Meri Gudiya 15th February 2020 Written Episode Update


Meri Gudiya 15th February 2020 Written Episode Update, Meri Gudiya Written Update on

Meri Gudiya 15th February 2020 Episode Start With Guru ji taking the Jal samadhi and coming to the Yamlok. Madhuri asks the guards to let her go to Avi, Avi needs me. The guard say this is the fate. Guru ji comes to support Madhuri. Ratri says I will tell the entire truth today. Raghav asks what truth, tell me, why did Rudraksh kidnap Avi. Roopasur thinks Ratri is changing the game. Ratri asks did you reach life’s phase where there is no willingness to live and no fear to die, I was in this phase after leaving college, Adrika called me, then I met Rudraksh, I felt that I can also do something, Rudraksh is expert of black magic. Raghav asks what is all this.

She says I wish this was a lie, but this is true, I wanted to become a part of his world, I didn’t know what happened, that I obeyed him and did what he said, like he hypnotized me, he wanted a kid’s soul to achieve his goals, he gave this work to me, that kid was Avi. They get shocked.

Raghav asks what nonsense are you saying, how can you think this about Avi, you are my college friend. Ratri says you hate me and want to kill me, right, then kill me, I couldn’t stop knowing she is your daughter, our Avi, I requested Rudraksh not to do anything to Avi. Adrika says yes. Ratri says Adrika was with me, don’t know what he did that I did all that, I came here and did everything, Madhuri….

Guru ji greets yamraj/yamlok guard. He says I couldn’t wait and came here to stop the destruction, Avi has to stay alive, her mum has to stay alive, we have to think of world betterment. Raghav asks what Madhuri, tell me. Ratri says I tried to take Madhuri’s place on his saying, in this house and your life, Avi’s life, and then everything started changing. He asks what do you mean. She says my love for Avi made me forget Rudraksh’s love, I saw a motive to live, I want to see Avi happy, how could I hurt her, I fought with Ratri, I came to kill Avi, I started protecting her, I decided today that I will bring Avi home, I got hurt, but it doesn’t matter, Avi is fine, I will leave now, I will surrender to the police, I have no place in this house, forgive me. She asks Adrika to come.

Maa stops Ratri and says we all have goodness and evil, we don’t have ability to realize the evil and accept mistakes, when tears flow, they wash big sins, I don’t know why you came here, you have saved Avi many times, I know what’s in your heart now, you just love Avi, you are Avi’s mum, our family just needs happiness, I m sure Mata Rani has sent you here as Avi’s protector, you will always stay here as my Bahu. Ratri smiles.

Madhuri says I don’t know anything Dharmraj, Avi is in danger, let me go to save her. Dharmraj says you are not part of the world now, even if I permit, then there is a problem, your body is ruined, how can a spirit go without a human body. Guru ji says Madhuri will surely go, fate has already decided this. Sushma asks Ratri to feed sweets to everyone. Shaurya thanks her. She says your doubt was right, I was wrong. He says I m glad you accepted your mistake, trusting you won’t be tough now. She says thanks, give me some more time, it will be easy to trust. Sushma asks Adrika to have sweets. She feeds laddoo to Adrika. They laugh. Roopasur and driver talk that they are stuck in the house. Guru ji says Madhuri is selected for a good deed. Madhuri asks how will I go. He says you will go as Madhuri in your own body. She smiles.


Meri Gudiya 17th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Guru ji brings Madhuri to some place. She says I have to go to Avi. He asks her to give a test. She sees her body.

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Telecast Date: 15th February 2020
Distributed By : Star Bharat And Hotstar


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