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Mere Sai 7th November 2022 Bhumi tells her in laws how Sai gave her and Shiv responsibility to make arrangements for Tatya’s birthday. Her father in law says how will you two manage in 1 day. Bhumi says that we will manage but Sai said the function should be memorable how will we do that. Vaishali walks to them and makes fun of them and says you will make memorable by messing it, a little mistake and you will ruin our reputation, so its better you go to Sai and deny.

Kids visit Sai in Dwarka Mai, Sai making pots. Ragini asks for whom are those, Sai says these are parents. Ragini requests Sai to make them toys of mud as he used to earlier. Sai says okay and starts making toys but he is unable to mould the clay, Ragini asks whats wrong, Sai says may be I am old so I am unable to make these.

Bhumi and Shiv walk in, Sai says good you came and asks Shiv can he make toys. Shiv says I can’t, Sai says atleast try once and Bhumi as Shiv gives this a try you tell one of your stories to kids.

Shiv tries to make toys and Bhumi keeps entertained with her stories, as she narrates her stories of animals, Shiv makes animals of the clay. Bhumi tells the moral of story as you may be different but when you work as team you will over come all your problems. Kids see toys and appreciate Shiv.

Sai says Shiv you didn’t give up and made such beautiful toys, and Bhumi did you think Shiv will make such beautiful toys, Bhumi says no. Sai says but I had faith and also have faith that you will arrange the best show. Bhumi asks but how and what will we do. Sai says do what you just did, try cutputli show. Bhumi and Shiv agree.

Shiv makes cutputli, Bhumi’s in laws say these two support eachother so well and always figure out ways and Sai has his blessings and now all will be fine soon.

Tukaramji visits Sai.He tells Sai that his business is at loss and so he is stressed. Sai says if there is a problem there is a solution and God fixes everything and you are here after lonh do wait for sometime.

Tatya walks in and takes blessings from Sai on his birthday and asks for his gift. Sai says your gift is ready and walks to Baizmaa and says happy birthday you were born as mother today after lot of pain and so a mother should be wished first. Tatya says I totally agree with you Sai. Sai makes Baizmaa sit and performs her aarti. Tatya thanks Sai for the best present by falicitating his mother, he is very happy and blessed to have her and asks are you coming right for the party.

Baizmaa asks him how do you know. Tatya says because you are bad at hiding and I heard everything. Sai says I will surely come and asks Tukaram to join as well. Tukaram says I don’t feel like because I am very stressed. Sai says do come and definitely bring some gift. Tukaram says I am broke how will I, Sai says you can give anything doesn’t have to be bought. Tatya thinks why is Sai insisting him.

Bhumi and Shiv take financial help and start preparation. Rambha tells Bhumi they are leaving for Shani Mandir and will take time to return and asks to keep the arrangements ready, Bhumi says sure.
Bhumi tells Shiv she will manage food preparation and asks him to do decoration. Shiv starts decorating tge place. Santa Banta see the decoration and says wow he has done so well and Baizakaa didn’t invite us and so now we will take revenge and decides to destroy all decoration. Santa Banta start fire and runaway. Shiv unaware.

Bhumi sees Santa Banta runaway and goes check outside and shocked to see tge decoration on fire, Bhumi quickly goes save Shiv but their puppets get damaged. Both get disheartened. Bhumi prays Sai please help. Bhumi sees one puppet who resembles Sai and will we manage Sai. They hear Sai’s words to have faith and patience and keep doing what they do.

Guests start arriving, everyone praise Shiv and Bhumi’s work.
Bhumi tells Shiv guests are arrived its time for show how will they start their show.

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Mere Sai 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhumi’s mother in law says to Sai, I am sorry but our kids won’t participate and work in plays. She takes Bhumi and Shiv and leaves the venue.Bhumi is brought to Dwarka Mai as she suddenly gets very sick. Another man walks in with his son saying his son suddenly fell very sick.

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Telecast Date:7th November 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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