased. She notices the police looking at her and tells them to do their work. Ira requests Champa to get her out of here. Make sure police gets an impression that we are still fighting. Champa nods. Ira and Champa stage a fight. Bajrangi coaxes policemen to stop the ladies. They get inside the cell. Ira manages to escape from there.

Akhilesh is flirting with the lady. What’s your name? Her ally advises her not to share her real name. She nods. She tells Akhilesh her name is Tamanna. Akhilesh cracks a lame PJ. Now no one can stop us from becoming one!

Police brings Bajrangi and Champa’s cellmate out of the cell.

The lady and her ally tie Akhilesh on a chair. He gets excited thinking of what all could happen now. She tells her ally to pick anything that he can find. Empty their lockers. They head in separate directions to collect valuables.

Champa and Ira come to Pandey House. Devina asks Ira how she got out of jail. Ira agrees to tell them everything later. Where’s Akhilesh? Pushpa says Devina brought a lady tantric to get my husband’s soul out of Akhilesh’s body. Ira says I might have been wrong about the spirit thing. Pushpa says I got a hint when the crow hadn’t turned up. Don’t go upstairs. Ira runs upstairs and leaves Champa with the ladies.

Ira calls out to Akhilesh who is busy saying cheesy lines to the lady. Ira overhears it. She pushes the door, breaks it open and confronts the fake tantric.

Champa is holding the ladies behind just by using her hands. Pushpa and Devina are badly stuck. Champa sings a song for them which scares the ladies.

Ira notices the valuables in their hands. How did you open the locker? They manage to push her and run downstairs. Pushpa offers to make parathas for Champa but she isn’t interested.

Ira frees Akhilesh. He tries to go after the fake tantric but Ira hits him on his feet. He falls down and looks at Bajrang Bali’s photo. His demeanour changes. He looks at Ira in confusion. Pushpa shouts for help. Ira gives Akhilesh her swear. I am planning a surprise for you. Stay put. He wonders when he will really see his surprise. Devina and Pushpa beg Champa to let go but in vain. Ira shouts at Champa to stop the thieves. Champa pulls the carpet from under their feet and they fall down. The thieves (Milky and Silky) wince in pain. The valuables scatter on the floor. Pushpa and Devina get miffed with them.

Pushpa acts dramatic. Devina suggests showing them some taekwondo action. Police walks in just then. They recognize Silky and Milky. Pushpa tells them to take Devina as well. Her hair looks no less than a nest. Devina makes a face. Constables ask Ira to come with them. Pushpa and Devina tell them the same story which Ira had told them. Don’t take Champa back to the cell. She helped us catch Silky and milky. They agree and leave with Silky and Milky.

Pushpa asks Ira how to get her husband’s spirit out of Akhilesh’s body. I am really worried. Ira tells them not to worry. Rest in your room. Pushpa says I will make food for my husband. Ira offers to do it. Devina tells her to make soups and salads only. Pushpa takes her with her. Champa turns to go but Ira requests her to hit Akhilesh at his groin. Champa is hesitant but Ira convinces her. She takes her upstairs. I will call Akhilesh outside. Kick him the moment he turns. Champa agrees. Ira sends Champa in Akhilesh’s room. She calls out to Akhilesh just then. champa bows down in Akhilesh’s feet the moment she looks at him. Akhilesh helps her stand. He asks Ira who this woman is.

Why are you standing near the door? Champa recognizes Akhilesh. You are the owner of Pandey & Sons. You made toilets in our locality. The women felt safer because of you only. You are no less than God for us. Akhilesh calls it his duty. Don’t say this. Akhilesh asks Ira if this is what she wanted to show him. Ira nods. Akhilesh thanks her. Champa says I am pained to know that you got a wife like her. She called me here to hit you.


Meri Hanikarak Biwi 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Ira asks Akhilesh if he isn’t ashamed to act like this. You are married! He refuses. He confronts Ira and Bajrangi when they are plotting something. You pretended to be a loyal wife but you are having an affair behind everyone’s back. Now even I feel like having an affair by seeing you two together! They tie him on a chair but Akhilesh frees himself. I am in a mood to have an affair now!


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