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Mere Sai 5th November 2021 Prahalad says I thought I will have fun there but that place is not good at all. Prasad Kaka is very bad. I don’t want to go back there. Please forgive me. sarkar says you will get punished. He tells Tejasvini to lock him in a dark room without food. He will come to his senses by morning.

Prahalad requests his mother not to leave him in dark. I fee scared. Sarkar tells Tejasvini not to fall weak. Don’t make the same mistake that Rukmini had made. We lost Keshav because of her soft nature only. Tejasvini ignored Prahalad’s plea and takes him upstairs.

At night, Sarkar is waiting for Prasad and stops him outside. Your truth has come out in the open! How dare you employ my grandson! You stayed at my home before the factory started. You have seen Prahalad day and night. How can you not recognize him? You kept my grandson among those poor kids! Prasad tells him to lower his volume. Your grandson came to me on his own.

Sarkar says you backstabbed the one who helped you. Prasad laughs. You were enjoying it till the time other villagers were getting affected. It is bothering you now that your own grandson is involved? Don’t forget that you are paltry to this crime. Sarkar says I was but I am not anymore. You will be surely punished for this mistake. Don’t forget that I am the one who helped you create an identity here.

I can uproot your factory tomorrow itself! Prasad threatens to expose his real reason behind helping Prasad. They were quiet till now but they will react just like you after knowing that you were trying to hurt the kids affectionately. How will you face them then? Don’t know what will happen when someone turns against you? You will lose your position and might end up in jail! Go and do whatever you want to. Sarkar tells him to get out of his home. Prasad thanks him and leaves.

Prahalad is crying in the room. Tejasvini brings a diya and food for him. Eat it quickly and sleep. Your Dada ji will punish you more if he sees any of this. Prahalad holds her hand and hugs her. She comforts him. I was saying it for your good only. See what happened. I don’t want you to go there again. He is worried about other kids but she tells him to think about himself only. She leaves. Prahalad says Aayi has stopped me from going to the factory but I am worried for my friends. It is only you (Sai) who can help my friends. He starts chanting Ram Krishna Hari.

Sai hears Prahalad’s request. Ram ji, kids have put their hopes on me. I have made one effort. Everything else is in your hands now.

Nanasaheb and his friends are still walking. Nanasaheb says it is evening. We wont be able to visit temple or meet Govindrao ji. His friend says we dint bring any food as we thought that we will be here on time. How will we spend the night? Nanasaheb tells him to pray to Sai. We will spend the night easily if it is up to Him. He prays to Sai to help them. I know it is impossible to ask for anything at this hour but a kid can request his parent. Nanasaheb’s friend points out that the temple is open. Govindrao ji and Nanasaheb exchange pleasantries. Nanasaheb says we thought the temple will be closed by now. We are pleasantly surprised to see you here right now. Govindrao ji looks baffled himself. Something strange happened with me today.

Flashback shows Govindrao ji getting ready to close the temple when an old man requests him to stop. Govindrao ji shares that it is time to close the temple. The old man nods. I got late as I cannot walk quickly at this age. Would it be okay if you can leave the temple open for me for some time? I will leave in some time. Govindrao ji readily agrees. You seem tired. Please rest here and then do puja.

The old man blesses him and pays his respects to Ganesh ji. Govindrao ji gives him water. The old man tells Govindrao ji that he is very hungry. Govindrao ji says I don’t have anything to eat right now. I can give you tea though. The old man asks him to make a bowl of tea. Govindrao ji is surprise. How will you drink so much tea? Old man tells him that he is quite hungry. I will drink it. Please make it for me. Govindrao ji nods. The old man is nowhere to be seen by the time Govindrao ji comes back with tea. Where is he? Where should I look for him at this hour? Flashback ends.

Govindrao ji says I don’t know where that old man is right now. Nanasaheb shares that that old man is in Shirdi. It was Sai. We were running late so we prayed to Sai to get us a cup of tea and a place to stay. That’s why He made sure you make ample tea for all of us. He cares for everyone. They all chant Om Sai Ram in unison. Sai blesses them (from Dwarkamai).

Govindrao ji tells Nanasaheb and his friend to come to his home after having tea. Have dinner at my place and then rest there. Nanasaheb gives him Sai’s message. Do you know the candy maker from Bombay? His name is Prasad.

Next morning, Sai is looking at the dhuni. Bheema notices Sai going somewhere and tells Him to take His bowl. Sai says I am not going to take alms today. I am going to pay them back for all that they have been giving me till date. Bheema points out that His hands are empty. What will you give them then? Sai says experience. There is no alternative to your deeds. You must bear the consequences of your actions. Experience is required if you want to fix things afterwards. One must face the truth. That’s what I am going to give to them.

Villagers are shocked to see the report card of their kids. Srikanth says I called you her to see their results. All kids have scored very less marks. Srikanth says even the toppers have scored less marks. Others have failed. They wont pass the annual exam if this continues. Jhipri asks him if they don’t study anymore. What has changed? Srikanth shares that they either don’t come to school these days or they sit with closed minds even when they are here. It looks as if they don’t even practise at home. Champa says it is wrong. We will scold them today. We had warned them not to ignore their studies. We are embarrassed to find out that they are not focusing on their studies anymore. Sai comes there and asks for help. Something needs to be taken to Dwarkamai. Bhairav offers to help Sai.

Sai asks Bhairav to pick up a sack. Bhairav picks it up. He starts walking when Sai asks him to pick another sack as well. Bhairav reasons that he wont be able to pick them together. Sai says you can pick them together as you are a wrestler. Bhairav denies. No wrestler would be able to pick them together. They are too heavy. Sai says you expect Ragini to work as well as study at such young age.

You are still a wrestler. Why can’t you pick them together then? No one else can pick them if you cannot! Villagers are shocked at Sai’s words. Sai turns to them. You still have such hopes from your kids! Bhairav keeps the sack down. Sai says kids dint perform in their exam so you got upset with them. They are not at fault though. They are made to work so hard that they are not left with any energy to do anything afterwards. They are kids. What right do you have to scold them when they are in this condition because of the wrong decision you had made?


Mere Sai 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai tells Sarkar that we reap what we sow. If we wish ill for someone then it will come back to us as well. Sarkar tells Sai he will end His existence with his next attack. Sai smles. Why be afraid when Ram is the creator as well as the destroyer?

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