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Mere Sai 8th November 2022 Baizmaa tells Shiv’s parents that Shiv and Bhumi have lot of potential and if Sai hadn’t recommended them we would never know. Vaishali doesn’t like it. Shiv’s mother says our kids have Sai’s blessings and everything will be fine.

Everyone excited about Shiv and Bhumi’s kathputli show. Vaishali heats that and wonders where is Shiv and Bhumi she goes check and sees that dolls are burnt and says I warned you and now everyone is excited to see the show but you two just want to ruin our reputation,

my poir brother is disabled and you are the reason behind all the problems, you have disappointed everyone and so know your limits. Bhumi asks help us find a solution. Vaishali says what can you do, go apologies for your mistake. Shiv Bhumi leave. Vaishali very happy to see them lose.

Baizmaa says Bhumi Shiv lets begin the dhow, everyone is very excited. Sai walks to Bhumi and Shiv. Tukaram walks in and greets everyone and says I couldn’t give any gifts but had this box since long which helped me setup my business and I want to gift it to Tatya. Sai says this is very priceless and you will definitely benefited with it and this gift is for Shiv and Bhumi and not Tatya.

Bhumi asks Sai why us, its Tatya’s birthday. Sai insists Bhumi on opening the trunk. Bhumi opens the trunk and sees dolls. Sai says I know your dolls got damaged in fire, use these for your show. Bhumi and Shiv thank Sai and begin their show.

Everyone enjoys but Vaishali thinks Bhumi is trying to mock her and tell everyone she fights with her husband as Bhumi’s story is about a husband and wife and how Sai asked them to exchange roles and showed them a way to come out of the situation and gives moral that everyone should respect eachothers work. Everyone applauds and appreciate Shiv and Bhumi.

Bhumi thanks Tukaram for his help. Tukaram says its all Sai’s blessings and now I know this was to help me, I am an organiser and make shows and my artist all went to Mumbai and don’t have artists here and you two gave me hope that my shows can take place again and I have never seen someone so talented as you two and will pay whatever amount you ask for. Shama says Manik this is a very good opportunity for Shiv and Bhumi. Baizmaa says such happy news on Tatya’s birthday I am so happy. Rambha and Jhipri give their best wishes to Bhumi and Shiv.

Vaishali fills her mothers ears and says wow you are discriminating between me and your daughter in law, you asked me not to work and now she will go perform plays everywhere. Shiv’s mother apologies to Sai and says my kids won’t participate in such work and takes them away.

Shiv tries to talk to his mother but she doesn’t listen and says our reputation will ruin if I survive on my daughter in laws money. Bhumi says to Shiv, she is right if society is going to question our parents why do something that will hurt them even Sai has taught us this. Shiv disheartened leaves. Shiv’s mother says Bhumi don’t worry all will be fine we will give Bhog at Khandoba temple and then visit Sai for some advice.

Sai at Dwarka Mai, Tukaram says seeing Bhumi and Shiv I had a hope but Shiv’s mother broke my hopes. Sai says Tukaramji when God gives talent, he shows l ways to flourish it.

Shiv’s mother waiting for Bhumi, Bhumi walks ti her coughing, she asks Bhumi what is wrong. Bhumi says she is unable to breathe, she says let’s go to Sai quickly.
Tukaram says to Sai, if we don’t find a solution soon my family will die soon of hunger, I have to find new artist. Sai says I understand.

Tukaram thinks why is Sai not helping.
Bhumi and her mother in law reach Dwarka Mai, Tukaram helps Bhumi. Sai makes Bhumi lie down. Another man walks in with his son woth similar condition. Sai asks him to lie down as well. Shiv’s mother in law asks whats wrong. Sai says to her I will do something Geetabai (Shiv’s mother) but I can save only one.

Geetabai says you can do anything. Sai says you take decision Geetabai as I have only one bottle. Man says Sai he earns for my family save me. Sai says you are right, male is superior as he earns for the family.

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Mere Sai 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhumi and Shiv meet Sai and ask for help about what show they should do. Sai says walk with me, you may find a solution. On their way they see Santa Banta torture a family.

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Telecast Date:8th November 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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