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Mere Sai 6th April 2021 Nirmala is headed back to kitchen when Ujjwal runs outside. He picks the nail before she can step on it. Nirmala drops the tray in shock. Everyone looks in that direction. Sarkar can sense that there is something strange in the air. Who is this boy? Bhadke apologizes to his guests. He tells Nirmala to call the servant to clean the floor. Sarojini holds her son. Bhadke asks everyone to join him for dinner. Sarkar tells Bhadke to help him in his work. I will look after your interests. Bhadke asks him what he said loudly. Everyone looks back at them. Bhadke says I haven’t taken bribe of even a rupee till date. I haven’t done anything illegal till date. I have a clear conscience. I neither do anything illegal nor do I let anyone work like that. You will be in trouble if that’s how you work. Sarkar laughs. I told you (Gangaram) that Bhadke ji is an honest lawyer. You lost the bet! Gangaram nods. Sarkar tells Bhadke he follows the same path. One must test people in today’s time. Bhadke nods.

Bhadke goes to where his wife and Ujjwal are standing. Gangaram tells Sarkar that Bhadke insulted him. Sarkar says he will have to pay for it. I sense something fishy here though. Bhadke tells his wife to take Ujjwal outside. Sarkar asks Sarojini about Ujjwal. He is a very sweet boy. How are you feeling now son? He checks Ujjwal’s pulse and temperature. Ujjwal’s hands are shaking. Sarkar says you are perfectly fine. Ujjwal says I am fine only. Sarkar turns to Bhadke. You said that he is ill. Bhadke says he needs rest. Sarkar says he can stay with us for some time. He will enjoy it. I am a Vaid. He appears to be completely fine. Your son might be smart and talented like you only. What have you thought about him? Will he become a lawyer like you or a judge? Bhadke says there is still time. Sarkar says I have heard that you plan things in advance. I thought you would have thought about your son’s future already as well. Let’s ask him only. He asks Ujjwal what he wants to be when he grows up. Ujjwal starts toying with his clothes. Sarkar says he lacks confidence. Kids are full of dreams. Shyama says he must be feeling scared in front of us. Sarkar calls it impossible. Shyama repeats Bhadke’s words. Sarkar says successful people know about their future when they are a kid. That’s how they are able to focus in that direction. Am I right, Bhadke ji? He nods. Sarkar asks Ujjwal what interests him. Sarkar notices Bhadke making a fist seeing Ujjwal silent. He keeps trying to make Ujjwal talk. He asks him a multiplication.

Tatya asks Sai why He asked Aayi to attend the function. What will she find there? Sai says sometimes it isn’t important to find something. Important thing is what we can give away. Baizama is filled with love. She has supported many kids till date. Another kid needs her today. Tatya asks Sai why He dint tell this to her. Sai smiles. A mother need not be told how she has to love a kid. She will understand it when it’s time.

Sarkar says I thought you will answer me in no time. Ujjwal stutters. Bhadke shouts that he wont be able to answer your question. He is my son but he isn’t like me. He knows nothing. He is a fool, lazy and careless! Asking him a question like expecting a foolish animal to answer! He tells Ujjwal to go to his room. Ujjwal runs away. Sarkar looks at Sarojini and Bhadke. Others feel bad for Ujjwal. Baizama realises that this might be the reason why Sai sent her here.

Ujjwal is crying in his room. Sarojini tells him not to cry. He says oyu always try to explain things to me but I try every time. Why has God made me like this? I have no talent! Baizama asks him who says so. She sits next to Ujjwal. You are such a good kid. Why are you upset and why do you think that you are not talented? She touches his shoulder but Ujjwal moves away further. She notices him struggling. Don’t be afraid. I am like your Ajji. Ajji loves everyone, right? Ujjwal looks at her. She keeps a reassuring hand at his shoulder. Everyone takes some time in finding what they are good at. You will also find it one day. Sarojini says very few people encourage him. thank you for what you just said to him. Baizama says I am only saying the truth. Ujjwal asks her how she knows that he is talented. Baizama says our Sai says that even a small needle has a talent. How can a human being be born without a talent then? Ujjwal asks her who Sai is. Sarojini says He is the same one who brought you home. Baizama says He never leaves anyone. He always helps. When He holds someone’s hand, He will help that person shine. Don’t worry now.

Sai smiles in Dwarkamai.

Bhadke is walking around town. He thinks of all that has happened since morning. He stops in his tracks suddenly. Sai says you will find a similar destination because of the path you have chosen for yourself. Bhadke looks at Sai. Sai says no one will be with you. You will be left with no relations. You will stand alone. Bhadke asks Him if he is cursing him. Sai denies. I am trying to show you the future. It isn’t important that every plant will yield a fruit. You must still look after all the plants equally. You must pay special attention to the one who isn’t turning out to be as we want. Bhadke says looks like words spread faster in Shirdi. Stay away from my personal life. It will be better for you. Sai says I am far which is why I can see it. It is better to improve things when things are going wrong. Bhadke says you wouldn’t know as you are not at the receiving end. A father does what I did when a son fails his expectations. Why am I even talking to you? Sai shows the lantern to him. It cannot do anything on its own but it spreads bright light when it gets oil. You realised that your son is not living up to your expectations but are you able to live up to his expectations? No relation in the world is complete. You have to make it happen. You can only clap with both hands. Nurture your relation with your son with love. That weak tree might yield a fruit someday. Bhadke refuses to take any lesson from a Fakir like Him. He walks away in a huff.

Next morning, Baizama tells Sai that Ujjwal is not getting the right treatment in that house. I know you are helping him and you need my help for the same. What should I do? Sai says I am sending a box. Will you help fix it? Baizama nods. Let’s help Ujjwal first. Sai says Allah Maalik and leaves.

Bhadke enters his study room when he hears Nirmala telling Ujjwal that he must go to school. His junior tells him that the news has been confirmed. I am sure you will receive an official letter soon. Nirmala and Ujjwal look at each other.

Ujjwal asks Nirmala what Gaurav means. She tells him that it is a felicitation ceremony to complement the one who is getting felicitated. His entire family becomes famous when that happens. You should go to school now. Ujjwal denies. Nirmala asks him how he will be felicitated if he wont go to school. Ujjwal says who will do that. I am dumb. I cannot study. She tells him not to take Baba’s words to his heart. He is strict with you as he has lots of hopes from you. Ujjwal says I wont be able to fulfil it. She requests him not to give up. Go to school and try to understand what your teacher is teaching in the class. Baba will be happy then. Ujjwal agrees to go to school. She hugs him sweetly. I will drop you to school. Ujjwal knows she has to help Aayi. I will manage. He leaves.


Mere Sai 7th April 2021 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai asks Ujjwal if he goes to school regularly. Ujjwal says I cannot go there. Sai says don’t go there if you don’t want to. There is another option to learn too.

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Telecast Date:6th April 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


Mere Sai Details

Mere Sai (Hindi: मेरे साई) is an Hindi TV Serial on Sony TV channel. Abeer Sufi as Saibaba, Toral Rasputra as BayazaBai are lead roles in the show. This serial is made under the Production company of Dashami Creations. It is Starts/Launch on 25th September 2017, Monday to Friday At 7:30 P.M..


Toral Rasputra
Vaibhav Mangle
Abeer Soofi
Abhishek Nigam
Hemant Thatte

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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