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Mere Sai 5th January 2021 Ramdas ji is having difficulty walking. He looks at the sky.

Little girl asks Sai what happened. Bheema, Abdul and Champa look at Sai as well. Sai’s silence intrigues them all the more. Sai is constantly looking at the sun.

Ramdas ji is sweating again. He sits on the ground and looks exhausted.

Sai prays to Surya Dev to have some mercy on him. He has forgotten himself while taking care of others. Clouds cover the sun immediately. Sai folds hands gratefully. Everyone present in Dwarkamai looks at the sky in shock. Prabhuji kare sahaye plays.

Ramdas ji looks up in surprise. There were no clouds anywhere. How did this happen? He wipes the sweat off his face and smiles as the realisation dawns on him. Sai! It must be your antic. Please continue to bless me like this. Om Sai Ram! He heads to his next destination.

Sai still looks worried.

Baizama is sitting with Sai. Keshav asks Sai if he should serve food. Sai shakes his head. Baizama asks Sai if he is fine. Why wont you eat? Sai says I am fine but I cannot eat right now.

Gomti ji, Mitali and Ramdas ji reach Shirdi. They get down at Khandoba temple and offer their prayers to Khandoba ji. They are thrilled to be in Shirdi. Ramdas ji remarks that they are home finally.

Salim greets Sai. Sai asks him how his journey was. Salim says it was good. I spent time with my brother after long. He gives those perfumes to Sai like he had requested. Sai smiles. Thank you, Salim. You, Keshav, Abdul, Champa, Baizama can have food now. Baizama says how we can eat without you. Sai asks her if she wont eat from his hands. You have always fed with me your hands. Let me do it today. Abdul reasons that he can eat with them too. Sai says there is one God inside everyone. It is one and the same thing. Sit now. Abdul nods.

Sai feeds Baizama and watches everyone else eat.

Gomti ji says so much has changed over these years. Don’t know whether they will recognize us or not?

Everyone has eaten in Dwarkamai yet look sad. Sai asks them what happened. Keshav says we cannot see you hungry. Salim nods. When will you eat? Sai smiles. He looks outside. Ramdas ji, Gomti ji and Mitali reach Dwarkamai just then. They look at Sai emotionally. Sai welcomes them in Dwarkamai. Nothing has changed in Dwarkamai. There has been a very good change in your life though. Ramdas ji keeps the luggage outside and touches Sai’s feet. Sai hugs him. Tears stream down Ramdas ji’s face. Sai welcomes Mitali as well and calls her by her name. She is surprised. You know me? Ramdas ji smiles. I told you that nothing can be hidden from Sai. Whatever we have is His blessing. You are our biggest happiness. How will He not know about you? Baizama welcomes Gomti ji and hugs her. Gomti ji is touched. The love and warmth here is just as it was before. Ramdas ji says I kept them away from you for a long time. Sai says the one who isn’t near is actually far. you don’t get time to eat while remaining occupied with all the work. Take care of your health though. It is the most valuable thing in one’s life. Ramdas ji says you gave me a daughter like Mitali and fulfilled my wish years ago. I have one more wish today. I want her wedding to happen smoothly. There should be no obstacle. I want to bid her adieu happily. Sai turns serious. Let’s go inside and talk.

Sai and Ramdas ji sit on the floor. Sai looks at Ramdas ji and then at Gomti ji. He asks Gomti Kaki to give him the khichdi that she brought for Him. Ramdas ji smiles. Gomti ji says it has become cold. Sai says it has the warmth of your love. I have waited for it since years, especially since morning. That’s why I dint eat anything. Everyone understands the reason behind Sai’s decision of not eating anything earlier. Gomti ji gives khichdi to Sai. Sai enjoys the khichdi. Nothing has changed in the taste or in your love, Kaki!

Sai tells Ramdas ji to go home and rest. You must be tired. Ramdas ji says my daughter will be married after 6 days. I will sleep peacefully afterwards. I wont be able to sit peacefully till then. Salim and Abdul ask Ramdas ji to let them know how they can help him. Ramdas ji smiles. Thank you so much. We will be blessed to have you by our side. Sai tells Ramdas ji to rest now atleast. Ramdas ji agrees. Everyone leaves except Baizama and Sai. She notices Sai’s expression. I saw you hesitating from blessing someone today for the first time. Is something wrong going to happen? Your silence is hinting at an approaching storm.

Sai says he is a good man. He thinks about others before himself. He only asked for one happiness – to be able to do his daughter’s kanyadaan and vidaai. Every human being can be a little selfish after all. Baizama nods. Mitali’s marriage is just few days away. They will pass in a jiffy. Your reactions are bothering me. What is it? Sai asks Baizama to promise him that she wont tell anyone what he is going to tell her now. She agrees. Sai shares that Ramdas ji will only live for 3 more days. Baizama is stunned. What are you saying, Sai? Sai nods. Ramdas ji is destined to die on the afternoon of the third day from today. Baizama requests Him to help Ramdas ji. Only you can do something. Sai says Ramdas ji gave me the responsibility of fulfilling his dream yet Ram ji is showing me that future only. Baizama asks Sai if there is no other way. Sai chants a shloka sadly. Whatever Ram ji decides is bound to happen.


Mere Sai 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ramdas ji is busy with the preps. He feels pain in his chest suddenly. Appa Kote and Baizama run to his side. Sai experiences chest pain at the same time in Dwarkamai. Abdul and Udhav hold Sai.

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Telecast Date:5th January 2021
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