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Mere Sai 9th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Mere Sai Written Update on

Mere Sai 9th January 2020 Episode Start With Sai returns to Dwarkamayi after begging and seeing 2 men ask the reason for their coming. A wealthy man says they are from Sakori gaon, he is Sahukar Laxmichand and other person is Baliram. Baliram says he weaves blanket and sells it, it is the only source of income; sethji ordered 5 blankets which he weaved and gave it to him, sethji promised to pay him after 4 days, but he didn’t pay yet. Laxmichand says he was carrying 5 blankets home and on the way there was a fire in jungle which burnt 4 blankets and only 1 is left, so he will not pay money. Tatya says if he took blanket he has to pay whether he uses it or not. Laxmichand says he is paying for 1 blanket. Baliram says his family feeds on his earned money, when sethji’s belongings didn’t burn, how can only blankets burn. Laxmichand says blankets were carried in cart which was carrying oil, maybe oil fell on blankets and burnt them.

Sai says Laxmichand is right, let us burn even this remaining one, asks Tatya and Keshav to bring firewood and kerosene oil and burns blanket. Baniram cries while Laxmichand rejoices. Blanket doesn’t burn after kerosene oil evaporates with fire. Sai tells Laxmichand that fire couldn’t harm Baliram’s blanket, it signifies when one performs duty selflessly, even god helps; now Laxmichand should tell truth. Laxmichand agrees that blankets are intact and he didn’t want to pay Baliram, but nobody can escape from Sai’s law. He pays Baliram and apologizes him.

Kids ask Sai what should they prepare for him which will signify symbol of love. Sai sees Hari crying and asks them to prepare lotus flower. He walks to Hari and asks reason. Hari says Dattu dada is not playing or talking to him at all, reminisces Dattu sleeps outside home. Uma and Balchandra ask him to get inside home, but he gets adamant and misbehaves with them. Out of flashback, Hari asks why his brother going away from him. Santa hearing their conversation hiding goes to inform Kulkarni about Dattu’s anger on family. Sai takes him to Dwarkamayi and seeing children’s prepared lotus rangoli describes significance of lotus and how family bonding is unbreakable.

Santa informs Kulkarni about Dattu. Kulkarni thinks it means Shastri’s prediction will be true, once it happens he will kick out Sai from Shirdi. Santa asks what if Dattu’s family calms him down. Kulkarni scolds him and orders to make sure Dattu continues hating his family. Dattu tries to wash his clothes. Uma asks why is he doing this. Dattu says she wanted him to be self-sufficient. She says something is bothering him, what is he hiding from his parents. Dattu asks what if parents hide things. Sai passes by and says even that is wrong, but parents hide things for children’s benefit. Dattu says Sai would obviously support elders. Uma scolds him for misbehaving with Sai and he walks away.


Mere Sai 10th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Sai asks Uma to beat stick in water. She does and asks what does it mean.

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Telecast Date: 9th January 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv and Sony Liv


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