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Mere Sai 5th July 2022 Bhiva and Sharad reach Mill late, they bump into supervisor on their way inside, Sharad apologies for being late, Supervisor says will cut your pay for coming late, learn culture and punctuality from us Bengali’s, we get nothing good in Shirdi. Sharad offers him Puran Poli and Bhiva offers him modak. He says you are so lucky you can have good home food, don’t cut their wage and goes inside.

Bhiva and Sharad discuss how mill work is affecting their family time.
Vaishali painting equipments for pooja, Vishwas says Baba taught me like this, give me I will do it. Vaishali says just like your father and after Pooja lets go to Sai to give prasad.

Sai making pots, Vishwas and Vaishali visit him. Vishwas asks Sai can he join him, Vaishali says don’t disturb this is hard work. Sai tells Vishwas its very important to work on pot when the mud is wet, just like you have to work on kids in their childhood because this is what they carry forward.

Sai shows Vishwas a idol of clay, Vishwas asks who is this, Sai says your father, you love him a lot right. Vaishali says he follows his Dad a lot, Sai says now you won’t miss him in pooja now. Vaishali says you can read people’s mind.

Sai says kids can’t hide emotions. Vishwas tells Sau, he is going to procession with Sharad and asks him to join them, they will have lot if fun. Vaishali gives Sai Prasad and sats let’s go now Vishwas, let Sai rest.

Everyone enjoying at procession.
Sharad tells Bhiva, he wants to leave early to be with Vishwas for procession.
Vishwas waiting for Sharad.

Sharad goes to Supervisor, he asks Sharad where he can get fish. Sharad says we are all vegetarian here and says I need favour, I want to go home to be in procession. Supervisor says there are many who have taken off, I want you to do overtime. your son’s mother can take him.

Sharad says he wants to go with ne. Supervisor says give these sweets to your son, he will forget procession and you will be given extra money for overtime and gives money and says tell your wife she cooks very good food, go work now.

Raghini abd friends visit Vishwas and says lets go for procession. Vishwas says you all go I will come with baba, they say okay and leave.
Vishwas asks Vaishali when will Sharad come the procession has started. Vaishali says you go ahead enjoy, your father will join you soon. Vishwas says Baba promised me and never broke his promise.

Vaishali says he works in mill, he has to follow some rules, come I will go with you. Vishwas says I will go with him or else I wont. Vishwas bumps into Sai. Sai wipes his tears and says you won’t go without your father but did you forget the idol I gave you, Vishwas says but Baba. Sai says at times situations don’t let you do somethings and even Sharad must be feeling bad.

Sharad in mill thinking about his promise to Vishwas. Supervisor walks to them and says you all work so hard here that too on festival so I ordered some tea and pakoda for you all. Supervisor tells Sharad that, its not bad to give work importance, even I was like you and soon I became manager and so will you be and do good for your kid,

Sharad thanks him for encouraging him and asks him why doesn’t he call his family here. Supervisor says I miss Bengal and I don’t want my family to miss like I do, he receives letter and says great, Sharad you go have tea, I have work.

Sai tells Vishwas your father is working hard for you, so don’t upset him and come with me. Sai takes him inside and shows the idol and says wear clothes like your baba does and helps Vishwas tie turban.

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Telecast Date:5th July 2022
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