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Mere Sai 8th July 2021 Sai says I only want to help your daughter, your grandson and you. Elders should give in to the demands made by the kids till the time it wont hurt anyone. If they are getting hurt then elders should act like elders. You will be happiest if your daughter will do Vat-Savitri puja tomorrow. It will give you a hope that she cares for her husband and is worried for him. You have been very disturbed lately. You too deserve some happiness. Sai hugs Gangaram who hugs Him back. Sai blesses him. He begins to go when Gangaram calls it madness. I don’t hug Fakir like you. I have become impure. I must take bath with Gangajal now. He storms inside. Sai smiles. Allah Maalik!

Udhav meets Sai on his way. He takes Sai’s blessing before going to Panchvati, Nashik. Sai blesses him. Vivek comes to Sai. He looks at Sai hesitantly. Sai tells him to say what’s on his mind. Vivek gives Him a portrait that he has drawn of Sai. Sai looks at the portrait and smiles at Vivek. It is very beautiful. You are a great artist. Vivek smiles broadly. Sai thinks of something. He turns to Udhav. You said you are going to Panchvati, right? Udhav nods. Sai gives the portrait and udi to Udhav. You will meet a guy in Panchvati. He will ask you about the route. Give both these things to him. Udhav asks Him what if no one wont ask about the way. Sai says he will. Ram ji will bring him to you! Udhav nods and leaves. Sai asks Vivek what happened. Vivek says I made it for you and you sent it for someone else. Sai tells him not to lose heart. The portrait is going to be where it is destined to be. Come to Dwarkamai tonight. You will understand everything.

Chakranarayan looks at Khandoba ji’s temple. Are you trying to make me weak? Why is this happening? This is a fight for justice. I want to help these innocent villagers and make them realise that Sai is a sham! Help me please. Gautam tells Chakranarayan he questioned their men but no one could find any clue. The thread was taken from one woman and given to another. Chakranarayan tells him not to give up. We have to keep going. Chakranarayan notices a villager cleaning the temple with neem leaves. Why are you doing this? The guy replies that Sai has told them that this cleans the place and keeps diseases at bay. Chakranarayan looks on helplessly. Sai prays for Chakranarayan.

Sai notices the kids trying to open a door. What happened? Bala tells Sai that Raghu stole their toys. No one is at his home today so we thought to retrieve what belongs to us. Other kids nod. Sai tells him their action is wrong.

Chakranarayan says I realised what I should do now. It is time to twist things a little. Gautam is confused. Chakranarayan asks him to follow him. He has shortlisted 5 big devotees of Sai (Salim, Patil, Bheeva and 2 others). We will find out Sai’s truth through His disciples. They will be busy in celebration tomorrow as it is Vat-Purnima. We will search each house thoroughly. Gautam agrees with him. We cannot search the house without a warrant. Chakranarayan says I got an idea when I saw that man cleaning the stairs of temple with neem leaves.

Bala asks Sai how they are wrong. Raghu stole them. We are only exposing the truth. Sai advises them to inform Raghu’s parents. Fixing a wrong with a wrong is not right. It will make you wrong too. Ragini apologizes to Sai. We have understood your point. Sai says I wish everyone could understand it as easily as you kids can.

Udhav is in Panchvati. My work is done and it is time to go back too. No one asked me to tell them about a route yet. Who am I supposed to give this portrait and udi too? He buys tea. I waited for too long but no one has approached me for help. I must leave now. A guy walks up to him just then and asks for assistance. Udhav smiles. I don’t know about this address but I have something for you. He gives the portrait and udi to him. Shirdi’s Sai Baba has given it for you. He told me to give it to whoever will ask me about an address. The guy looks at Sai’s portrait and is mesmerised. Sai speaks to him (Gopal). I hope you aren’t angry with me anymore. Gopal starts crying which worries Udhav. Why are you crying? Gopal tells him what he had just experienced. I am Sai’s devotee too. I live in Thane and my friends believe in Him too. We decided to go to Shirdi a few months ago. Somehow, I couldn’t go with my friends. I ended up thinking that maybe Sai does not want me to meet Him. I got upset with Him and told Sai I wont come to meet Him till the time He will ask me to. Now I will go to Shirdi right away. Udhav nods.

Gopal cries when he meets Sai. I got upset with you for no reason yet you fulfilled my wish. Sai says things don’t happen as per our wish every time. It is good if what we wish for comes true. It is better if it isn’t as it is what Ram ji has decided for us. Vivek asks Udhav what’s the point of this guy meeting Sai right now. Gopal asks Sai about the artist who drew this portrait. This is beautiful. Sai introduces him to Vivek. Gopal tells him that he knows big artists. A big school has opened in Bombay sometime ago. Artists study there. I can get you admitted there if you want. You can become a famous artist then. Vivek smiles. Udhav asks him if he understood why Gopal ji is here. Sai asks Vivek if he is still upset with Him. Vivek looks at him with tears in his eyes. No, Sai!

A lady asks Kutubai (Raghav’s mother) to come with them for Vat-Savitri puja. Kutubai reprimands them and tells them to go ahead. The ladies leave. Kutubai asks Raghav why he sits with a sad face all the time. Seeing you thus, people will complain that we don’t keep you happy. He asks her if he has ever complained to her. you are happy, right? She stops him. Why don’t you blame me for everything? Raghav says I don’t know who was at fault but I lost my family because of the adults. He walks away. Gangaram looks on.

Banta and Santa take shelter in an old, secluded place. They see Chakranarayan instructing his men go to every house to make a thorough investigation. Inform me if you see / think anything is wrong. They leave. Santa and Banta decide to find out what’s going on.

Chakranarayan smiles. You are going to be trapped badly, Sai! Sai smiles.


Mere Sai 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chakranarayan calls out to Sai (in disguise). I am very poor. Please give me something. Sai tries to take out something from His pocket but Chakranarayan tells Him he does not need money. Give me something to eat. Sai gives food to him. Chakranarayan asks Sai if He found any treasure. I have heard that you have been giving out money to villagers.

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