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Mere Sai 8th September 2020 Babu wakes up in the morning and sees Sai picking his jhola/bag and walks away. Tatya enters and greeting Sai asks where is he going. Sai says he is going to give someone oodhi. Tatya says its too early, so he can go after sometime. Babu says Tatya is right, he didn’t even rest whole night, so he should rest and go after sometime. Tatya says Sai always keeps other’s problems first and is worried about people. Sai says one should fulfill their responsibilities and cannot run away from it, when someone is trusting him, he cannot disappoint them. He walks away. Babu says even he will fulfill his responsibility and start studying for exam.

A Govardhan’s house, everyone are worried for injured Anandi. Trimbak nurses Anandi’s foot injury. Chintamani asks Trimbak to skip gym today and be with Anandi. Damayanti says she needs to get water as Anandi used to get it daily. Godavari asks Damayanti to prepare breakfast and asks Amba to bring water. Amba says how can she, neighbors will bad mouth about her, so Trimbak should go. Govardhan says Anandi will feel better if Trimbak is around her, so Amba should go and bring water. Amba walks to water well and fetches water fuming that even her parents are not worried about her and are just worried about their bahus. Tejasvi with her maid Usha walks near her and discusses that she pities on Ammba whose husband left her and her parents only love their bahus and not her, she is suffering even in her parents’ house, etc. Amba thinks why is Kulkarni’s bahu so concerned about her. Tejasvi walks to her and continues brainwashing and says Anandi spread this news and she is her enemy. Sai walks to them and comments to stop brainwashing her. Tejasvi continues. Sai asks how is she. Tejasvi says he can foresee everyone’s present and future, so he must be knowing how is she. She continues to provoke Amba and walks away.

Sai accompanies Amba and asks her not to trust gossips and to trust only her conscience. Amba says she knows she shouldn’t trust Tejasvi, but don’t know how she fell for her buttery words. Sai takes her towards pond giving her moral gyaan and asks if Anandi gave her any task. Amba reminisces Anandi asking her to add Sai’s given medicine in pond. She says she forgot to bring medicine. Sai gives him medicine and asks to get into pond and pour in medicine. Amba seeing dirty pond says she is getting late and will do this task tomorrow. Sai gives her oodhi and asks her to give it to Anandi and apply neem paste on her wound, she will feel instant relief. Amba returns home and informing same to Anandi and Trimbak asks Trimbak to get neem paste. Trimbak gets neem paste. Amba applies it on Anandi’s wound. Anandi asks her to keep something in cupboard. Amba walks away yelling that forcing her to work since morning, now she is tired. Damayanti hears that. Anandi asks if she spoke wrong. Damayanti says no, don’t what happened to Amba.

Tejasvi returns home happy and asks Kulkarni if he will not ask reason for her happiness, she did what he couldn’t in years. He asks what did she do. She continues taunting him with her long speech and informs that soon Joshi’s family will be shattered and his sons will be fighting with each other.

Babu gets ready for exam and informs Tendulkar that he is going to give exam after Sai’s encouragement. Tendulkar accompanies him till exam venue. Babu gets nervous seeing other student’s confidence and tells tells Tendulkar that he doesn’t know if he can pass exam, Abhayankar guruji’s prediction may come true. Tendulkar suggests him to have faith on himself and Sai and don’t bother about results. Babu gets into exam hall.

Sai returns to Dwarkamayi and sees Raini there. Rambha and Tatya are busy cleaning Dwarkamayi. Sai says one should clean their things, whether it is internal or external. He takes broom from Ramba and starts brooming. In exam hall, Babu gets more tensed seeing he forgot all the lessons he byhearted and thinks how can this happen even after Sai’s help, if Abhayankar guruji’s prediction is coming true; he pleads Sai for help. Sai hears him.


Mere Sai 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Babu prays Sai to show him a via like he does to everyone.
Peon brings Shirdi’s prasad. Babu realizes Sai sent it.

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Telecast Date:8th September 2020
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