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Mere Sai 8th January 2020 Episode Start With Kulkarni orders Santa to keep an eye on Sai and report him each second. Santa thinks he is always stuck. Kulkarni scolds and sends him away. In Dwarkamayi, Champa and Govinda fume asking how can anyone insult Sai like this. Sai consoles them and asks if someone can get 3 coins for him. Govinda gives him coins. Uma walks with Balchandra towards home and asks if he is not convinced with Sai’s assurance. Balchandra says till now Shastri’s prediction never fails, Sai just told that with patience and belief one can change future, so he is worried. They both reach home and seeing Hari crying ask what happened to him.

Hari complains that he requested Dada/Dattu to play with him, but he pushed him away; reminisces requesting Dattu to play with him, but Dattu rudely asks him to go away. Hari asks if he is bothered about Naani’s words, as he said they shouldn’t bother about people’s comments. Dattu pushes him away. Hari thinks he should convince dada somehow and insists to play with him. Dattu pushes him down and walks away warning not to pester him. Out of flashback, Hari says they must have scolded dada, so he is angry. Uma says they scold Dattu usually, she will go and speak to him. Dattu thinks they don’t want to know the reason. Uma asks Dattu why he pushed his brother. Dattu says why always responsibilities are forced on him and he is angry because he… stops and walks away.

Parvathi tells Sai that she is worried for Uma and Balchandra as she knows how it feels to lose one’s child after losing her first son Malhari. Sai gives her moral gyaan. Mhalsapti brings a couple with their son and says he was talking about them, they need Sai’s help. Sai greets them with their names. They say they heard a lot about Sai and he should help them cure their son’s illness. Son collapses. They both worriedly hold their son and not finding pulse in him plead Sai to save their son.

Sai asks Mhalsapati to get him some oodhi/ash and rubbing it on boy’s soles asks him to get up. Boy opens eyes and sits. Parents thank Sai. Sai gives 3 coins to boy and asks him to keep it in his pooja venue as already his 2 coins are there, until 5 coins are with him, all his 5 senses will be safe. Father says he didn’t understand story of 2 coins. Sai asks to question boy/Dev’s grandma/his mother who will describe whole story. Mother thanks Sai for his help. Sai blesses and sends them away. Parvathi tells Sai that she believed that Sai would save the boy. Sai says that is the power of belief, she was worried about Uma some time ago and he told her to pray god to give Uma a strength to fight her problems, until they trust, they don’t need to worry.

Shastri hears Dev’s fathe rdescribing whole story to his mother and saying Sai helped them a lot. Mother says she knew Sai will never disappoint them. He shows her 3 coins and asks what is the story behind 2 coins. She reminisces Sai giving his kid father 2 coins and says baba Samarth in Samarkot gave 2 coins to his father and Sai did same, maybe all saints are same. Shastri thinks beggar is fooling innocent people, he will prove Sai wrong with his knowledge. He then prays his guru


Mere Sai 9th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : A weaver Baliram complains that a rich man ordered 5 blankets from him and didn’t pay. Rich man says 4 blankets burnt off, so he will not pay. Baliram says his house runs on his hard earned money. Sai burns even 5th blanket.

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Telecast Date: 8th January 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv and Sony Liv


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