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Mere Sai 6th September 2021 Jhipri says all my dreams broke but I wont let you take responsibility for it. Rihana tells her not to worry till the time Sai is there. Let’s go home. We will think of something. They see Tejasvi outside Rihana’s house and wonder what she is doing here. Tejasvi asks Jhipri why she is shocked to see her. What will happen when I will tell the news? You prepared 200 blankets after all. We must celebrate. See who is here. Jhipri notices her husband and MIL coming there. Her MIL asks Jhipri if she was able to save her self-respect. Tejasvi tells her she was right. She ruined Rihana and Salim’s business. Rihana tells her it isn’t true. One can stop a hard working and virtuous girl like her for some time but not for forever. Her MIL badmouths Jhipri. She asks Jhipri about the loan she had taken. Pay your loan and show us now. Tejasvi tells Jhipri that’s why one must remember their limits while dreaming. Jhipri’s MIL says I told you (Jhipri) that a woman who has been abandoned by her husband can only be doomed.

Sai meets Keshav on his way and tells him something.

Shashikant tells Jhipri to admit that she has lost. Apologize now. Jhipri says I haven’t lost. I have been cheated. He blames it on her only. You lacked experience. Have you thought why this happened to you? You don’t know how to work or do business. I too don’t know how to so I never continued things further. Sakku Bai insists that no woman can do anything alone. You proved that to us today. What happened at my home will happen in this village too! Throw her out of this village if you want to be happy! Baizama says she wont leave the village. This village belongs to Sai. People come here and leave as per His wish only. Jhipri wont go anywhere. Tejasvi argues that her FIL is the Mukhiya of the village. Things happen as per his wish here. Jhipri is a fraud. Many people have lost their money because of her. She deserves to be in jail. Tejasvi asks her why she is being so innocent. Dint Jhipri take money from Tatya, Champa, my husband, Abdul? Tatya and Champa speak in Jhipri’s favour. Tejasvi says the proofs that I have are enough. Even I have lost some money. She will be sent to jail for that. Keshav tells her she will do no such thing. That was my hard earned money. I told Jhipri to return it to me whenever it is convenient for her. Tejasvi asks him if his money is not hers. He nods. If either of us give it to someone willingly then we should respect each other’s decision. We can ask each other in private. You have no right to question Jhipri. I would not have the right to question the person who you would have given money too. Baizama says it pains when a woman claps seeing a woman losing. Sai has taught so much yet! Sakku Bai says we don’t know any Sai and we have clearly see how He has affected you all. She will never succeed as she has been abandoned by her husband! Baizama tells her that they will see Jhipri succeed with their own eyes. You too should stay here till then. She comforts Jhipri. Tejasvi walks away in a huff followed by Sakku Bai and Shashikant.

Baizama tells Jhipri to have faith. Everyone said they are willing to wait. Don’t accept defeat because of a loss. Jhipri says it isn’t about defeat but money. I will have to return it one day. From where will I earn all that money? It happened because I insisted. Kaki was against it from the beginning. I dint consult anyone, not even Sai. Why did I make a decision in haste? I dint gain anything. Sai says you did gain something. Everyone looks up. Sai says you gained an experience and learnt a lesson. Jhipri says it is so expensive that now I have no courage to gain anything else. Sai says you will have them too. Just keep walking. Latika tells her mother that Sai is right. Don’t cry. I know you will fix everything. Jhipri hugs her. She hugged her mother with so much faith. Do I deserve it? She cries. Sai brings a small plant for her. Everyone steps aside.

Sai sits next to Jhipri. Think of it as you. He pulls the plant away from the roots. Everyone is taken aback. Sai says you feel the same way right now. Jhipri asks Him why He had to uproot the plant for this. You could have simply said it. Sai says call it a lesson for the plant too. Jhipri asks Him why some lessons break people. Sai replies that you break things something to actually create them. This plant is infected. This part of the plant would have killed the plant altogether if I hadn’t done this. It may feel like the plant has been destroyed but there is life in the roots. It can survive and become better than before. You too will go through something similar. Your lesson broke you. It was a big lesson but it will help you for life. You must know what’s right and wrong to make a place for yourself. People spend their entire life learning this lesson. You still learnt it early. Jhipri says I might spend my entire life paying back that loan. I don’t think I deserve your faith. Sai says it is about perspective. At one point, you may feel that no one will trust you. Similarly, you can also think that you must become responsible because of the way people trust you. You will become better if you will choose the right ideology. Your intention and work is right. It isn’t just the wrong time. You will get good results at the right time. You must fight till then. You must not give up.

Baizama says she has been through so much at a young age. Will everything be fine now? Sai says it is in Jhipri’s hands now. Take Jhipri and Latika to your house today. Let them stay with you tonight. I will take her to her home in the morning. Jhipri asks Sai why it is needed. Sai insists. He takes the plant with Him.


Mere Sai 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarkar says they don’t have the courage to say no to Fakir. They are standing with folded hands and are asking you (Jhipri) to leave. Sai turns around and looks at the villagers. They bow their heads. Sai tells Jhipri he has said everything to the villagers. It is your decision now.

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