Meri Hanikarak Biwi 15th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Meri Hanikarak Biwi 15th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Meri Hanikarak Biwi Written Update on

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 15th November 2019 Episode Start With Devina and Pushpa push each other in their attempt to offer their choice of food to Akhilesh. He tells them to stop. Why are you acting like a kid? This has never happened before. Devina says it is for BP’s spirit inside you. Pushpa and Devina argue again whereas Akhilesh is badly confused. Ira lies that they are trying to control his BP. You should eat this to stay happy. He tries to question her but she feeds him forcibly. Ira tells Pushpa and Devina that Akhilesh‘s father’s spirit does not stay inside Akhilesh for 24 hours. He is Akhilesh right now! Pushpa says he is Akhilesh. Akhilesh says the same frustrated.

Ira tells the ladies to make sure Akhilesh does not find out the truth. He might go to some Baba and father wont enter inside him ever again. Act as if you know nothing. Devina and Pushpa lie to Akhilesh. Aren’t you getting late? Akhilesh says I have a problem which I am unaware of. How can a kachori take care of my BP? Ira tells him to drop it. Your doctor wife will take care of it. He goes to his room. Mishri asks Devina and Pushpa why they were so eager to feed Bapu the food that they had actually cooked for Dadu. Ira says you know they do anything any time. Go to school now.

Mishri leaves. Pushpa thanks Ira for warning them on time. Devina advises them to keep a watch on Akhilesh to find out when BP’s ghost will be inside him. Pushpa asks Ira if she has any objection. Ira denies. We don’t know what that spirit will make him do if no one is around. What if he ends up with a woman like Gunwanti! I cannot share Akhilesh with anyone. Devina points out that technically, it will be they who will share BP with her and not Ira. Pushpa says I already shared my husband with you. Their argument continues. Ira requests them to keep an eye on Akhilesh instead of fighting amongst themselves. They agree. Ira is relieved that she hit 2 birds with one stone. One, I hid the truth. Two, he will not be out of sight now.

Ira receives Bajrangi’s call. He asks her to come out asap. I have great news for you! She rushes outside to meet him. Bajrangi is jumping in joy. He pulls Ira for a dance. She is irked. There is no special occasion today. He replies that dance is a therapy. Plus, I found a solution to your husband’s problem. He makes her dance before telling her the solution. When she gives in, he speaks of her dangerous move. She threatens to hit him in the same way. He explains that if she uses her favourite move at the right point that her husband will come on the right path. She is hesitant so he leaves the decision on her. You must do some harm so as to bring your beloved well-natured husband on track. She finally agrees to try. He wishes her good luck.

Ira notices Akhilesh praying. Bajrangi’s words echo in her head. He is praying. This is the perfect time. He wont be able to stop me. She mentally apologizes to him. I must do it for us. She gets ready to hit him but feels bad to see him pray diligently. How can I hurt him in this condition? Pushpa and Devina call out to Ira just then. They lock Akhilesh in the room as soon as Ira steps to talk to them. They point out that it is Akhilesh’s cage. Akhilesh’s Bapu will run away from us next time. Devina says it will be for you. Pushpa adds that he will find another one for himself. We already have Devina! Devina seconds her. Ira asks them if they have no other option. They shrug.

Akhilesh tries to open the door but in vain. Someone please open the door. Why am I getting locked these days? Pushpa tells him that she has got pest control done outside. it wont be good for your health. Devina seconds her. Akhilesh asks them if he should skip office because of this. Open the door. Let’s talk. Pushpa denies. I have also kept a puja for you as well. Akhilesh gives up. I am not going anywhere. I will sit in the room and work. Pushpa and Devina are thrilled with the idea. They stop Ira from going inside too.

Bajrangi is waiting outside. he notices Ira coming outside and asks her if Akhilesh is back to normalcy. Ira says it will happen only when I will kick him. He tells her not to be emotional. You are a doc. She tells him how her plan backfired. He advises her to go inside from the window. Kick your husband and he will be fine! She refuses. He reminds her that she has done worst before this. Think of this as the only solution. You will be able to kick your husband then only. She retorts that she will hurt him if he wont stop talking like this. He tells her to relax. If it’s not you, someone else will do it for sure! This is your only chance. Give this chance to someone else if you cannot do it. She calls him unbelievable. I am going in through the window. Get me out of there later. He wishes her luck.

Akhilesh is working in his room. He finds a weird shirt amongst his clothes. What has happened to Ira? He throws it in the bin. He turns and notices Ira coming from the window. Akhilesh asks her what’s going on in this house. I am locked here and you are taking this route. Is this how we will live now? He turns to his naughty self upon noticing a pamphlet. Ira follows his gaze. He decides to go to the fashion show.


Meri Hanikarak Biwi 16th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Akhilesh flirts with a girl. He pretends to be blind. She decides to take him to her relative for his treatment. She ends up meeting Pushpa and asks her to help. Pushpa asks about the guy. Akhilesh is standing near a pillar.


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