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Meri Gudiya 12th February 2020 Written Episode, Meri Gudiya Written Update on

Meri Gudiya 12th February 2020 Episode Start With Ratri saying Pia is with Rudraksh, but not with us. Adrika thinks. Madhuri prays. She hears them. Ratri says Pia has taken Avi, it means Avi’s life is in danger, I have to save her, Rudraksh will kill her. Madhuri thinks Rudraksh will kill her. Adrika says Avi will die and you will also die. Ratri says its not easy, our powers are nothing, but one power can face Rudraksh, the power which protects Avi, I will get Avi from him. She goes. Adrika gets hurt by the door. Pari flies and gets stuck. She thinks why can’t I go ahead. She sees Guru ji coming with his disciples. She says it means he knows that Avi’s life is in danger, maybe that’s why I m not able to go out.

Guru ji looks around. Madhuri says I hope he finds some way. He enters the house. Ratri comes to meet Rudraksh. She asks where is Avi, I have come to take her. Rudraksh says you learnt magic and forgot to talk to Swami well. She says I m not your slave, you are a slave, you aren’t any Swami. He says what nonsense, I can kill you. She says you can’t do anything to me and Avi, those powers will stop you, Guru ji blesses that family. She shows Guru ji’s pic. Rudraksh’s hand shakes seeing Gurudev’s pic. Gurudev says a trouble is going to come, I have to make a Raksha kavach for this family, so that no problem comes, I have to perform an Anushthaan, no person will come here or leave from here, wait for me outside. Maa says as you say.

Everyone goes out. Ratri says you told about numerous powers, you lied, you have no existence in front of Gurudev, he is your Swami, you are his slave. Rudraksh shouts yes, I m a slave. Gurudev does the puja. He calls Madhuri and says Mata Rani has sent you back by answering your prayers. He says Avi is in big trouble, just you can protect her. Pari looks on. He says you have to save Avi, I know you are listening to me, I don’t know in which avatar you are, come to me for Avi’s sake, Madhuri come out and give a sign. Pari cries. Madhuri says Guru ji. He sees the crying doll.

Rudraksh says we are slaves of that Divya power, now see what I can do. He cages Ratri. Madhuri says I can do anything to protect Avi, tell me what to do. Gurudev smiles and says you have to give a sacrifice, you are afraid of fire, you have to enter fire to protect Avi, time is less. Madhuri says I had come to protect Avi, I can burn many times to save her, I m ready to go from this world again. He says not here, near the mountain temple. Guru ji goes to Maa and says I have to leave now and solve this problem, tie this to Avi’s neck for her safety. He leaves. Rudraksh scolds Ratri.

Ratri asks Avi to get up, she has come. She shouts for help. Rudraksh goes with Avi. Ratri cries. Gurudev leaves the doll and prays that Madhuri gets strength. He sees Madhuri’s soul coming. He says you got Kali Maa power for the first time, go and end that evil. Madhuri says I will ruin him to protect my daughter. He says be careful, everything won’t end with this death, someone more powerful will come, go now. She goes. He says I have to take Jal samadhi so that I stay with Madhuri to help her. Rudraksh says its time that I show you my powers, i will rule over the world. He chants something. Madhuri comes and shouts Rudraksh. He sees her.


Meri Gudiya 13th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Madhuri throws the trishil and cuts Rudraksh’s hand. She takes Avi.

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Telecast Date: 12th February 2020
Distributed By : Star Bharat And Hotstar


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