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Meri Gudiya 2nd January 2020 Written Episode, Meri Gudiya Written Episode Update on

Meri Gudiya 2nd January 2020 Episode Start With Rudraksh getting lost somewhere. He asks is anyone here. He see some special power ball flying in the air. He goes to touch it. He gets a shock and gets back. He says someone is keeping an eye on my plan. Guru ji says Avi is the aim of those evil people, they are from other place, we have to stay alert, we will find a solution soon, that evil spirit stays with Avi, you have to find her. She thinks who can she be. Raghav comes to see Ratri. He asks where is she. Turanta says she is making food for everyone. Shaurya says amazing, right. Raghav sends Turanta. Shaurya says Ratri knows how to win everyone’s heart, she wants to make a place here. Raghav asks him not to judge anyone like this.

Shaurya says I m just saying the truth, and truth is bitter. Ratri cooks. Avi coughs. Madhuri thinks you shouldn’t be here in kitchen. Dulaari asks Avi to come with her, she shouldn’t be in kitchen. Avi says I want to be here. Ratri says let her stay. Dulaari says you may not know that Madhuri never got Avi to kitchen. Avi refuses to go. Madhuri thinks Avi should be in kitchen. Ratri thinks there is much security for Avi, Rudraksh thinks the work is easy. She asks Avi to go with Dulaari, she will make food for her. Avi says make it as mumma’s style. Ratri gets angry. Dulaari takes Avi and Pari. Madhuri thanks Dulaari for taking care of Avi so much. Raghav asks Maa why is she worried, is there danger on Avi. She nods and writes there is evil shadow here.

Shaurya says everyone is family here, just Ratri is the outsider. Raghav says Ratri isn’t a stranger, she is also like a family member, an ordinary person can’t do this. Turanta says Ratri took care of everyone’s choice. Dulaari says Raghav may eat food well after a long time. Ratri says don’t worry, go and call everyone, I will call Avi. She thinks I made the food, I will spoil it, how will Avi have food if she gets hurt. She smiles and drops a spider there. The spider gets on the stairs. Ratri says I will take care of you day and night, when you need care, don’t worry, maybe you won’t get much hurt. She goes upstairs. Madhuri says how much will you fall for your selfish motive.

Ratri comes to Avi and acts sweet. She takes Avi with her. Madhuri thinks how to stop her. Avi takes the doll. She says I will go by lift. Ratri says no, we will go by the stairs, people stay healthy this way. She thinks you will fall now. Shaurya sees the food. Turanta says Ratri took care of everyone’s choice. Shaurya taunts Raghav. Raghav stares at him. Shaurya says how did Ratri know all this, maybe someone helped her. Turanta says yes, Dulaari helped her. Dulaari asks Maa not to worry for Avi and come to have food. Ratri hides her phone and says I forgot my phone, I will just come. She thinks Avi fall down so that I raise in everyone’s sight, especially your dad’s sight. Madhuri thinks Avi stop, Ratri you just think of harming my Avi, how shall I stop Avi.


Meri Gudiya 3rd January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Rudraksh cuts his hand and says there is some power between Avi and us, we need to find it out, something is going to happen soon.

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Telecast Date: 2nd January 2020
Distributed By : Star Bharat And Hotstar


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