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Meri Gudiya 4th February 2020 Written Episode, Meri Gudiya Written Update on

Meri Gudiya 4th February 2020 Episode Start With Raghav asking Ratri why didn’t she check the bathroom. She recalls seeing Avi and going. She says I was tensed and didn’t think that she can be in bathroom. He asks what do you mean. Maa says I can understand how we panic. Sushma says we got Avi back. Maa says yes, that’s a blessing. Sushma scolds Ratri. She asks her how will she manage Avi if she panics everytime, there are few days for marriage now. Ratri says I will look after Avi, nothing is imp than Avi. She hugs Avi. Maa says great. Shaurya signs Pia.

Turanta says I have worked hard, I have made things ready. Sushma says I would have slapped you if you made some mistake. He says it means I have passed. She slaps him. He asks what did I do. She asks where is ghee to light the diya. He says Dulaari is getting. Dulaari comes and slaps him. She gets ghee box. Madhuri looks on. Sushma does the puja and goes. Madhuri sees the ghee box. Pia says its coincidence that Ratri shouted about Adi when Adrika was telling the last number. Shaurya says maybe she really panicked. Pia asks did she do this before, I m sure something is wrong, if kid isn’t in room, then kid can be anything.

Shaurya says we will also try and call Rudraksh. Pia says perfect. He makes tries to contact Rudraksh. Adrika tries calling Rudraksh. Ratri says maybe Shaurya called, inform Rudraksh about him. Adrika calls Rudraksh. She says listen to me, switch off your phone for some days, if we are caught, we can never reach Avi, okay. She says done. Shaurya calls again. He gets the number off. Shaurya says maybe someone asked him to switch off the number. Pia says Ratri and Adrika did this. He says exactly, what to do now.

Pia says it means he is here, not in Singapore. He says both of them are clever. She says yes, Ratri is clever, we have to target Adrika, she is foolish. He nods. Dulaari is with Avi. Rangoli comes. Dulaari makes the girls sleep. Ratri says keep Avi away from Raghav and me tomorrow, the family will have light moments in sangeet, I have to get Raghav first and then kill Avi. Madhuri hears Ratri and Adrika’s talk. Rangoli doesn’t get sleep. She asks do you think Ratri didn’t see you.

Adrika says I will kill Avi. Ratri says we will be trapped again, I won’t let the sangeet get spoiled. Madhuri thinks I will spoil it. She goes and drops the ghee box. She says I will punish you both today. Ratri gets ready. Madhuri makes phone fly. Adrika says wow, its new technology. She goes out. Ratri calls her out. Avi says she is my best friend, why will she leave me alone. Rangoli says she is your step mom, she is bad, she left you in bathroom intentionally. Avi says no, she can’t do this.

Rangoli says I told you about my friend, I m saying the truth, think about your mumma, would she not check for you in bathroom. Avi asks are you sure. Rangoli says yes. Adrika goes out in the oil ring made by Madhuri. Ratri comes and asks why are you jumping here. She also gets inside. Adrika says my phone is flying. Ratri gets shocked and says its not any technology but some power. Madhuri lights up the oil ring by making diya fall. She goes away. Ratri and Adrika get shocked seeing the fire circle.


Meri Gudiya 5th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Maa gives jewellery to Ratri. Avi says she isn’t my mum. Ratri, Adrika and Anjali dance in Sangeet. Madhuri thinks I won’t let your sangeet complete.

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Telecast Date: 4th February 2020
Distributed By : Star Bharat And Hotstar


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