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Mere Sai 7th July 2022 Sai tells Sharad that balance is needed in life, Sharad says I understand Sai. Sharad walks to Vishwas and wipes his tears and says sorry to shout on you, I broke my promise,

but today I will come on time and we will go to market and have fun. Sai says keep this bond intact and always remember this love when you are upset. Sharad says let me go work. Vishwas says why so early, Sharad says I want to meet Patil on the way and leaves.

Shrikant and Keshav leaving for Patil’s house and stop talking when they see Sai, they make excuse and leave. Sai smiles.

Everyone gather at Patil’s house. Keshav asks why are we here today and why did you ask us to hide. Patil says we can’t hide anything from Sai but if we tell him, he won’t allow us and this Guru Purnima we do something for Sai. Keshav says I agree, lets mend Dwarka Mai, everyone agree.

Tatya says Sai won’t allow us, Malchapati says we will do it in name of Guru Purnima and then Sai will be convinced lets get all the stuff so that Sai agrees. Champa says but if its expensive Sai won’t agree. Patil says correct, so lets all work together and reduce cost, Bhiva says correct lets all work.

Sai walks in and asks who you all are working for, everyone keeps quiet. Sai asks Laxmi what is it, Laxmi says Tatya you tell. Tatya says Chandu Kaka will tell, Sai says if you all don’t want to share its fine, I am here to retun Baizmaa’s utensils and leaves.

Vishwas tells Vaishali he wants to go swimming, Vaishali says you can’t go alone and because of rains it would be bad, Baba will take you when he has sometime. Vishwas says okay I will go play with friends. Vaishali says okay and leaves. Vishwas picks chocolates and says I will disturbute it with friends.

Supervisor gathers all mill workers and says he has good news for everyone, they have a received raise but instead of 8 hrs they have to work 14hrs. Keshav hears that and walks to them and says this is overtime money and not salary increase,

Supervisor says its just perspective issue and its good they will get more money and asks who all want to do overtime, nobody agrees but Sharad thinks of all his needs and then about his promise to Vishwas and Sai’s teachings to bring balance in life and agrees for overtime and thinks Sai sorry I didn’t listen to your teachings but I need this for my son.

Supervisor praises Sharad and says you will go long way and I will talk to Balvant for your promotion, slowly few more agree.Supervisor asks Keshav why is he interfering in his work, if he doesn’t follow what Balvant says his job will be at risk and asks to stay away.

Bhiva walks to Sharad and says did you forget your promise and about your promise to fix Dwarka Mai, how will you fulfill all the promises. Sharad says money is important too for my needs, I want to send Vishwas to Mumbai and its expensive and Sai anyways don’t want us to work on Dwarka Mai and then there so many of you, its manageble. Bhiva says Sai is always there for us but anyways I will get back to my work.

Sharad thinks Sai must be right but no one knows my family and their needs better than me not even Sai.
Vishwas waiting for his friends and decides to eat one chocolate till his friends come and thinks I shouldn’t share with anyone and keeps back in pocket and says what if it falls from pocket while playing and someone sees better I eat them all.

Sai examines a patient and says he will be fine soon, kid asks his mother for water, Sai says your mother is already busy looking after your father get on your own. She says no worries Sai, I will give me, she sees water pot has leaf in it, and removes. Sai explains her how small things have big impact, and you should teach kids from childhood itself. Kid says to Sui I will do all my work on my own.

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Mere Sai 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :It gets stormy in Dwarka Mai, Sai says to everyone, a mother needs me and I have to go. Sai leaves.

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Telecast Date:7th July 2022
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