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Mere Sai 9th November 2022 Sai says a man earns a lot and looks after the family financially and so he is important and should be saved. Geetabai says Sai why are you saying this, Bhumi is everything for us, she doesn’t earn so what, woman does so much for a family, both male and female are important to run a family,

how can you make this decision. Sai says Geetabai if you and Bhumi fall sick who looks after the house, Geetabai says Manik and Shiv. Sai says but if Manik and Shiv fall sick you two can’t go right because of society and so male is important, you denied Bhumi work because of society where in you all needed her to work.

Geetabai says I understood my mistake Sai. Everyone sees Bhumi and that guy are missing. Bhumi walks in and sayd sasubai where were you I was waiting for you. Tukaram confused. Geetabai says its Sai’s way to teach me what is right. Sai says society is important and following rules too but only those which are necessary.

Geetabai says you are right Sai and Bhumi you wanted to work right, you have my blessings and may God give you two success. Bhumi hugs her. Sai says Tukaram your artists are ready. Tukaram thanks Sai and tells Bhumi he will arrange a big show in 2 days and asks them to work hard on their show and they will be paid for it. Geetabai says you don’t worry they both will make your show memorable.

Bhumi and Geetabai reach home, Bhumi asks Geetabai can I tell him good news. Geetabai says okay. Bhumi tells Shiv, Sai tried talking to sasubai but she didn’t listen I am so angry because of this. Shiv looks at the box and about to burn the toys, Bhumi stops him. Shiv shows her the box is empty and starts laughing at her. Bhumi confuse.

Shiv shows her all their dogs. Bhumi asks you knew right how. Shiv was passing by Dwarka Mai when Geetabai took the decision. Bhumi says you scared me abd I don’t want to talk to you. Shiv stops her and holds her hand. Vaishali sees them together and says they have no work but keep romancing.

Vaishali walks in and congratulates Bhumi and Shiv for their show at Tatya’s house. Bhumi says its based on a true story. Vaishali says stop lying you did it to make fun of me and showcased my story, and I feel sad Aai denied you work.

Bhumi says she agreed Sai convinced her, you sit here I will get you ladoo, Bhumi and Shiv leave. Geetabai says Vaishali come in, Vaishali says you are so partial you denied me to work and allowed Bhumi, you always care about Shiv more and now Bhumi, she insulted me infront of whole village by telling my story and you don’t care and remember one day Bhumi will show her true colours and you will regret. Vaishali leaving.

Bhumi stops her and says what happened why are you leaving. Vaishali says forget about me and think what you will do for the big show and heres a story I want to tell you, I went to see a show and it was flop and audience threw rotten tomatoes at them take care and leaves.
Geetabai says Bhumi you focus on your work and not her and if you feel nervous talk to Sai, he will help you

Bhumi and Shiv visit Sai. Bhumi says she is worried about show, what if people don’t like it. Sai says walk with me you will find your solution. Sai says to Bhumi and Shiv, people like stories that have value in it and when you deliver such stories people will find it relatable and will like it. Bhumi says what if I get nervous and unable to tell story, Sai says walk with me you will find your confidence.

They see Santa Banta troubling a poir family and throwing their stuff away and pushes him. The man sees Sai and rushes to Sai and asks for help. Santa Banta shout at Sai and says this house is ours now because he hasn’t paid loan and so don’t interfere. Man tells Sai he has 1 month left and these people are forcing him and behaving wrong. Sai wipes his tears and says you have to fight for yourself.

Man says how will I fight them. Sai says you won’t get what you want until you face them. The man walks to Santa Banta and shouts stop it. Santa Banta laugh at him and says we will beat you if you try to stop us. The man looks at Sai and sees a light and shouts yes I will stop you, people around sees his confidence and steps in and to help him.

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Mere Sai 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai tells Bhumi and Shiv, you need to show confidence and when you do you will succeed.At show Bhumi sees audience talk to Tukaram that if they don’t like show they have rotten tomatoes.

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Telecast Date:9th November 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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